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  1. One short of a dozen....

    Cheers for the photos and post Rik, was a good day with some nice bolting rabbits. Next time we'll hit that thick bank before the season is over. Chris
  2. Wander Rounds...

    Great autumnal images portraying a lovely time of year.
  3. New Perm.

    Good shooting, allotments are fun but like you say can be hard work. The ones I shoot in the village thankfully the rabbits can be taken as they cross from the neighbouring fields. Have attempted going through them at night with the red lamp but nearly had my eye out on a runner bean pole and almost ended up wearing a pair of marrow slippers which would not go down well with the owners.
  4. Saving The Winter Greens

    Cheers, I've got that on my subscribed list now.
  5. Saving The Winter Greens

    With a couple of young lads I try a range of things to keep them happy. I generally just dice meat from the rear legs and saddle (less room taken up in the freezer) and use this in game pies and curries. This time I'm going to try that pasta dish done by Gordon Ramsey when he took his lad ferreting a while ago.
  6. Asked to sort out some rabbits on the local allotments in the village today. Still too much cover round here for the ferrets so with a bit of a breeze tonight I slapped on the red beam ultrafire and took a walk up the road. Four shots and four rabbits so hopefully that will please the allotment owners.
  7. Mixing It Up

    All work AND play, can't beat that.
  8. Classic Hunting With The Fwb Sport 127

    Nice going, I'm going to have to get some of those Falcons to try in my FWB when I get the time.
  9. Last Knockings!

    Well I haven't posted for a while now due to lots of jobs needed doing including replacing the headgasket for a second time on the Disco and looking after my two boys during the holidays. Also been doing quite a bit of sea and coarse fishing with just a few trips out shooting with the usual rabbits and odd squirrel. However, today with a few hours to myself I managed to sneak away to try a bit of decoying on some recently harrowed stubble. May have left it a bit late but it would still be nice to be out in the September sun. Only took the bare minimum of kit so I could move quickly if needed and I would make a quick hide in the bottom of a hedge: After fifteen minutes of walking from the house I was all set to go: Took me a while to find a suitable method to raise the S410 so I could clear the raised edge of the field. With the sun initially high overhead there was a lot of darkness within the hedge to conceal myself with no camo net. Made sure I was covered up as the sun would eventually drop and remove the natural shadows: Soon the pigeons started coming over and the first to land was given a shot to the boiler room but it took off over the hedge behind me. Checked zero and all seemed okay. Started to notice pigeons dropping in the field behind me which in turn brought others in to join them. Eventually decided to possibly move over there so went to look for a suitable natural hide. Out in the field remained one pigeon stone dead the one I must of hit earlier and was now drawing them in. So picked it up and decided to stay put. Had a few more shots and put another three in the bag. However, lots were landing all over the field in odd pairs and not flocking together or joining the decoys. Time was getting on now and at 6:45pm I was about to start packing up when five woodies came wheeling in. They were quite spread out and I dropped the first one and the rest stayed so a quick second shot got another and still the others stayed so dropped a third, unbelievably one still remained but I hurried and fluffed the shot. Waited another ten minutes with the sunset starting and a lone crow came in and landed well beyond the decoys. The wind had dropped to nothing so I gave 2-3 mildots holdover and got a resounding twack as the AA Field hit home, the crow took off low and made twenty yards before dropping stone dead. Paced out the shot and it was 65 yards: Overall a nice little trip out for seven woodies and a crow and will be making pigeon pasties with the boys. Chris
  10. Should Have Bought My Gun

    You had a catty and a floor covered in gravel, what more did you need? How was the fishing?
  11. Thanks to photobucket service changes I'll try reposting again. This time I'm using imgur image hosting (hope it works) Just took the basic of gear in my pockets, donned the waders and went for a couple of hours freelining for chub on a small stream below a mill. Caught four over two and half pounds with the best two at 3-01 and 3-07. Also caught loads of chublets and lost a few nice fish including one that tore off downstream smashing my hooklink. Great to be in the cooling waters with fish swimming round my feet including some nice roach feeding on the gravels. Met some very pleasant walkers and canoeists who were all keen to discuss the fishing. You can't beat ditching all the gear and having a nice simple dangle. http://imgur.com/2wNVrs7 http://imgur.com/hx0JcZQ http://imgur.com/JNtjSgj http://imgur.com/id0Zysx http://imgur.com/gNJ5hiz http://imgur.com/XEvLlTW http://imgur.com/CZ6ztHi http://imgur.com/xoPjqj7 http://imgur.com/bz1VhRv http://imgur.com/fSCdsUk http://imgur.com/SURQn7Z If anyone can tell me which free image hosting sites they use that will display the photos in the post rather than just the link would be greatly appreciated
  12. A Couple Of Hours Freelining

    Yep, it looks like photobucket requires updating to allow 3rd party image hosting. Whether this requires a fee I don't know yet.
  13. A Couple Of Hours Freelining

    Cheers I'll go and have a look at settings on photobucket. The only issues I've had in the past are when I've put images on and then later on re-organised my photobucket files. What other image hosting websites do you lot use as I must admit photobucket is becoming a pain with all the pop-up adverts and I'm a tight sod that doesn't want to pay a yearly subscription.
  14. A Couple Of Hours Freelining

    Have the images appeared now? They do on my preview. If not I'll have to try something else.