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  1. Has title says where the best deals to be had
  2. Think he's coming round I have been shooting over the standing crops proberley he was a bit wary with be being new you have to gain their trust how it's come when ever you like if I see your car I no you are around happy days
  3. I am after some enforcer flying decoys anybody no of any where I can get some, every where I have tried are out of stock
  4. Good piece of kit Combro have their own web site which I brought mine from 3 months ago
  5. You are not going to run out for a while
  6. the safety catch will only engage if the fx wildcat mk 2 is loaded I have found, I just use that to see weather it is loaded or not, just ordered 2 tins of the Hades to try
  7. That's what I thought, not a problem I will wait until it's cut, i think I will have to get stocked up with ammo I think it's going to be a few good days shooting.
  8. I picked up a new permission a couple of months ago but the farmer does not want any shooting over standing crops he said that it to do with the lead shot contaminating the crops as when the corn is being process the metal detectors don't pick lead up, not heard this one before can any body clarify this ??? or is it just the people who as the corn off him
  9. Same as SB not got anything down in writing just get on with it, been out shooting loads of time when plod have turned up, they only turn up because some bunny cuddler have rang them.
  10. Finally got some decent pellets and chroned the old girl rws superdomes 14.5 gr average flb was 10.284 over the moon with that and a close second was some accupell 14.3 gr average flb was 9.998 which a chap at work gave me.
  11. Enjoy mate I have it 177 and it shoots like a dream get yourself a couple more mags and you will be well away , yeah the mk3 might have a bigger mag but in my eyes that the only thing going for it, power adjuster mean you have to keep zeroing it in unless you put a pard 008 on and set the ABCDE for diffrent power out puts
  12. Will do has soon as I get the pellets it is a 22, I only have 177 for the wildcat, been told rws superdomes work well in them ?
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