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  1. Wideboy


    Your right, bit like facebook, you can’t cancel your page there either. I tried that in 2012 and was told I can log in again at anytime. Met some decent lads on here and was sorted with dogs and ferrets, also sorted people out myself. This was a great place back 10 years ago. I think it’s just a case of coming on a reading comments in General Section. The View from your Swim tread was good, but gone.
  2. Wideboy


    Don’t want to add to the negativity to the forum but can a member get his account closed without all his content?
  3. Things mustn’t have been too bad if you had the time to take a picture for the www.
  4. You can’t get in contact with deben anymore. Have no service for locators anymore
  5. Clean dog and clean clothes on the men digging. I wonder why this was posted? Years ago I put up a video of dogs killing a wolf in a country where it was legal but it was removed by mods. Not sure why this was posted. I wonder if there’s more to the word “bait”?
  6. Some of the best digging terriers you wouldn’t dare let them off the lead. If she’s as game as you say she is then she won’t come out and f**k off on you. Has she came out before and f****d off or something.
  7. I don’t know why an ex police man can have all that access.
  8. I met a few decent lads off this site, even got two dogs and ferrets through this forum. But all I can say now, it’s a shadow of it former glory days. This forum is gone down the shitter.
  9. That bitch didn’t come from Durham way by any chance?
  10. Great bit of advice. My sprocker bitch is going to be 2 this month and she’s been out twice. What a difference in her, compared to letting them at it a year sooner. Just worked on the training last season instead of letting her going shooting. I have her mother so it was no big deal holding her back, maybe different if you don’t have another gun dog. All she wants to do is please me now, purely hunting for me and not herself.
  11. Research shows that Paracetamol is not. As long as it’s in the correct dose for body weight. Not sure about the other meds.
  12. This was my best pal back in the 90s when I was a lad. In his career, he sunk his teeth in to two travelers(trying to lift a pup and another robbing the little gas cylinder for cooking)and a weird neighbour having a wank outside my mothers bedroom window(he locked on to his wanking hand?). Never barked, just arrived quietly. He was a b*****d with other male dogs though. He thought me so much about dogs.
  13. Is it the collar that you put the batteries sitting side by side or sitting on top of each other
  14. She’s a German. No it’s purely analgesic, not for inflammation. So you’re saying tramadol is easier to find?
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