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    I was hoping one of the many people carrying swords, lances, bows and arrows , might have sorted it ? Cheers.
  2. They are, I'm not sure if any made it to the states though. I think Frosti took some of his bully greys over to have a go at those big boars in Florida. Cheers.
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    At the last Waterloo cup I asked for extra programs, and got them, so I could mark one set and keep the others pristine. They are framed on the wall of my man cave Cheers.
  4. Who would you have in place of him ? We haven't anyone on the books, in my mind, to replace him, we would have to get some one in January. Cheers.
  5. Do you think when they are all fit, Howe could field an old fashioned 4-4-2 ? Pope. Trippier, Botman, Burn, Tagget. Almiron, Bruno, Shellvey, Maxi. Isak, Wilson. Id like to see that if they could all be fit at the same time ! Cheers.
  6. Joelinton must have offended some soccer god in his youth.....he's playing his best football ever but can't score a goal ! One off the woodwork and a top class save to keep another one out. Still, the top ten finish that was talked about still looks on, but the top six will have to wait for another season or two, in my mind Cheers.
  7. Theres allways been a mixture, crossover, whatever you want to call it, of lads who had running dogs and game dogs. I know lads who used to go over to Ireland and come back with game dogs and greyhounds supplied by the same, well known breeders over 50 years ago. A lad I've known all my life was heavily into the game dogs and lurchers. My older brother had game dogs and racing whippets. Even me, a dedicated running dog man had a bull bitch at one time. Theres a lad from Sunderland who was right into the game dogs and lurchers. I guess where there's betting, presti
  8. Aren't the O'Hallaran hounds basically line bred bullmastiff Great Dane crosses, bred in Australia ? Cheers.
  9. Ground condition is important, but not the be all and end all ! If we wait for the perfect ground, we would get very little running. Ive ran dogs in rock hard conditions in the Middle East and Australia without problems, probably because the dogs were bred for it. My bitch Delta had one of her very few injuries , a jumped toe, running on seed. Another bitch, Lima, broke a toe on soft plough. Its up to you when and where you run, you make the decision.....the dog will run wherever and whenever you slip it , you just hope for the best and an injury free season Che
  10. Grounds about perfect, they've been tilling the stubble today. I had a chance to slip on a roe, but the farmer was in the field and we have issues, so I left it. I'll have a look either first light or on the lamp this week. Shes still "summer soft", but I believe in working them to fitness. Cheers.
  11. I can see the roundabout where Roul Moat shot the police man, and I drive down the street he lived in most days.......and this is supposed to be a better area of Newcastle ! You get nutters from all walks of life ! Cheers.
  12. Two quid is only in inner city shitholes, during the day. Most big pub chains have meal specials on, usually ten to twelve quid for two meals from the main menu. last real meal out me and the missus had was when friends from Goole came up and took us out to Rio Brazilian, the bill was north of £300......they paid ! We were in Goole a couple of years ago, and the pubs were around the same price as here, you must live in the posh part of Hull ! ! Cheers.
  13. Still get a pint for two quid in Wetherspoons, or The Garter, or The Three Bulls during the day. Clubs still do beer and lager for three quid any time. My local does "wine Wednesday", a decent bottle of Chardonnay for a fiver, two dinners for a tenner. I thought you didn't drink ? Cheers.
  14. Honestly Kieth, I love the lad, the things he comes out with, I can't decide if he means them or is having a laugh ! Hes good for the banter and doesn't take or give offence, so he's ok with me Cheers.
  15. FFS stop it Please stop it Im trying to watch the darts and I can't stop laughing I know these lads, I went to school with them, I grew up with them, for christs sake some are even relatives !!! And if you think Hull is any different to Newcastle, then you're just winding us up ! Cheers.
  16. Who said there are lads living it up on the dole ? I certainly didn't.......I said there are men who blow their dole money in the pubs and bookies at the detriment to their families, which is perfectly true, I sadly know some of them, and most other people will know some. Cheers.
  17. chartpolski


    We decapitated Charles the first.......and ended up with Charles the third ! Even more ironic Cheers.
  18. You're showing extreme naivety mate. I could take you into pubs in Newcastle and introduce you to any amount of people who have never worked, are on the dole, or the sick with "depression and anxiety ", drinking their benefit money while their families go without. Of course there are people on benefits through no fault of their own who do their best for their families aswell. Cheers.
  19. Some will work 100 hours a week, or work two jobs, to give give their families the best they can. Some will do the absolute minimum just to pay the bills and get by. Some will spend their dole money in the pub or the bookies and let their families scrape by on handouts and food banks. We all make our choices in life....... Cheers.
  20. chartpolski


    Was there a couple of times in the 80's, mainland and the island of urland in the Baltic. Beutiful place and nice , friendly people, but very expensive. I understand the demographics have changed considerably, so I'd probably be disappointed if I went now. Cheers,
  21. It is mentioned on Sky Sports; https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/12697645/sunderlands-early-goal-of-the-season-contender And what a cracker it was ! Cheers.
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    List of English monarchs - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Cheers.
  23. Faultless ! Even a bit of black pudding Cheers.
  24. Was it off the council or the government ? I know Newcastle council gave the £150 council tax rebate, then, if you were on certain benefits, which I'm sadly not, they gave an extra £18, then gave an additional £100. Don't waste that £80 ........spend it on drink, sex and rock & roll ! ! Cheers.
  25. Puts a smile on my face, good memories, takes me back to my youth in the 60's & 70's; Cheers.
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