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  1. toxo


    What a dog!
  2. toxo

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    surely the question is do you want whisper quiet or bang! Or put another way, do you want the chance of two/three bunnies or watch loads of em running for cover before they come back out in an hours time?
  3. toxo

    Next step

    The bullets are good. Obviously subject to wind but very explosive. I use the rabbits so headshots only but not much left of the head. Re-sizing is easy. I've read various combinations of dies but I'm a solutions man and like to use logic. I bought a three foot length of the same size that they use for the dies for around £30, cut off about three inches and drilled a hole in the middle. Then made a slightly conical lead in and polished it. One pass through this is all that's needed before it goes through the full length re-sizing die. Trim to length (leaving sightly long to allow for the blowout when fire forming). Once trimmed you do need to anneal before fire forming. But that just means putting a case in a suitable sized socket in a drill and turn the shoulder area in a blowlamp flame for around seven seconds and you're done. Don't put in cold water because that makes em brittle which would defeat the object. Just leave em to cool on their own. Lots of info on YouTube etc. This probably sounds complicated but it's not and remember you only do it once. and like I said I don't count how many fires any more, certainly a lot more than ten and the only sign is maybe a slightly flattened primer dependent on the load. I don't even waste anything on the fire forming. All this talk about what load for fire forming is rubbish. I use the same load that I normally use and go hunting with it. Once fired the only way to tell what cases are what is to look at the head stamp. If anyone needs more info just let me know.
  4. toxo

    Next step

    Brass. https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/cases-primers/22-hornet-ppu-brass-cases-pack-100.html Bullets. These are labeled SP but they're not. more like Vmax with a boat tail that makes em nice to load. https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/bullet-heads/other-bullets/17-cal-sp-17gr-bullets-pack-100-value-bullet-co.html Powder. At least 700 rounds out of 1lb of say Lilgun. A lot more if Trail Boss or similar. You do the math. I can't be arsed to do it again. I've given up counting how many loads per case. I've yet to see a pressure sign. This of course doesn't include freebies from my buddy who likes to shoot factory and another buddy who shoots 22 Hornet. Bear in mind I usually shoot at night and don't need to go much further than about 150yds.
  5. toxo

    Next step

    Something that hasn't been mentioned is cost. I love my 17 Hornet which of course is a centerfire and I can reload for around 18p a round and never have to worry about availability. Another is the 17 Squirrel ( http://saubier.com/smallcaliber/17squirrel.pdf ) which I don't know too much about but looks great to me. Both can be formed easily from 22 Hornet cases and will deal, with care anything within bunny range
  6. toxo

    home loading q,s

    All good advice above. It's hard to go wrong if you don't stray too far from the guidelines and you will enjoy it. You may want to read up on "Reach". Some US powders will be banned from Europe soon and it would be frustrating to spend lots of time developing a powder/bullet combo and then find you can't buy it any more. There are plenty of alternatives. Good luck and there's no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to reloading.
  7. toxo

    Altberg boots

    I went with a pair of these. About six outings so far. 2 pairs of socks, warm and toasty, Let's see how they last. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Ankle-Leather-Utility-Work-Boot-Hiking-Boots-Goodyear-Soles-Sizes-6-12/162184562301?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=461383366544&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  8. toxo


    I've had it for a while now and thankfully seem to be over the hump. Not coughed up anything today. Not sure how this flu jab works but didn't want to go the antibiotic route. Tried staying in a constant temperature. Didn't seem to work. The tried and tested "starve a fever and feed a cold" did ease the coughing. I found that even if you don't have much of an appetite, a can of peach slices in syrup next to me worked well. Just a couple of mouthfuls every now and then stopped a lot of the coughing. Hope you get over it soon Nathan.
  9. toxo

    Rain hat for spectacles wearer

    A can of waterproof spray maybe? The stiff brimmed boonie is my choice also.
  10. toxo

    Altberg boots

    Thanks Voon. Helpful info.
  11. Was looking at getting a pair of defenders but getting the impression that they're not all the same. Can someone talk me through the differences, MTP, Combat, cadet? Also, how do the sizes work out? I normally use a 9 and a bit so if I want a couple pairs of thick socks should I buy a 10 and what width?
  12. It's all a question of perspective. If the object is just to kill stuff they're very efficient and I imagine they're built to survive any shock. I just can't see U with one of em on top of a blunderbuss. For me, my tubed Starlight Archer using IR gives me an almost daylight image of a size where I can be sure of shot placement. Not everyones creed but that how I like it. The thing about IR N/V is that it won't penetrate foliage so a rabbit that's hiding at least has a chance. Not so with thermal. When I looked through my buddies thermal I was quite disappointed. A wishy washy image with nowhere near the magnification that I'm used to. Of course it did a brilliant job of showing quarry and everything that isn't quarry as well. He does very well with it but sometimes his shot placement is a little off. I'm wondering how good they are at seeing stuff in front of the quarry that could deflect the bullet.
  13. OK, Ya got me! But that's as far as I go. I ain't buying no rifle what needs half a can of old nails shoving down the front end.
  14. Thanks U. It really was bitter. I even broke out my Russian hat. Same as yours but black.