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    gen 3 binokite for sale mx10130 tube fitted . very good image. no ir needed on most nights. £2200 ono message me for pitchers


  2. gen3 binokite View Advert gen 3 binokite for sale mx10130 tube fitted . very good image. no ir needed on most nights. £2200 ono message me for pitchers Advertiser 72line per Date 31/01/23 Price £2,200.00 Category Optics, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging  
  3. went out last night with the 17hmr and the mars lt 5x10 thermal scope. started to rain so not the best for thermal. spotted two foxes with the thermtec cyclops 350 thermal spotter shot boath foxes put footage on youtube b4ger731
  4. just put the abl 1000 on my atn 4k pro . it saying how fare is the scope of the barrel .is this to the start of the mounts or to the center of the scope .get this wrong and you wont get a true zero been all over youtube carnt it any help thanks pete
  5. This is what I have been reading about thermal scopes. "All thermal scopes have digital magnification, the resolution is cut in half when you double the magnification. So if a 640 scope has a base power of 3x, the resolution goes down to 320 when you jump from 3x to 6x.i carn shoot at 3x . and would need it at 6x. so as i see it im better of buying the 320 and the 2 grand i have saved then would buy me a good spotter . witch is now what i have done
  6. i have just zeroed the atn mars thermal 5x 10 on my 17hmr going out tonight with it will let you know how i get on
  7. just been looking up thermal scopes china. and found pulsars scopes hik micra scopes all from the same company in china seem every thing is being shiped in from there
  8. its better than my last two thermals that cost me £3000 boath from pulsar
  9. no i just bought it cost me 1700 pounds and its very good
  10. just been in park with it . been raining so not the best of nights for thermal. seeing foxes and identifying at 100 to 150yds no problem man walking dogs 250yds very good image. i paid £1200 for the unit to use on my 17hmr and 30ftp theoben very happy
  11. it arrived this morning . image looks good in day time. going out with it tonight. will let you know what i think when i get back
  12. just bought one will let you know in nest couple of days
  13. hik micro thunder thermal. mates going to order one on wednesday for is air gun whats your thoughts
  14. i have just put some film up on you tube of the pulsar xq50 trail and the thermtec cyclops 350 have a look youtube b4ger731
  15. i have the atn 4kpro .on all three of my guns 223. 17hmr .theoben 22. carnt fault it .
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