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  1. Wideboy


    There was plenty of decent advice given before you opened your trap.
  2. Wideboy

    A.C Bred dogs

  3. Wideboy


    You always have a smart comment, it wasn’t too long ago that you didn’t know a dogs nose from it tail.
  4. Wideboy

    Justify this

    He doesn’t look young either, think he’d have more since then that, all for a pic ps: are they brown hares?
  5. Wideboy

    Justify this

    Silly c**t says he’s had a good night, hope he gets a knock on the door for killing hares at night!
  6. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    7up zero that is, but you need the bog roll alright after a good skip
  7. Wideboy

    Longnet making

    I use 4oz because it rightly tangles the rabbits up, but it will tangle with weeds and then likes. If you’re up on the moors it’s a nightmare with the heather. But I still wouldn’t use anything but the 4oz
  8. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    It’s what kept my bivvy running for seven nights
  9. Peter does this guy deliver to the west or midlands??
  10. Wideboy

    Christ is there nothing sacred

    Too true! And then wonder why they have no support from other dog men.
  11. Wideboy

    Christ is there nothing sacred

    Id say the coursing boys have had the biggest influence on this article. Worried that “THEIR “ poor hares will be poached!
  12. People can argue with me on this one, but another big killer of the red squirrel is the pine marten.
  13. Wideboy

    Let's talk HPRs...

    On the snipe
  14. Wideboy

    E collar

    My mate bought one for a GWP he had. It made him lazy in the end never really trained a dog after that because he would just stick the collar on a new pup!
  15. Wideboy


    The only reason this has made headlines in Ireland is due to hares found dead and being diagnosed with it. Coney Island was wiped out 3 years ago and you would be lucky to see 3 rabbits on it at night now!