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  1. toxo

    What White Rose for my dog?

    Thanks guys so much. Not a meadow any more. Is public land that's never going to be dug up. Is a wonderful place now with all kinds of plants/grasses short and tall with rides and footpaths meandering through it with a smattering of short trees so it's sunny all over. It's a place she knew well.
  2. I buried my soul mate on Tuesday. She was an 11yr old Westie called Misty who understood every word I spoke. Whenever I took off my shoes she would fetch my slippers without a word being said. The vet got complacent with an after operation infection and now she’s gone and I still cry a lot. I found a nice spot in a sunny meadow which for my sins turned out to be almost all flint and clay and my clockwork had well and truly run out before I got the job done. Now I’m thinking about planting a small white Rose that doesn’t take much maintenance and isn’t going to get too big. Suggestions required please.
  3. My favourite adjustable beam torch fills this role very well as it did this time.
  4. I like to dissuade crows from around my garden. Sometimes they attack in family formation and whatever is nesting/fledging doesn’t stand a chance. Anyway, I dissuaded three on Sunday and yesterday (Monday) I was watching tv when I noticed something big and black flapping about in the front room. Don’t know if the dogs had chased it in. They might have taken a couple of pecks cos all four were keeping well away. I grabbed it and noticed a chest wound but it was still well lively. Contemplated letting it go for about two seconds. Then the fecker stabbed and bit me on the back of a finger and drew blood and I found out how much power is in that beak. He won’t be biting anything else.
  5. toxo

    Freshwater eels

    Many years ago my fishing buddy and I would come out of the pub on a summers night and have a chat before going separate ways home. Many a time one of us would comment on what a nice night it was for fishing. Twenty minutes later we would meet up with the gear and head for part of the Surrey Docks in London, this was before they filled it in and it was full of old cars and such. We both had work in the morning so only had two or three hours. We used big feeders filled with maggots and drew back about a yard after settling. Our best night was forty four. If we only had a few I'd let him take em all because his mum was a fool for an eel. Often he would get up for work and his mum had already found them and was cooking them for breakfast. :) The same mate was fishing a river one day and on the opposite bank were a couple of urchins who had caught a big eel. they were frightened of it and beat and stomped on it before they dared to remove the hook. They were about to throw it back in the water when my buddy (thinking about his mum) told them to hook it onto his line. he cast a weighted hook over and the kids hooked the eel on to it. They threw the eel into the river whereupon it took off downstream at a rate of knots and smashed him without even thinking about it. :)
  6. toxo

    Number 40

    Well done. The fox rescue center round the corner must be right proud that none of em are coming back.:)
  7. toxo


    The onboard IR is amazing Dave. As I've just said to Nathan the high turrets on the S/W cut off a bit but still went a long way. I'm using the 25mm lens so will be different from the 16mm which is the norm for most people. I would guess the 16mm and onboard IR will be good enough for hmr and you can always use external if you want. As a spotter it's even clearer because there are no scope lenses in the way. There are vids on youtube to give some idea. There are various names for the same unit. Addonight, Adder, WGsummat, etc.
  8. toxo


    Judging distance is much harder with NV than it is with a lamp. Of course not important if you're using a flat shooting bullet but does come into it with 22lr subs. I use a night rangefinder which makes a lot of difference. If the lump under the bed is big enough for an addonight I'd give it some thought. The onboard IR is plenty big enough for rimfire although the high turrets on the sidewinder gets in the way a bit, and you can always add more. With a card you can record everything. black and white at night or colour in daylight. (I know how you like a pic Nathan). If you need any more info pm me a number, Paul
  9. toxo


    Short answer Nathan is yes. I use an Archer which I love dearly. Just got an Addonight from CRS with the 25mm lens to use primarily as a spotter. First time out on Sunday and it was excellent as a spotter. The field of view as an add on can be compromised depending on the scope used. I found it ok enough for six rabbits without it being set up properly behind a Sidewinder 3-12x50. The 16mm will give more field of view. At your distances Nathan I'm guessing you could go with the 16mm lens and chuck the lamp away but you'll need to check that. See if you can look at one Nath. Bound to be someone near you. Thermals can be good but they do have a downside. They'll light up any piles of horse shit or anything else that has any heat on it. Unless you pay for the top end the definition can be poor and you're not sure if it's a rabbit or a cat. A friend used a £3000 ATN for a while and doesn't use it any more for these reasons.
  10. toxo


    I think CRS has just got some in. I went for the 25mm primarily for spotting to complement my Archer. First time out on Sunday and looks excellent as a spotter. Field of view is obviously a bit limited depending on the scope but was eminently doable and I took six bunnies on the back of a 3-12 Sidewinder at the 50-65 yd range.
  11. toxo

    A better morning.

    +1 in my Annie.
  12. toxo

    Great balls of fire!

    What meat there was left U. Ha Ha! Must take good technique to wait that long without moving. Well done.
  13. toxo


    What a dog!
  14. toxo

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    surely the question is do you want whisper quiet or bang! Or put another way, do you want the chance of two/three bunnies or watch loads of em running for cover before they come back out in an hours time?
  15. toxo

    Next step

    The bullets are good. Obviously subject to wind but very explosive. I use the rabbits so headshots only but not much left of the head. Re-sizing is easy. I've read various combinations of dies but I'm a solutions man and like to use logic. I bought a three foot length of the same size that they use for the dies for around £30, cut off about three inches and drilled a hole in the middle. Then made a slightly conical lead in and polished it. One pass through this is all that's needed before it goes through the full length re-sizing die. Trim to length (leaving sightly long to allow for the blowout when fire forming). Once trimmed you do need to anneal before fire forming. But that just means putting a case in a suitable sized socket in a drill and turn the shoulder area in a blowlamp flame for around seven seconds and you're done. Don't put in cold water because that makes em brittle which would defeat the object. Just leave em to cool on their own. Lots of info on YouTube etc. This probably sounds complicated but it's not and remember you only do it once. and like I said I don't count how many fires any more, certainly a lot more than ten and the only sign is maybe a slightly flattened primer dependent on the load. I don't even waste anything on the fire forming. All this talk about what load for fire forming is rubbish. I use the same load that I normally use and go hunting with it. Once fired the only way to tell what cases are what is to look at the head stamp. If anyone needs more info just let me know.