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  1. jake824

    line breeding?

    I like him dilly , a little belter
  2. Nothing , think he was saying a good beddy cross is hard to come across
  3. jake824

    Terrier mistakes

    Only you can make the decision mate. I had a strong black dog who I would be confident of putting anywhere diggable and if he would stop end it then you d dig him . Good digs to . But if he had something he could nt keep up with on a loop in a rangey place he just could nt work it out and come out. You had to pick him up re enter him in a different part of the earth and hopefully he d find again. I gave him away and he was highly rated where he went and used at stud. I advised them not to use him but they ignored the advice as they had dug some stuff with him. But that was nt the point , the dogs nose and finding ability was poor. I suppose it depends what else you have in the kennel and your own standards. If you ve had loads of digging over the dog and it’s only happened a few times then that’s digging , you don t get em all. If you know the dogs walking cos he ain’t having his own way then that s a different story.
  4. jake824

    high strung pup

    Good luck
  5. jake824

    high strung pup

    So you walk to an area loose the terrier presumably with a location collar on. You walk endlessly round the wood or whatever area you are in. After spending all that time searching you get a bleep on the locator box to find the earth is under a huge rock seam or slab. You only keep dogs that stay till dug . So then what ?
  6. It s good that there s still younger lads coming through , but I watched a few lads out and noticed a few things that made me cringe . Maybe I’m set in my ways to much. First was dog in then box was on instantly. What’s the rush ? If the dogs worth it’s salt it s not going anywhere , give the dog plenty time. Digging on a bank and throwing the spoil down hill. Easier to back fill throwing it up hill. Last was scruffing dogs. It s my pet hate. The dogs worked for let’s say an hour or 2 or more. Then break through , scruff the dog and ram it back in terrier box. My oldest dogs nearly 14 now. We dug him last week nothing drastic a couple of metres but I still give the old dog a praise up on break through and afterwards. I heard one lad say they re tools . They re there for a job I agree but don t get caught up in the macho bollxxxs and start being heavy handed with em if you don t get a result. Take em off quietly on your own and let them work it out for themselves. Sometimes I think the dogs are brighter than the owner.
  7. jake824

    hard terriers

    At the start you have to work with what you have. Hard , steady mixer, mute, bayer. As time goes on you can be selective in what you keep and want in a working terrier. As for people’s opinions bud I would nt fret to much. I learned years ago that 90 % of it is bollxxxs anyway. Look after your dogs enjoy your digging and let the idiots do their own thing.
  8. jake824

    Pairing up

    Cracking result mate well done
  9. jake824

    Absolutely Heartbroken

    What type of terrier was he Darren and what were you going to work with him ?
  10. jake824

    Terrier / Lurcher Books

    Good collection there for someone
  11. jake824

    Jp's Arthur

    Could nt word it better myself . Well done that man
  12. jake824

    Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    I ve got a reverse 5/8 here that can run and hits like a train , it's the turning bit he struggles on
  13. jake824

    Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    Nice dog Bradus. Bit heavy for me but still a nice animal. Is he a straight half cross
  14. jake824

    Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    A first cross is a good general all round dog. Mine were 23 -24 inches all broke to stock and ferrets and were all rock steady with other dogs and out with terriers. Always try 100 % and never sulk when corrected. People have the opinion that they re only good for teeth and terriermans dogs. They re a hell of a lot more if bred and raised properly.
  15. jake824

    My Sons Lurcher

    Lovely looking bitch , a credit to him. My lads 12 and I got him his first lurcher that's a year old now. He had her out from a young pup and she sleeps on his bed which is a first as all my running dogs are kennelled. He play s football and she ll lie on his coat and watch him over the field. We lamp once or twice a week but we d do every night if it was up to him.