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  1. It was a fox

  2. Dumb down for kids?

    I don't have an opinion on it and even if i did i wouldn't share it with you...I'm done conversing with you on all levels....the only way you might kindly f**k off again is if people start ignoring you
  3. Dumb down for kids?

    Only so many times i can tell you that you talk shit mate....f**k all else to say to you
  4. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Plenty of sounds that you lads enjoy but are there any smells? Not trying to hijack the thread by the way lol
  5. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Some hidden poets on this forum haha
  6. Weed ;)

    At the moment 15 canadian dollars is just under 9 quid so not that great really
  7. Dumb down for kids?

    Or maybe ginger's a jealous c**t who hasn't got a f***ing clue what he's on about...as usual
  8. Dumb down for kids?

    I wanna put watership down on for my kids but with my eldest only being 6 and a half i thought it might be a bit much....rabbits tearing chunks out of each other lol
  9. Weekend Thread.

    Spent most of Friday evening in the hospital with suspected pericarditis....spent yesterday shopping with the missus and kids and then watched the local xmas lights get switched on. Doing naff all today...lazy Sunday as it should be lol
  10. Dumb down for kids?

    Fair point lol....but its all he f***ing does
  11. Dumb down for kids?

    And taking the piss out of another blokes name ffs? How old are you? Sums you up quite well actually
  12. Dumb down for kids?

    You're pure f***ing scum mate....i'll listen to anyones opinions on here...even talk to Francie about the f***ing bible if i had to. But you're just a tosser who gets off on the attention...offer nothing to the forum except ridiculous f***ing ramblings with a little bit of racism thrown in
  13. Dumb down for kids?

    So now you're insulting the kids of members on here. My daughter has learnt more during her 6 years on this earth than you f***ing have....ive had more intellectual conversations with her than i have you...i can feel my IQ decreasing just being on the same forum thread as you. And she doesnt require or crave as much attention as you do. f**k off c**t....it was quiet without you here
  14. Dumb down for kids?

    We all knew he'd be back...can't help himself
  15. Parenting

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/variety.com/2017/digital/news/mcjuggernuggets-youtube-psycho-series-family-fake-documentary-1202018644/amp/ It's fake, this is the youtube channel