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  1. Wideboy

    PURE !!!

    Pure shite?
  2. Wideboy

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    What about his name tag
  3. Wideboy

    In terms of ‘ratio’ how is this dog bred?

    The greyhound is 50% of the breeding straight away. How was the greyhound collie whippet bred, can’t tell you until you know what way it is.
  4. Wideboy

    First Cross Bull/Greyhounds.

    f**k me Kerny, your full of advice!
  5. Wideboy

    the famous toby dog

    Don’t forget Fenton
  6. I had something similar happen last year with my best mate since we were lads. Within 3 months of getting what I gave him he broke the few things that he was not supposed to do. Now everything when through my head in what to do. But in the end, everyone I met and asked how's this person, I would reply with "I haven't been speaking to him, he did a very dishonest thing and bla bla bla". Now this fella thinks he is well respected and tells everyone how honest and trustworthy he is. It was killing him that I was going around spouting this. Don't bother with the violence, as you'll be up in for of Judy and he will have the last laugh, plus firearms licence are more valuable than him. Just keep yourself to yourself and wipe your hands.
  7. Wideboy

    Dogs not tieing

    Maybe he likes the stink, not the pink
  8. Wideboy

    Tips on breaking hounds off Deer

    I know a pack that had this problem, so there was an enclosure built and two red hinds put in right beside the lodges. When hounds were walked out they had to walk by them every day, this helped with the riot drastically. Great for the young hounds too.
  9. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    You would not believe the amount of them we have in our area. I’m in Eire. Cheeky fecker was smelling bream if the net. I didn’t even have to stay still, he wasn’t even worried
  10. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    If I could just flip the net
  11. Wideboy

    A cracking few days north....

    Haha, I know you. I know that green spade you have in the pic as well. You were up visiting M?
  12. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    Different folk different strokes, I'm in Ireland and bream and tench are what a lot of lads target. Truly wild waters, most fish have never seen a hook. It appears that most carp men don't like bream, but then again i'm not really into catching stocked fish.
  13. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    I was putting in some bait every few days, to be honest I was targeting tench but ended catching bream and nothing under 5lb so can complain. They were all in great nick! Here is a 6.2.
  14. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    Alright, I was using two artificial maggots and one real maggot on the hook with the little black cap maggot feeder, with a helicopter rig, to give the bolt effect. Not a bad scrap when they get to that size for a bream.
  15. Wideboy

    View From Your Swim

    Not a good pic of the fish was in a hurry, as there was a fella behind me trying to see what I caught. He asked me earlier if this lake had bream in it as he liked to eat them. I told him there was feck all in it and in Ireland we practice catch and release. Ye boys in the UK think ye have problems with otters over there, you should see what we have to deal with over here! Anyways , here’s a pic of a 7lber.