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  1. secretagentmole


    Actually I think AirForce now do.... https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/raw-airforce-join-forces-press-release/ https://www.tuugo.co.uk/Companies/theoben-engineering/0300004013384#! Edited to add, just searched BT phone book, no listing for Theoben in Somersham.
  2. secretagentmole


    Them's Yankee weapons....
  3. secretagentmole

    Friday roll call

    Those sausages kosher? Just it looks like they have been circumcised....
  4. secretagentmole

    The hooks son arrested.

    Negated by inhumane activity...
  5. secretagentmole

    Friday roll call

    That second pic looks like a heavy night of advocaat and a kebab....
  6. secretagentmole


    Ah that is why I love over here, despite the lack of abundant gold deposits, rivers full of salmon, forests full of deer, unspoiled seas in which to fish.... That and the fact a £35 jacket is more than good enough to go hunting in...
  7. secretagentmole


    Got a nice Portmann wax jacket from Paramount Clothing for Christmas, came with a tin of wax for one reseal too, storm cuffs, hood, nice weight and damned warm £35!
  8. secretagentmole

    Strange wildlife you've witnessed

    Once came across a deer in the woods on my permission, small Roe doe, was not overly scared, but there again a .177 SuperTen is not going to drop that one unless I knacker the stock clubbing it over the head. Used to be a porpoise in the Wash who would chase fishing dinghys and bump the keels until he got a few mackerel. Seen a stoat kit take on a rabbit that was about 4 times it's size, was like WWE! Also a demented woodpecker trying to hammer through the metal sides on a barn....
  9. secretagentmole

    The hooks son arrested.

    C130, standing by the back door, 20,000 ft, no chutes, door open, steep climb..... Edited to add, the entire bloody job lot of that family too, his wife(wives), sons, daughters, whoever else is related to him....
  10. secretagentmole

    Manchester knife attack 31.12.18

    You do have to think "they got all the way here and are still virgins? wtf is wrong with em?"
  11. secretagentmole


    In laymans terms the UK was balloted on joining a Common Market not a Common Government. The Lisbon treaty (where article 50 was put in by Labour so they could bullshit the legislation through Parliament) was voted on and rejected by countries like Ireland, France and the Netherlands, before they were strong armed into voting yes. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2008/dec/13/eu-ireland-lisbon-treaty A market does not tell you how to spend any money you make at it, else the stall holders would unilaterally piss off and organise another somewhere else. We voted for a market not governance, since we cannot be in the market without it telling us what we can do then we vote to leave. We tried reforming from the inside, but were always shouted down. Now the Germans have run everybody else into the ground via their control (look at Italy's economy pre and post Euro) and control everything (who else is making money from the EU), they expect us to be subservient as they try to demolish our last vestiges of control. Well sorry, we voted to have our legislation under our control, our right to self determination and the right to do business with whoever we please. Should they slap tariffs on stuff we export, we simply apply the same level of tariffs to stuff we import from them, the difference can be used to help subsidise those affected by the tariffs. We voted, leave won, get over it!
  12. secretagentmole

    this needs to stop......damn vegans

    So do vegetables! As soon as something growing is stopped from sourcing the nutrients it needs to sustain itself and is harvested, it started to decompose. Why do you think the vegetables that are nutritionally best for you are frozen? I have seen plenty of rotten produce in the supermarket aisles...
  13. secretagentmole

    Looking for a SFS HW95,?

    Well living next door to Mr Vortek you would say that, mind you having had a couple of Vortek guns, so would I!
  14. secretagentmole

    Time to put the Hatsans away...

    It would not be my first Matt, I have owned a 77 mk 1 and we (Mary and I) have owned three 95s.
  15. secretagentmole

    New gun

    So now you can relax and enjoy a fine spring powered rifle...