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  1. I have five dogs and at least one of em has realised that if they can't be arsed to go up the garden for a crap when the back door is open, they can just do it indoors by the back door and they'll get away with it cos I don't know which one dunnit and I won't smack an innocent dog so they laugh at me. Or at least the one that's doing it is. So what's the best budget motion (see what I did there :)) detecting go pro thingy out there guys?
  2. Try Ashley at Custom Rifle Scopes.
  3. It's probably not relevant but how far do you want to see? I use mine as a spotter and it has a 25mm lens. Yours probably has a 12mm or16mm lens. I'm a firm believer that you should have no more IR than you need. Anyone that says they can't see 850nm is talking out of their arris and the power matters. My shooting buddy likes to ring the changes and he tried an srx or whatever they're called. His IR through my Archer was like a flood light and when it lit them up they were away in seconds. You might get away with power on virgin ground where they're not used to it.
  4. Cowboys and indians is bigger than you might think. I was at a show one time and in the next field were some full size teepees. On investigation it was a club. everything about the "indians" was authentic including all the cooking stuff, clothes etc and in the woods next door they had built a wild west town. The members had built a holiday chalet for themselves but it had to have the fascia of the barbers shop or the blacksmith or the bank. The saloon was an actual pub. They had club meets about six times a year. I won't call him a friend, more of an aquaintence, but we arranged to have a
  5. Thanks Nath! I'd figured as much.
  6. Someone ask me this question. Does anyone know if there's anywhere where someone can just experience firing a handgun?
  7. Good stuff. I had five girls Well being a lazy b*****d it's easier to make girls cos you have a pattern in front of you whilst you're working.
  8. I've recently renewed and my feo was a bit over zealous. Had to get a signed docs letter. The police form (in Kent) asks for a docs report and my docs receptionist said it would be £50 for a report rather than £25 for a letter. I managed to convince them that it was only a letter that was needed and they accepted that in the end. I mentioned to the firearms dept that it would help us all out if the form was chaged to a tick box format wich would be only £25. I won't hold my breath. Then she insisted that my permissions were to be signed now and that many were "out of date" even though one
  9. If you can't find one it might be worth looking at alternatives. My 10 shot mag for my 1417 was (I think) a Savage with very little tinkering for half the price.
  10. Sigh! You do like blowing smoke don't you! Show me a NV that doesn't incorporate an IR source of some kind. Toxo out.
  11. None of which has anything to do with my original statement. Are you trying to tell me that ANY night vision (Except thermal of course, and the latest night vision models are using a mixture of IR AND thermal.)can see in complete darkness? And I don't have access to an Archer, I own one and have been shooting with it for years and I don't know or care where it comes on the NV tree but I do know you couldn't part me from it with wild horses.
  12. Sorry, that’s not right. My Archer can see way after others have to put lights on. But it will only enhance whatever light is there. When there’s no light you’ll see sod all unless you provide it
  13. Take a look at this for a bargain. I use em for 17 hornet. Have to shave the plating off for a nice snug fit inside the neck. Should be good for 22-250. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-x-Small-Gold-Metal-Funnel-Mouth-Diameter-2-4-cm-Atomizer-Small-Bottle-LS/271969439576
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