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  1. Full 232 to 100 bar shot string done, shot count 95, start at 11.29 ft lb, finish at 10.5 ft lb, peak 11.45 ft lb, Daystate heavies, 4.52mm. Not bad, not bad at all!
  2. BSA SuperTens are brilliant in FAC, I know, my first one was one (but sold as a 12 ft lb)....
  3. Not so keen on her at the moment "Go and hammer a stake in for the pellet trap, it's raining so the ground will be softer!"
  4. I will do that if the groups at 30m are too large. But otherwise, will leave well alone (I believe in if it aint broke don't fix it!).
  5. I think it might have been tinkered with, the release does not seem as far back as on the Phox or Coyote...
  6. Filled to 232 bar, started firing, 11.19 ft lb, rose to 11.39 ft lb, stopped firing at 10.5 ft lb, number of shots 95! Not bad from an unregulated rifle.
  7. Unfortunately they cleaned the island and killed the anthrax off, you could always make him a forest warden in The Red Forest, in a tent.... "Starting in 1986 a determined effort was made to decontaminate the island: 280 tonnes of formaldehyde solution diluted in sea water was sprayed over all 196 hectares of the island and the worst-contaminated topsoil around the dispersal site was removed. A flock of sheep was then placed on the island and remained healthy. On 24 April 1990, after 48 years of quarantine and four years after the solution was applied, junior defence minister Michael Neubert visited the island and announced its safety by removing the warning signs.[9] On 1 May 1990, the island was repurchased by the heirs of the original owner for the original sale price of £500.[11]"" Or you could make him a warden at a mine field in the Falkands, tell him about the penguins and give him a pair of golf shoes....
  8. We just bought a Phox "lite" ie a Phox without all the pump and stuff, called a GX40, new, in the box, full powered made in Britain PCP for £287.99. BSA made gun, BSA barrel, BSA magazine, available in .177 or .22. So if you have a scope and mounts already, you are not duplicating up on anything. Hard enough to find a decent break barrel at this money, let alone a PCP, let alone a multishot PCP!
  9. Basically it is a Gamo Phox without the silencer, scope, pump and bag! Stuck a Deben Whisper High Performance on it and the noise emitted was similar if not quieter than my Daystate X2... St
  10. Gamo GX40! £288 buys you this... We put a spare scope on it and got this... But £120 should see you with a scope and a gun, depending where you shop...
  11. Got a Deben Whisper High Performance mod on the end of it. I kid thee all not, this is as quiet as a Daystate X2, power is 11 ft lb with JSB Exact Heavies in 4.52mm. Anybody after a cheap PCP, buy British, Buy Gamo!
  12. What a couple of weeks this has been. Got a little break barrel, the wife decides it is hers. Then when we are getting it fixed (low pressure in sealed unit ram), she decides that really an afternoon with a break barrel will make life unbearable (got a bad skin complaint and it will inflame and crack the skin under the arms). A PCP is of course the answer and one of my old ones is still sitting in a gun shop, unscoped, for £300! She does not want to pay that. Especially for a secondhand gun. She wants new. So she says "I want to go to Pellpax!" Struck me as a bit strange then she sends me a link... https://www.pellpax.co.uk/airguns/air-rifles/pre-charged-pneumatic-pcp-air-rifles/gamo-gx-40-pcp-air-rifle-177-new-2019/24527 Do flaming what? A PCP, new, in box, made in Britain, multi shot, ambidextrous for under £290! Went and had a look see. Firstly Pellpax has got a shop again, a nice shop, well laid out, quite a few different guns on the wall, ammo in a cabinet, very nice, very professional looking. The staff seem knowledgeable and after finding out we have has rifles before did not try to go into details. The Gamo is taken off of the wall and proffered for handling, it indeed was ambidextrous, trigger is better than that on the Phox or Coyote (must be using a longer screw), nice balance and affordable. "We'll take one in .177!" She says, slapping the money on the counter. One was sourced from the back, the register filled in and off we go home! Well what comes in a box like this? A gun like this. Which out of the placcy bag is very much like.... The stock is very comfortable. Now seeing as I had played musical scopes earlier and one scope had found itself without a chair, it got a seat on the Gamo. That VT-2 seems to look quite good on there. The gun has the SAT trigger, a 10 shot magazine, SWP 232 bar, going to do a shot string test later. But the trigger does feel really nice, better than the Phox or Coyote. Predicted shot count is about 70. so enough to cope with a night on the birds should the GL ever get sorted!
  13. You utter swine, I never got an invite....
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