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  1. toxo

    Thermal Targets

    My pal does the same but last time out it just didn't work and he ended up using some hand warmer pads that heat chemically. He was testing different ammo for a new rifle so I don't know if the heat just went out of the foil after a while?
  2. toxo


    Yes Nathan but apart from the 17 hornet case being bigger there's not much difference and I can't see why the primer/powder can't be put in after annealing and case forming. Maybe some money saving issue in the process?
  3. toxo

    Thermal Targets

    But will they work at night si? I reckon if you cut squares out of foil duct tape and stick em on top of each other to maybe an inch thick and stick em in a cup of hot water from a flask when ready to zero might do the job and last long enough.
  4. toxo


    I anneal 17 hornet when forming from 22 hornet. I believe they couldn't anneal because the powder (liquid) went in first. Maybe they do it differently now.
  5. toxo


    If your friend doesn't mind reloading Nathan (which many enjoy as part of the hobby) The 17 Hornet (centerfire) is a much more versatile round than the hmr and cheaper too. Better yet for the kind of shooting you sorry, your friend does, the 17 Squirrel. Even more versatile. Bit of a faff getting it all together but once you get going, very cheap and effective. Don't be put off by the case forming. The cases once formed last forever. http://saubier.com/smallcaliber/17squirrel.pdf
  6. toxo

    The rabbit order.

    Would that charity be your stomach Nathan?
  7. toxo


    Thanks mate but it was only 65yds. I still laugh when I think about it.
  8. toxo


    Think I'm losing the plot. Had to climb through an upstairs window the other night cos I locked myself out.
  9. Want a chuckle? We were out Saturday night and my buddy had to zero his Browning T bolt. He set up a cardboard banana box with four shoot n see targets. After we got him thereabouts I left him to fine tune and decided to check my own zero. Above the targets was a black dot about the size of a ten p coin. I fired three rounds and couldn’t work out where they were going. When we went down for a close look it was a fecking hole.
  10. toxo


    I'm done talking to you.
  11. toxo


    That is so rich coming from you Go spout your drivel somewhere else.
  12. toxo


    Sarge 1974 is a troll and why does he not show up in the list of members at the bottom of the page?
  13. toxo


    The referendum was called because the remoaners thought they would win hands down. Without more choices on the ballot paper we were bound to end up where we are now. Everyone had their own reasons but which ones were for the good of the country and my children's children and which ones were for their own agendas? A poll of criteria questions would have resulted in the right questions being on the ballot paper. Most of us voted to get our country back and be a great country again. Let's look at the rest: Those with business agenda. Those with property in Europe Youngsters who just want to gallivant around Europe in their gap year. Vince cable said if there was a second referendum he wanted more youngsters voting for this reason. politicians with own agendas or party loyalty etc. None of these have our country or our future at heart and if we take them out of the vote the leave voters will always win hands down.
  14. toxo

    Talking of bows!

    Been there, done that.
  15. toxo

    Am I stepping on toes???

    Try this setup. Get a cheap solar light and set it up where the rats are. Figure out a tough rat bait that will last a while and fix it under the light. You can add the good stuff like peanut butter etc whenever you go. They'll get used to the light and you won't even need a torch.