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  1. I personally don’t know you and I’m not saying you’re a cock. I’m just drawing from your write up. I’m a nurse myself, just figuring it out
  2. The reason the second nurse was like that is because when the first nurse asked you if it might be the wrong day, you ignored her. So the second nurse probably thought you are a cock. Remember that the nurses on the ward don’t organise theatre lists.
  3. Isn’t quince used as rootstock for pear trees.
  4. Next April you can bring her to a vasectomised hob. She might want to see him again through the summer.
  5. Yes I watch him too. I bought one of his albums.
  6. Just make sure you don’t break your hole when you slip on the wet tiles.
  7. That’s standard attire for the Belfast boys
  8. Wideboy


    Maybe this tread will shed some light on this sport. I think it’s great hearing from people they walked the walk. It’s just working dogs at the end of the day.
  9. How come 57% of Irish people have blue eyes?
  10. I just can’t see the point of keeping those small ferrets. You need a standard size to get the job done. I’d say old coney must take the piss with those small ones.
  11. Would it be better to break his fingers
  12. Might it of been “dubh”? Irish for black.
  13. Yeah I like the drifters alright, they are a great piece of kit.
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