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  1. The dangers of aspirin.

    So after an operation the day before you are saying to us she got a packet of Asprin out of your tool box and swallowed 1,to me a load of rubbish you gave her one and yet the end result is in the photos and no one up to now has mentioned getting her to the vets "why".Just to add you would be lost with out her,the best rabbiting dog you've owned shame on you she should have gone straight back to the vets the photos say it all.That poor dog should have been taken back to the vets ASAP and not being hand fed and syringeing fluids into her, by eck.
  2. Price of 5 pups £14,000

    No wonder these pups/breed are being pumped out by eck http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-112833.html
  3. As the title says https://www.gumtree.com/p/dogs/belgian-malinois-x-deerhound-bitch-/1285788414
  4. Stud available

    Just to add I hope you have not blown his lungs,damaged ,his heart,and growth plates but like you say you have got 25yrs expieriance?
  5. Stud available

    So how hard do YOU work a 1 year old "pup"? and what on?
  6. In it for the money or what?

    As the heading says http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-111778.html
  7. You've got to be shitting me ......

    To me this was no "accident"
  8. If not I would most certainly get her to a Chiropracter.
  9. Deerhound / Greyhound

    BM I have sent you 2 PM,s,atb
  10. Deerhound / Greyhound

    BM I have sent you a PM,atb.
  11. bone man northumberland

    Heres the number for Sunderlands Greyhound Track 0191 568 6200 also the North East Greyhound rescue 01757 638809 they should have Steve Duncans number or who ever they use,atb.
  12. Bone man

    PM sent to you, as regards "one week" Robert Meek I would not even let him check my dogs nails and I have not even used him its what other people have told me.
  13. I got shown this local to me they do nest at a RSPB site again local to me,layed under power lines so at a guess they are what it hit.
  14. http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-109327.html http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-109319.html http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-109303.html ,have a look at this one as well banned from driving so the dogs for sale ? ha http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-108991.html plus theres more top dogs for sale???
  15. https://www.gumtree.com/p/dogs/lurcher-puppies-7-dogs-bedlington-whippet-greyhound-collie-deerhound-breed-type/1270804417