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  1. If you zero using digital zoom and drop back down to base magnification the X/Y co-ordinates will be rounded up..
  2. Personally you get more value out of the Axion Key model , exact same detection range and sensor/lens . The XM30S has the bigger eye display that some prefer and recording/WiFi . If you do go down the Axion route fold the rubber eye cup back on itself , the view is better IMO . Detection range is the same on both .
  3. It's a known bug awaiting a firmware update. You can disable the gyroscope function in the menu, which is the cause of the issue. If you cannot access the menu you can try re-installing the firmware onto the unit. A firmware link is available below with instructions.. Pard NV008P V2.05 Firmware | Night Vision Zone - NVZ WWW.NIGHTVISIONZONE.CO.UK NV008-P AMOLED MODEL FIRMWARE ONLY For all users of the Pard standard NV008P and NV008P LRF a firmware update is now available to provide various...
  4. I have a Tikka T3 in .223 and .243 had them years, great reliable guns for the money...
  5. PS the guy on that video is a walloper...
  6. The Guide Nano N2 is pretty good for similar money.. as it's no frills, video output port, has a larger 25mm "focusable" lens and 400 resolution sensor..
  7. You did mate ... , you did say you loved yours..I used a lads setup as well with when the Armasight Drones first came into the country and the ability to see stuff drop, with less recoil and less bang , won me over ..
  8. I bought loads to keep me going until I curl my toes up!
  9. There doing around 3500fps out of my rifle . Hornady Brass, 40gr vmax, 24.4gr N130 , CCI small rifle primer . Does me out to 300 yds no problem , I don’t really shoot any further . I did go through a period of using Nosler Varmageddon which are cheaper slightly , but the jacked a bit thin, whilst they were a bit more explosive they didn’t penetrate as good as the Hornady and I had a few runners, the Hornady they just drop .. I’ve never used my .243 since I got the .223 for foxes , so much quieter and less recoil , you can just watch stuff drop unlike the flip from the .24
  10. I mainly shoot at night Stavross .. So busy with all sorts, it’s my only chance to get out away from everything ..
  11. Poor night as it has been all this last week with humidity well over 90% for most of the week, resulting in poor thermal transmission. Travelling down the track, that runs through the centre of the farm, this fella was visible on the sky line from the vehicle mounted setup, so I headed another 250yds down the track and he was sat in some plough that has been left due to this consistent pissing down weather...sent a 40gr vmax from the .223 his way..
  12. If they work for you, that's all that matters... anyone else... well it's just an opinion .. like said they all go bang and drop stuff... BUT... all cars get you from A to B.... but some are shit
  13. If you like a Browning Trigger fair play , but they are shite, every person I know who had bought one , got rid of it straight away .. In comparison a Tikka T1x is similar money and much better ..
  14. 100% they are not good.. The best advice, do not get a T-Bolt there wank..
  15. Two mates have them and love them... definitely my next purchase if I swap from the old CZ452 .22LR and HMR I own..
  16. Legat-3 (355) thermal weapon scope | Electrooptic ELECTROOPTIC.BY KEY FEATURES: - Image scaling towards center of reticle; - Scalable reticles; - Automatic inversion of reticle; - Six zeroing profiles; - Picture-in-picture option (PiP); - Minimal zeroing pitch ever for such class... The Legat 355 is similar to a Rico RL42 in performance and image, it uses an iRay sensor, although has less features than an equivalent iRay scope model. Difference between an F1.1 lens and F1.0 is not noticeable to the naked eye. , Claimed netD is <45mk from Electro
  17. It was more to do with just having a nice compact gun, in fact I'd probably take another 2" off it, but I'll leave it for now. It's also now threaded 1/2" UNF so I can use my DPD mod on it as well now... Just a handy all-round gun, thats not too noisy and has enough drop down power if required at closer ranges.. I'll let you know how I get on when I get some time
  18. What brass is everyone using for there Hornet loads... I've always used Winchester as it's got a decent fill volume, but recently bought some PPU the volume is down over the Winchester brass but I can live with that, as it's a little thicker the brass and there cheap enough .. The rifles been cut down from 22" to 18" so time permitting I'm going to test some more loads with the shorter barrel and the PPU using 35gr and 40gr vmax..
  19. Notice the detail of both imagers, the more sensitive Helion 2 XP50 shows more background detail. This is especially important with a rifle scope model were you need to know the background and shot backstop in conditions of 90% humidity plus or rain. The affects of a more sensitive sensor, lens and software come into play in these conditions when there is a very low temperature differential
  20. If I had to buy again, I would buy a Tikka T1X brilliant rifles, action accessories and stock interchangeable with all the mainstream T3 models, good magazine and design and a bargain price... I've had my CZ452 20 years and when I do decide to swap it out, I'll be getting a T1X and fitting a weaver rail straight onto the action.. I would avoid the Browning T Bolt there cack... the triggers are horrendous.. CZ or Tikka personally, but like I say the Tikka in my opinion is a nicer rifle .... both accurate as you would need.. especially with CCI subs or SK ammo..
  21. View Advert AGT 1/2" Adaptor for Uragan or Vulcan RIfle Converts an airgun technology Vulcan or Uragan shroud thread to 1/2" UNF for easier fitting of various silencers.. Advertiser IanB Date 27/01/21 Price £15.00 Category Gun Accessories

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    Converts an airgun technology Vulcan or Uragan shroud thread to 1/2" UNF for easier fitting of various silencers..


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