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  1. Wideboy

    Gun dog type??

    I'm sure you could get a lurcher to work along side the gun, but there is not substitute for the real deal. If you are lucky enough to own a good gundog a lurcher will never be at the same level. For people to say I seen a lurcher do this and that, also saying the best dog in the line was a lurcher, than they haven't seen a good gundog. Personally I have two of each.
  2. Wideboy

    New apprentice😁

    Sound, nice working with animals and fresh air!
  3. Wideboy

    New apprentice😁

    How many do ye milk on that farm? Looks a big set up!
  4. Wideboy

    Full squad out

    How do you find that cross?
  5. Wideboy

    Full squad out

    Whats the golden dog? Yellow lab cross?
  6. Wideboy

    Seven mk3 problem

    Sound jobbut the advice was for the fella that started the tread
  7. Wideboy

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Was out today, after a few night shifts
  8. Wideboy

    Seven mk3 problem

    Your box isn't going to make a sound until it receives a signal from the collar, make sure the batteries in the collar are good, when storing your collars away I find that they can get switched on somehow. Mk3 setup is a piece of shit, if only someone else would bring something out!! Customer service is good though, I say they make more money on repairs then selling new ones!!
  9. Wideboy

    Fishing republic

    Ya, my local tackle shop owner told me this two months ago, apparently a lot for money owed to other companies?
  10. I was in a country pub in Mayo a few years ago, there were some French lads over shooting, they were plucking snipe and rolling them in 3 sheets of news paper, then dunking them in water. They then through them in the open fire, when the fire had the paper all but burned they would start eating, mind they were drunk haha
  11. No bud, don’t waste any of them, my favorite game but can’t put myself to do it !
  12. Your off your head, eating guts, at least you took his feet off
  13. Wideboy

    Any good for bushing

    Haha and you thought the jagd was a headcase!!
  14. Seen 26 in the afternoon and shot two, their eyes say it all haha
  15. Wideboy

    Getting permission for terrierwork

    Have you any sheep farmers in your area, that would be the best place to start, most will let you on!