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  1. Any first x is a risk , you don’t know what you’ll get. Thats every type.
  2. While we’re getting our cards out on the table, I’ve a coursing dog here too. Down from benji x nell, out of Milo.
  3. You’re in dream land, not a clue.com. Now saluki take the one that’s running off to the right, there’s a good boy. F do not go for the big one or you’re in big trouble little saluki
  4. He totally ignored this and went off on a rant!! Hahaha
  5. Waiting for them to break away hahahahahaha, you don’t have a clue. They’d be in the next county hahahaha
  6. I hit a nerve with out. Your some boy being able to tell your dog what animal to go for when slipped. See when your stick you don’t know what to say.
  7. Wtf are you on about, your not even replying to what I said. Who mentioned 3 dogs, cutting off heads. You sound like an anti
  8. I realise McHull from the way you bang on how easy it is to drop one of the big fellas. This tells me that you haven’t done it. If you seen it you would agree on how challenging the task is. You reckon your 28kg sand dog e we ould flip it over and then throat hold it lol. What happens when it stands up??? The course is the easier part, it’s the kicks, walls and fences that are the problem and for one minute you think a specialist hare coursing dog is better then a lurcher with bull or a bull x, then your in dream land. No doubt you’ll come up with some shite. It’s the truth, it can be bruta
  9. I bet these will be smart little rockets.
  10. As forest gump said “life’s like a box of chocolates”. Maybe because I had such a short hooklink was the reason I didn’t get bitten off. Be nice to meet her in winter. Heard there were big pike in this lough but never tried it. Guess where I’ll be piking this winter.
  11. Had this while out tenching, decided to have my rubber casters and 15lb braided hooklink. Just hooked on the bottom jaw right on the point. I was lucky to land her, 15lb2oz. Thought I had the mother of all tench at first.
  12. I’ve seen dogs stay and catch in the dept of winter. Not if you were to give me £500 would I spend time in your company.
  13. As wild as I comes. Lovely and peaceful.
  14. Took your time to reply, you didn’t know how to answer. You lamp hare you big Jessie. Then you get out to the fens the next day and get a pic taken for all your friends. You talk some shite. Shite dogs running a hare 400 yards away at night. Oh wait it’s ok I can se my lovely white saluki x Labrador in the lamp at 500 yards. You are a gobshite to the highest order.
  15. So your dog lets a hare out to 400 yards on the lamp ffs, that’s a shite dog.
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