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  1. Feck it, just got some last week. Is that kerosene or diesel? It was €350 for 500L.
  2. Relaxing today, she had her first dig at the end of the season.
  3. The dog he was selling that looked like yours wasn’t 100% stock broken and could not trust around animals, I couldn’t give a f**k how many dogs he sells as I don’t buy secondhand dogs. Just saying he looked like a dog this fella was selling that in fairness should of been put down instead of a money spinner. I just thought if it was the same dog, good luck
  4. Alright, just looked like a dog a messer that is a member in here, he was selling more dogs then anything I’ve seen.
  5. I couldn’t tell ya, I’m 30’s so a few more years in me
  6. That fad won’t be long flying out the window when it gets bad, as my grandfather would of said”they never did a days hard work “
  7. Wideboy


    On a serious note......where’s ABC??
  8. They contacted me to see if I would come back to work, but I’m in Ireland now with a permanent job.
  9. Wideboy


    Some things in the shops are selling and a few old people wearing masks. I’m off work for another 4 weeks for a bereavement, so I’m keeping away from people in general. Very quite where I live, in the northwest. I suppose that will change when I have to return to work, not looking forward to it
  10. Wideboy


    It’s deadly, father didn’t want to know him
  11. Wideboy


    Did you see the video clips to back that up?? You got to love Leitrim
  12. We say by paddy’s day. My garden is at home. All the best to you too
  13. All my spuds are in now, in fact most stuff is sorted in our garden now. Just need a few strawberry plants and that’s me sorted. We bought 3 apple trees a few days ago too
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