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  1. Melting pot

    Bought a Lee melting pot and mold off of Henry krank...chuffed
  2. Why cant we have a woman like this

    I thought that speech looked a bit too ballsy for any politician from any country to have the guts to say
  3. Cote de beouf

    Ark at Gordon Ramsay over here haha
  4. Another school shooting in America

    People say that nutters will kill regardless which is obviously true. But giving them access to semi automatic weapons just makes their job easier and allows them to do more damage and take more lives than they ever could with a kitchen knife
  5. Another school shooting in America

    Bollocks to having anything resembling Americas gun laws over here. Im safe in the knowledge that I can send my kids to school and i know I'm gonna see them again at the end of the day
  6. Charming

    Bollocks to valentines, crock of shit lol. Luckily my missus thinks the same
  7. Read it to believe it

    Further action needs to be taken over this...major f**k up that could have ended very differently https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/plane-stupid-terror-suspect-career-12004488.amp
  8. Missus has left me

    Missus just leaves me with the 4 kids...I'd rather she bloody stayed
  9. Power

    Tbg mainly
  10. Power

    I always thought I needed to divide by 5
  11. Internet.

    Some times you talk sense ginge...very rare but it does happen. Then you finish with sentences like that. The fact you refer to people with special needs as dribblers sums you up pretty well...what a c**t you are
  12. Internet.

    While I agree with some of what you said a lot of it is bollocks. Benefit scrounging happens a lot I agree but what about families that genuinely need it? People that have been in accidents and can't physically work or parents caring for disabled children? What would happen to them in your imaginary world?
  13. Internet.

    And that's just for being ginger
  14. Internet.

    Banning abortion would surely lead to an influx of unwanted babies...babies that parents can't afford....you would've scrapped all forms of benefit therefore leading to a lot more children living on the bread line...flawed already
  15. Home made catapult

    Any piece of wood would do the job mate...you can be as creative as you like with it