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  1. It all depends, what you are using. If you use a can of sardines in oil, you’d be amazed how long it could be open for and still catch. A lot of times a well place box will catch with very little bait or even old bait. I use salmon oil that you get for dogs, 5 litres very cheap. To be honest if I don’t get a catch after a short time I move it. I keep two traps 24/7 over winter beside the house, I keep chickens. I might change the bait every 4 weeks and catch between 4 and 8 mink a winter in the two of them.
  2. The only problem with getting the jab unofficially is will you get the second one at the right time so that you get the most protection?
  3. I got it yesterday, second jab in 28 days.
  4. Will do, she seems fairly sensible so far!
  5. So this is the bitch pup I ended up keeping, 10 weeks old now.
  6. Do you mean indoors? Well my misses has her Sprocker inside and she’s fine, totally switches off but then when outside she lets off steam. I was thinking it was a bad idea but it’s fine. She’s eight now.
  7. Maybe the top one is for soft lures? Insert the straight part into the soft lure and down the middle of the lures body. Then the hook sits under. Maybe tie your knot in the hairpin part.
  8. Surly there is enough to be worried about in NI at the moment! f**k me they are putting a fox before humans.
  9. That black lurcher is tiggers daughter.
  10. Had this one a few weeks ago, mid double.
  11. I’m the same now, just bitches now. I used them for birds, deer stalking and bushing foxes. They’d hunt foxes well enough but not to a standard of a hound or hound cross. Fighting b*****ds they were. They weren’t fast enough to catch on top, but if they got hold of a foxes toe they wouldn’t let go no matter what punishment they received. I loved the look of them but I wouldn’t have one now, just my opinion. I have a 1st x gwp springer here now that’s 11 and still going strong for her age. Just for birds, she looks and acts like a pure, few lads have gone on and got gwp just from seeing her.
  12. My vet is German, she thinks that the GWP over here(Ireland) are a harder dog then their EU cousins. She reckons that the small gene pool here is the reason, as she thinks probably most are related. I have had 2 and a half GWPs. I’d definitely be getting a dog over a bitch, that’s just from my experience. Hardier animal. They can be as head strong as a donkey
  13. Pure gwp won’t be quick enough to catch, they will hunt like feck. We had two that hunted fox regularly. They spoke on sent too. Never caught on top unless half shot or something. Will mark them in no problem. They point plenty of feathered game too which will be a pain in the arse. I’d definitely have a bit of running dog in them for being all rounders.
  14. Big difference between trials and hunting woodcock. If your going to base everyones dogs in Ireland on one mans YouTube channel you need to get out more.
  15. The dogs soon realise that the game is inside the cover not outside, a few flushes and the penny drops. I never had a problem with them continuously hunting cover.
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