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  1. I have a mixed pack of 5. Whippet x, Brittany, JRT, GWP and running dog. To be fair they don’t all get the same amount of work but they all get enough to keep them happy. On a fox hunting day (which is what I mainly do now) they all get used. I don’t include the dogs in my lifestyle, I base my lifestyle around having dogs which makes having 5 fairly simple.
  2. I’ve been asked several times if my GWP was an Irish Wolfhound (he’s about 27kgs) and people have stated that he must be very old (due to having a half grey coat/half liver coat). Also been asked if my young whippet was pointer because the man used to have a pointer and they looked very similar
  3. That has been his method so far But as he is only in his first season I’ve always ran another dog with him. His back up was a couple hundred meters away when he caught this one.
  4. Copped a decent bite to the face from this one. He silently contemplated life for about 20 seconds before letting out a squeal and changing his grip to a more controlling area
  5. Nice type mate. Yeah the Russell’s are pretty well represented over here. Good little dogs.
  6. Yep only fox work mate. Snakes are all tucked away this time of year thankfully. They’ll be back out in a few months though.
  7. This is my little bitch Mouse. She’s about 18mth old and midway through her first season (we’re in Aus) and coming along nicely. I’ve been lucky to be able to work her with some mates experienced den dogs. I’m hoping by next season she’ll be a solid little worker. Cheers, Clem
  8. She’s around 19-20” and 13-14kgs. She’s lightening quick, fun dog to watch.
  9. Depends what you wanted it for, but I think it would be a handy cross. My “whippet” is 1/4 JRT. Can’t go wrong with a bit of terrier in there.
  10. All good mate, the replacement collars/straps are very cheap and I don’t plan on getting any bigger dogs anytime time on the near future.
  11. Thanks mate, he doesn’t seem to have a backwards step in him yet. Yep he’s a fraction under 25”. He’s fine with sheep, I was lucky to have some of my own for the first 6 months of having him as a pup.
  12. Not yet mate he didn’t wear it this week.
  13. Cheers mate. He’s working very well on fox so far. Don’t really do much else with him, ferreting occasionally.
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