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  1. Wideboy

    Old girl

    Have you ever seen a fox when it met a .22 swift?
  2. Wideboy

    advice needed

    Why when everyone hears ferrets they say whippet or whippet x . I think a lurcher out of two good animals would suit you fine. Who’s to say you might want to do more with it then ferreting? You might want to try lamping or just general mooching. BTW a dog with a wee touch of bull in it can make it an easy going dog.
  3. Wideboy

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    Who is selling the dog?
  4. Wideboy

    Patterdale pup ,

    I told you before and I tell you again, you need to chill the fook out, you take the bait every time,
  5. Wideboy

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Master baiter
  6. Wideboy

    One for the carp boys 😜

    Do ye all think that monkey boy looks frightfully like Oxlade Chamberlain?
  7. Wideboy

    One for the carp boys 😜

    Scaly bangers
  8. Wideboy


    You seem to jump the gun an awful lot on this forum, you need to chill the fook out and don't take everything so personal or try to get one up
  9. Wideboy

    Long shot.. Ireland

    I'm looking for a hob for one of my jill's next spring/summer, if I do you can have a few from the litter if you want. I'm in the northwest!
  10. Wideboy

    Long shot.. Ireland

    The west of Ireland is void of working ferrets!! Try gumtree in the north and donedeal in the south.
  11. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    I retract that statement as your reel handles not in the same positionjust ruins that pic!
  12. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    Very tarty
  13. Wideboy

    Interesting carp video

    He’s one of the best story tellers out there. You would think you were at the waters edge with him
  14. Wideboy

    Tench-Linear Fisheries

    Cheers, yes will be there on a Sunday till Sunday, so don’t mind traveling around! Heard of Kent being good for the tench alright. I have learned that you need to approach angling with an open mind. Happy to have a road trip
  15. Wideboy

    Ferreting knife

    Here ya go, I drew a pic just for you