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  1. I seen her posting shite too. Also putting videos up too, total head case! Whats your channel name?
  2. You said many times that you would only take a pup if you seen it’s parents work first???? Now your saying different????
  3. Supposed to be dead within 18 hrs when first contracted
  4. It's not the money, it's the need to have printed sirnames names on pictures of terriers on the www and all that shite, it's not money it's the fame and the power that ye want. You can say different but that's how its portrayed.
  5. Nice one, I love the source too, I use a wee pva bag of 4mm source pellets hooked to a citruz pop up, I find this a great combo on still waters. I heard on the grapevine that sticky are discontinuing the krill because there is a ban on krill fishing because man is more greedy than whales. I bought a few bags of shelf life boilies.
  6. Are those sticky krill dumbells. they are savage for all fish!
  7. Deadly, your sense of humor is top notch. Exactly, there is no connection, a gay will always beat round the bush. Just like you not answering certain questions
  8. Why the want for fame? All the social media and websites . Genuinely??
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