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  1. Thanks for all the advice , appreciated
  2. Thanks for the info and advice Ile adjust accordingly and see how it goes. Jack
  3. I'm just going of what worked for me and my hob before I got the kits. When i had them I handled them daily it's just now there a bit older I thought they would be fine matching my old routine. Could you help with my original question how hard can a 4month old kit bit and when do they reach fully grown?
  4. This I getting confusing they have a big bowl of dry which they have access to all the time and it never gets empty because they couldn't possible eat it all in 2 days. They get raw when I handle them and the dry just gets topped up.
  5. They have a bowl full of dried that's never empty and get supplemented with pigeon, rabbit etc
  6. Does it really make that much difference. My older hob is fine never bit me once (he was a rescue) I thought spending an hour with them every other day now there abit older would be fine?? I ain't asking why there biting by the way if you read my post its about how hard can they bit at that age
  7. Hi guys my kits like to give me a little nip every now and then it doesn't hurt and there not drawing blood. Could this just be they want to play with me? At 4 months old is it still classed as a nip or can they latch on and draw blood if they want. There handled every other day. Also what age do they reach fully grown? Cheers Jack
  8. That's from April he's retired again since that article lol.
  9. If have a look on the sellers eBay and see what other items he's selling what he's sold before and his feedback see if there's anything that seems fishy.
  10. jtaylor


    I was in sparkbrook working and could see this Rottweiler and Jamaican walking towards me, the dog comes running over and the guy shouts don't worry he's cool with white people it's just Indians.... anyway they both crossed the road next thing I know an Indian comes out his house and the dog starts chasing him.. I saw the guy later in the day and said that the dog was beaten as a pup and he was the only one to make it out the litter as the rest were beaten to death by Indians that's why the dog has a hate for them lol
  11. I opened my pen door yesterday and had both my kits jump up at me must be something it the air lol.
  12. Cheers for the advice lads some good ideas and tips.
  13. I have looked into that before but all I could find was clinic's in America?
  14. I've been allergic to dogs since a kid. Its manageable but annoying so couldn't have a dog in the house. Just wondering if anyone with allergys ever kept a dog in kennels or tried a so called hypoallergenic breed if they exist? I hear bedlington are supposed to be good with allergy? Cheers Jack
  15. My two jill kits when let loose won't come to me they always seem to be busy running around. They do come and wait at the hutch door tho only because I think they want to be let out.
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