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  1. Gravy

    mole traps

    Trappa, How have the Pest stop traps faired? How much did you pay for fifty? Best I can see so far is about £2.80 each
  2. Gravy

    Non payment

    Need to go round and knock on door, as others have said. I find that standing on the doorstep asking politely for payment works well. Be brave and do it
  3. Gravy

    Hand warmer

    Still use the good old fashioned charcoal sticks, does a reasonable job
  4. Gravy

    mole traps

    Harf barrals
  5. Been looking to by a few more mole traps. Flat pack charge £100 for 20 plus delivery Anywhere else to look, or are they the best for quality
  6. Thank you, thought it was more complicated than that!!
  7. Hi, Have been given a job for mole trapping in a 10-acre field, but for a client who uses a land agent. They require a copy of my insurance - no problem there, have 5 million They also need my risk assessment and method statement, now not too sure what this actually entails. Can you help please or pm me any examples? ATB Gravy
  8. Gravy

    Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Can I ask how you use them then? Because most posts here seem to find them rather limiting. I have used in a domestic garden with carrot as bait in/around trap - but mice seem to take them. Have used in fields with the traps set to catch rabbits as they run for home, but again limited success. Would love some top tips Torquemada
  9. Gravy

    Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Very true, have only had very limited success, young ones tend to go in, but adults are wary
  10. How have you managed all these years, without this vital information!!
  11. Gravy

    Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Thanks for all the replies. Are the folding ones any good? It would be really handy... PS I once bought a folding fox trap. Never again! I think they are pretty good, and folding flat is great will take some pics tomorrow for you
  12. Gravy

    Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    I have purchased a few before, they came from "the trap man" has a website, but also on ebay. the ones I have fold flat, so really useful for storing
  13. Showing your age now Trappa, O levels have been gone a long long time, lol
  14. Gravy


    Spiders in the garden? That is where they should be, leave alone, it`s nature