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  1. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Thermion XM50

    Thermion XM50 rifle scopes are now available. Featuring a 12 micron sensor, 2300m detection range and 5.5x optical. They offer the best long range image quality available. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/thermion-xm50-thermal-rifle-scope
  2. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Axion Thermals

    The Axion XM30 Key is a bargain thermal monocular with a 1300m+ detection range for £1269, in a super compact format that slips into your pocket. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/pulsar-helion-xp50-thermal-monocular Contact us for THL member deals.
  3. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Axion Thermals

    Still have some Axion Key XM30, Axion XM30 and Axion XM38 models left. Shipped RM Special .Online orders only.
  4. Blackwood Outdoors

    moa rails for pard nv 008

    Every rifle rail and mounts are different. They can't all be optically centred for windage and elevation perfectly every time on every rifle.... Photons are far worse for this issue. If it really boils your piss, don't use anything that requires some some slight adjustment at times and stick to a rear add on or some other unit..
  5. Blackwood Outdoors

    moa rails for pard nv 008

    Cut a piece of tin with some snips from a tin of coke and then place it between the unit and its rail at the rear.. You can also adjust windage slightly as theres some play on the rail then tighten.
  6. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pard on non parallax scope?

    Front or side it doesn't matter, the Hawke Sidewinders are goods with NV and not a bad scope for the .223
  7. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Helion XQ38F and XQ50F available

    Sorry we just got them back in stock.
  8. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pard on non parallax scope?

    You will require a parallax adjustable scope to focus at various distances. The NV007 unit is focused on your scope reticule and remains that way. You then use your parallax adjustable scope to focus in at various ranges. A non parallax adjustable scope is not suitable. You will need to get a scope that parallaxes down to around 10-15yds for best performance.
  9. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Axion Thermals

    Arriving with us at the weekend.
  10. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Axion Thermals

    Just a heads up we have a very limited amount of Axion models arriving possibly this weekend or just after for anyone interested. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/pulsar-axion-key-xm30-thermal-monocular https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/pulsar-axion-xm30-thermal-monocular https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/thermal/pulsar-axion-xm38-thermal-monocular
  11. Pulsar Helion XQ38F and XQ50F thermal models available. Contact for pricing. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/pulsar-helion-xq38f-thermal-monocular https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/thermal/thermal-monoculars/pulsar-helion-xq50f-thermal-monocular
  12. Blackwood Outdoors

    Thermal spotter

    Helion XQ38F models Contact for member pricing. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/thermal/pulsar-helion-xq38f-thermal-monocular
  13. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar n455

    Yes and the N455 will be replaced by the N450 shortly after it is released. More powerful IR in the N450 model. Then later an N450 LRF will be released.
  14. Blackwood Outdoors

    Thermal spotter

    Give me a shout, I should have the new Axion XM30 12micron models as soon as there released in the UK in the next couple of month.
  15. Blackwood Outdoors

    Pulsar Accolade LRF XQ38 Models

    In stock with integrated 1000m laser range finder built in, the Pulsar Accolade LRF XQ38. Message for great forum member deals.. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/thermal/thermal-binocular/pulsar-accolade-lrf-xq38-thermal-binocular