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  1. That’s not the point, I still want to punch the c**t.
  2. This was my last batch I did, it’s been a few years due to different reasons. I will get them back in next spring. I do between 12-20 at a time. Get them out on grass. Kill them 7-9 weeks. I get them as day olds most of the time.
  3. I think I recognise a couple of those nets
  4. How many of them were unemployed?
  5. That might be the numbers but in what area of land does 1300 muslims live in Ireland? Because outside Dublin, it would be a massive area the round up 1300. What you quoted looks worse then it is. You have to be over here to see it.
  6. 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll be sound
  7. No his cleaner and the older lad (2nd) by his niece. I spoke with a paramedic at work that knew the paramedics that got the call. It was a blood bath. Sick b*****d.
  8. Sligo is my home town. This scumbag created a profile on Grinder(gay dating app). He met the first fella walking up at the racecourse and stuck a knife in his eye and killed his two dogs he was walking at the time. The two lads he murdered, he arranged to met them at their houses for a bit of fun. He cut their willys off and decapitated both of them. He wasn’t gay but set these lads up to kill them for being homosexual. In fairness, there not many muslins in Sligo or this side of the country. There’s feck all here for them. From what I hear, any if their businesses are being boycotted at th
  9. Totally agree with you but to his defence, they can be cranky b*****ds. Especially the dogs from my experience.
  10. Did I ask anyone to write RIP? Was I even in a conversation with you, no.
  11. Obviously the Irish have more respect then the British.
  12. No other reason then it’s very disrespectful towards a dead man
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