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  1. I have a deer/grey/sal, decent bitch on grass eaters, so so on foxes. But that's not why I have her. Too much speed for my land (have to close my eyes sometimes lol) but plenty of wind too.
  2. Wideboy


    Twist the actual rim of the lamp clockwise or anticlockwise, this should tighten the beam for you bud
  3. Wideboy

    Swollen ankels

    Do what your doing bud, many a litter survived on scraps. I bet if the people selling litters on advert site told you what they fed the bitch you'd be shocked. It sounds like you have it covered. Just give your vet the heads ups, just in case you have to make a phone call bud.
  4. Wideboy

    Ferret kit wanted in Ireland...HELP!!

    I think I did bud, a lad on here only lives half hour away is waiting for a litter to drop or his friend has some on the way too. So it looks like i'll get sorted some way.
  5. Wideboy

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Are you putting that retainer in it
  6. Didn't like it, not enough fishing in it for me.
  7. Wideboy

    Guard Dogs Caucasian shepherds

    Surely you have some responsibility to who you sell these to?? Why is there a need for a 100kg dog in this day and age.
  8. Wideboy

    Ferret kit wanted in Ireland...HELP!!

    Deadly, I might have a look if I am stuck, thought I missed it!
  9. Wideboy

    Ferret kit wanted in Ireland...HELP!!

    Birr is over know though mate
  10. Wideboy


    Your hardly in Ireland by any chance?
  11. Hi, any of the Irish lads got kits going, happy to travel. Will go to a good home. I only have two old jills left. Thanks. PS: i'v looked on donedeal, but they seem to be all pets
  12. Wideboy

    Bull xs for this season?

    My 3/8s bitch.
  13. Wideboy

    Terrier boxes

    Monarchfabrication, have a look at his website
  14. Wideboy

    BBC 1 now,poachers in Hexam.

    Clean looking dog after that dispatch.