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  1. secretagentmole

    Pellet recommend

    What rifle have you got? Not much use in recommending heavyweights in a spring powered!
  2. secretagentmole

    needed a pistol

    Scaramanga? Not asking about what other optional accessories came with it....
  3. secretagentmole

    Richmond Sausages.

    Bloody hell they are nearly Vegan! The sausages we have are over 90% meat....
  4. secretagentmole

    Sausages ???.

    The butcher we usually go to uses a 94% meat mix in his sausages. If you need them delivered try this place... Perfick Pork Should have something there to tickle yer tastebuds.... (Oh and their black pudding is the best I have ever had too).
  5. secretagentmole

    Bit of advice on precharged

    Never said anything about accuracy, indeed did the photo I put up not illustrate how accurate it was? Just go from a Super 10, which loads and cocks using one lever, to press side switch at top and back of action, catch probe, press probe and then pull MMC to fire a pellet. MMC is a hindrance, the SE is the way the Ultra should have been from the first day.
  6. secretagentmole

    Bit of advice on precharged

    I suppose some people are masochists....
  7. secretagentmole

    Bit of advice on precharged

    MMC was designed by a group of anti blood sports people....
  8. secretagentmole

    Bit of advice on precharged

    Did I say they missed a beat at all? I may hate them due to personal experience of one of the damned things, but during the 3 weeks I had it my Ultra was an accurate gun. The way you suggested an Ultra made me think you did not know what came before it!
  9. secretagentmole

    Bit of advice on precharged

    But the Ultra also has MMC, the Ultra SE has the bolas bolt!
  10. secretagentmole

    Bit of advice on precharged

    Er Jimmy, you do realise that the Ultra is a carbine Hornet with no regulator don't you???
  11. secretagentmole

    Great Service!

    My last night vision outing revealed some nasty shortfalls in the equipment stakes. 1) The cheap Halfords folding chair sank quicker than the Lusitania despite us making wooden pads for the feet. 2) Whilst sat in the chair prior to submergence, you could shoot fine to the right, great coverage, but due to being right handed the sweep on the left was greatly reduced. 3) When not scanning there was nowhere to rest the gun due to the ground having the consistency of stiff custard. 4) Getting from vehicle to shooting position meant carrying gun case, night vision case, bag of things like flask and hypo recovery items and the chair. Getting off meant carrying all the aforementioned and a bag of bunnies too. Wouldn't life be easier if I could have a seat that carried the flask and hypo stop stuff and night vision. Something like a dirty great plasterer's bucket, even better one with a swivel top. Then if I had a pair of shooting sticks greater stability in firing position and somewhere to put the gun whilst I had a hot drink. hmmm. Scanning the web brought up bucket seats, several about, one of the cheapest was not so far from me, hmmm. Emailed them, nope cannot collect from them. They do have a flea bay store, an Amazon store and their own web site too. OK, so careful perusal revealed that they also did shooting sticks as well as monopods, all from the same accessory make, Nighthawk! Hello Nighthawk, this is London calling..... A camo mesh balaclava with leaves, under £4, bucket seat, camo cloth covered with spinning seat lid under £15, shooting sticks under £9, monopod under £6. All ordered late Monday night by the other half using fleabay. Order was picked Tuesday and they sent a tracking number, one that was precisely 2 digits too short for UK Mail! Emailed them, another number obtained, now she thought she had paid the extra for express delivery. Not according to them, snotty email fired off back to them asking wtf. Further investigation showed that the price for delivery of the sticks and bucket was roughly the same as express delivery. Oh well, write that down to experience then. Today she got a text from a number advising her that the delivery was being made between 12:30 and 1:30pm. What delivery? Tracking on the UK Mail website showed delivery down for Thursday but that the driver was 64 stops away from delivering to us. Confused.com! The morning ticked by and the delivery number got lower, at 12:32pm a UK Mail van pulled up and unloaded a cylindrical object and a long thin parcel. Signed for and wrapping torn off, lo and behold a bucket, shooting stick, monopod and balaclava. All at prices that would delight a miser! Quality appears to be very good, certainly no complaints as to the bucket, the shooting sticks are light, easy to set up and will help in the waiting between shots. Happy Mole. The name of the shop is Outdoor Value! https://www.outdoorvalue.co.uk/
  12. secretagentmole

    An evening at the Swede's!

    Work is currently being undertaken to improve certain factors, such as comfort. Will post the update as well as the cost.
  13. secretagentmole

    Sugar high

    Well it is surprising what stores do carry, so next time you are near fill yer boot, sorry trunk....
  14. secretagentmole

    Sugar high

    What is wrong with Sobeys???
  15. secretagentmole

    Sugar high

    Quoted from Wikipedia Exports and foreign markets[edit] Irn-Bru is manufactured in five factories in Russia, and manufactured under licence in Canada, the United States, and since May 2008 in Norway. Bru and other Barr products are exported to Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece and Cyprus, as well as parts of Africa and Asia. It is available in the Republic of Ireland, increasingly being stocked in BWG and ADM Londis supplied stores, as well as in supermarkets owned by Dunnes Stores and Tesco Ireland. In Ireland generally, the drink mainly sells in Ulster, chiefly in Northern Ireland and County Donegal. It is also available in Malta, Belgium and, as of 2005, in Poland. It is now sold in Iceland, as of 2011. A similarly named product, using the Iron Brew spelling but bearing little resemblance to Irn-Bru in flavour, colour or packaging, is produced by Coca-Cola in South Africa. Canada[edit] Irn-Bru sold in Canada contained no caffeine until recently. In March 2010, Health Canada repealed the ban on caffeine on clear coloured soft drinks and now bottles of Irn-Bru have the label 'Now Contains caffeine' on the packaging.[36] Irn-Bru in Canada is distributed by TFB & Associates Ltd from Markham, Ontario but is packaged by A.G. Barr in Glasgow, Scotland. Irn-Bru can be found at Sobeys supermarkets. The now-defunct McKinlay soft-drink company in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, for many years offered its own non-licensed beverage called Iron Brew. It was a brown carbonated soft-drink with a fruity cola taste. The standard Irn-Bru distributed in Canada also contains the "Not a source of iron" disclaimer on the label. The UK version of the drink (with caffeine) is commonly imported by speciality retailers, particularly in areas with large British populations.[37] Shop at Sobeys!