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  1. Red, green, Amber I have used them all my favourite was red, but only use NV now and a thermal spotter
  2. Fitted a gauge it is showing 70bar on it, what are your thoughts to low to high ? It a .177
  3. Hi Pav mine will shoot 11.2 to 11.9 which is a bit close to being hot, have had to re-set the pellet probe, put a new hammer in aswell, that's why I was asking about the ratworks gauge so I can see if it has reg creep, got a new seal kit, once I have fitted a gauge I will have I better idea
  4. How does it shoot? Mine has got worse with the original reg in, had it on the cronograph a couple of weeks ago and it was deviating by 45 fps so have decided to put a new reg in.
  5. Yeah I don't want anything to big I think it will look out of place, saw the ratworks one and it looks like the huma reg and that looks OK, so you have a wildcat aswell, can I ask if you have fitted a new reg in yours I think I will be fitting one in mine, no sure if to go for huma or a lane reg.
  6. Cheers but do you no if the ratworks would be sutible
  7. I am after fitting a reg gauge to my wildcat mk2 in the bleed off plug I no you can get a huma one but was looking at a ratworks one but there is no size for it on there site can anybody help, with thread and face size or can recommend another one with 10bar increments
  8. Harness in my opinion will only teach a dog at that age to pull, soft toy on a lengh of soft string works well, spin it around you, drag it along make it a game, let the pup catch it from time to time but Don't snatch it out the pups mouth, (soft string then it will snap and not cause any harm to the pups mouth if you snatch it by mistake)
  9. Pulsar axion xm30f will be coming out in March looks good I will be waiting for that
  10. Has title says where the best deals to be had
  11. Think he's coming round I have been shooting over the standing crops proberley he was a bit wary with be being new you have to gain their trust how it's come when ever you like if I see your car I no you are around happy days
  12. I am after some enforcer flying decoys anybody no of any where I can get some, every where I have tried are out of stock
  13. Good piece of kit Combro have their own web site which I brought mine from 3 months ago
  14. You are not going to run out for a while
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