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  1. Pairing up

    Cracking result mate well done
  2. Absolutely Heartbroken

    What type of terrier was he Darren and what were you going to work with him ?
  3. Terrier / Lurcher Books

    Good collection there for someone
  4. Jp's Arthur

    Could nt word it better myself . Well done that man
  5. Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    I ve got a reverse 5/8 here that can run and hits like a train , it's the turning bit he struggles on
  6. Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    Nice dog Bradus. Bit heavy for me but still a nice animal. Is he a straight half cross
  7. Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    A first cross is a good general all round dog. Mine were 23 -24 inches all broke to stock and ferrets and were all rock steady with other dogs and out with terriers. Always try 100 % and never sulk when corrected. People have the opinion that they re only good for teeth and terriermans dogs. They re a hell of a lot more if bred and raised properly.
  8. My Sons Lurcher

    Lovely looking bitch , a credit to him. My lads 12 and I got him his first lurcher that's a year old now. He had her out from a young pup and she sleeps on his bed which is a first as all my running dogs are kennelled. He play s football and she ll lie on his coat and watch him over the field. We lamp once or twice a week but we d do every night if it was up to him.
  9. Need Good Stud For My Whippet X Bull Bitch

    He s a lump for a first cross
  10. Fuel Before A Night Out

    Red bull and co codamol for me early feed for the dog in the morning then my Mrs puts grub in his kennel for when he gets back from lamping
  11. Terriers Will Be The Death Of Me.

    Same here. A lot of terriers are nt socialised and trained properly though. I had a conversation with someone recently about bringing up young dogs and it was a nice change to hear someone who put time into pups .
  12. Age Of Stud

    Hope all goes well
  13. Age Of Stud

    A mate used my dog at 12 yr old to a 6 yr old bitch and she had a good strong healthy litter. If the dogs fit and healthy and is everything you like in a working terrier then use him mate.
  14. In Season

    What size is the bitch trunk ?
  15. In Season

    A long 23/24 inch half cross is a handy tool . As u say they don t look like what they are but with the right stuff in em they ll put some stuff away