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  1. The wynchwood agitator in 12ft 3.25tc. Very good casting rods, well finished and nice playing action. The dog knocked it over today and knocked the ceramic out of the second eye. This is the second season with them and I can’t fault them. Well wynchwood made the handles and 50mm shorter, just takes getting use to. Some big pike in it, well I was told by a reputable source I trust. One of the waters I’ll will stick at for the winter.
  2. No one living local to this lad, take him out for a half day?
  3. Is this how they look in the collar? Plus the wheel at the back of the mk3m box turns the sound off, would it be muted? Not trying to make you look silly.
  4. Have a look at the numbers on the batteries and come back and tell us what they are. Should be three numbers on it.
  5. Just because the entrance is big, doesn’t mean that it’s a sett.
  6. Are you sure it’s not big old rabbit holes? Some entrances can get very big over the years. Is there signs of badgers?
  7. If you’re clearing land for a farmer, you would be leave behind a lot of rabbits in stopends. I’ve often dug to multiple rabbits in stopends. I wouldn’t put one down without a collar for this reason.
  8. Was my best ever gun dog. She’s 12 now, physically not bad but deaf as a post. She’d point but flush if other dogs were about. Genuinely would find shot game that other dogs struggled to find. She was great for bushing up all sorts. Point whatever and the lurchers would be on their toes. Used her ferreting, stalking and a fishing pal too.
  9. I think the ridgemonkey lads were putting out 40/50 kg of boilies at a time Plenty of maize too.
  10. Thought I’d show ye this parsnip. She weighted in at 891 grams. Biggest I’ve grown, have to pull more yet, so there might be an even bigger one!
  11. All the big brands in carp fishing have videos on YouTube, from fishing there. By the looks of it, I hope your not tight when it comes to bait.
  12. He sounds ideal I knew of a fella with a big lab doing the same. He was saying, he serviced 11 bitches in one year, at £800 a pop. I understand we’re you are coming from, that there has to be a certain standard if a dog has to be trialled
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