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  1. It's the Gary Cane stock. Like it was custom made that thing...
  2. They're only processed grass...
  3. Ever had a gun you've sold and wish you could buy back? Dr Syn was such a gun, my Daystate Mk 3. Recently got a chance to buy a Mk 3. Putting the sling on I noticed a flake of walnut, lifting by the rear stud. I look at it closely and realise that the clumsy idiot who did that was indeed me. I've got Dr Syn back!
  4. No, surface area, the .20 has a larger head, delivering a better transference of shock of impact, rather than penetration. I am becoming a .20 convert you know, it is a rather good calibre for air rifles. Possibly the best....
  5. Let me throw a curve ball in, go 0.20! Weight, speed, good trajectory, all there.
  6. For the price of a Hills pump and addition dry packs, you could get your own high pressure compressor. A SuperTen needs a high pressure fill (220 bar), this can be a long slog on a stirrup pump...
  7. Stuck at home you may be tempted to pull the pcp out and indulge in some back yard plinking. Some may be lucky enough to live on their permissions. Either way those of use with pre-charged-pneumatic rifles need a source of air that isn't going to run out. You have two choices. High pressure stirrup pump or charging your own cylinder with a high pressure air compressor. There are a variety of these around but I went for a New Warrior off of Amazon at £210 delivered. The seller claimed to have UK stock and it was delivered in under a week. The beast is ship
  8. It started when my wife bought an accursed 280 carbine with the T06 trigger, that would never fire right. No matter what you did, it fired when you looked at it, the trigger was so light it was a hair trigger. Gun shop could not set it up, so she got a refund. Bought herself a secondhand one a few years later, exactly the same problem again, once again could not get it anything like right, so sold it on and made buyer aware. When we were picking up my Phoenix mk 2, I was made aware of another gun the seller had. An Original 45 (as in the gun marque was Original, model 45), but this w
  9. 3 in our collection classify as vintage now. 1) An LG527, oh yes, a twin spring demon in .22... Then we have the slightly younger Original 45, an 80s child (1981) in .20 Finally, who doesn't want to be John Wayne? Well live those dreams Cowboy, buy a Phoenix Mk 2, this is a carbine in .177 with Parker Hale (lack of) silencer, now she has a decimeater...
  10. The saving comes from 1) not having my gauge on my bottle constantly knackered by the person filling it, 2) not having to travel 80 miles to get it filled (there and back twice), 3) having to time my air needs to when they are filling 4) actually getting a full fill.
  11. Mine is the New Warrior from Amazon. Paid £210 for it. Additional filter £25. Plus a decanting coupling.
  12. Tried topping up from 240 to 300 bar. Took about 20 minutes. I have a 300 bar 12 litre bottle. The system has 2 filters on it after it leaves the compressor. One has a molecular sieve in it, that came from Amazon for £25, the other is the filter that same with the machine and has a cotton fibre plug filter (also known as tampon type). No oil or water made it to the second filter. After the bottle cooled it has 290 bar in it.
  13. Gone self sufficient with the air too...
  14. Had to sell the SuperTen. Money got very tight. But got something better to replace it. Who doesn't love a Winchester action? And I am committing heresy against myself. I now own A Diana!!! Made when I was 12 years old.... An Original 45, made in 1981, but not in the usual calibre you would suspect. Not .177 or .22 but the one in the middle, I have a twenty cal...
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