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  1. Been let down so this brindle bitch is available, pm me if interested
  2. Cheers mate I posted on my wall, we must have friends in common if you saw it
  3. Cheers mate ,it's been hard work as had to partly hand rear as the bitch didn't have much milk
  4. Yes pal keeping the brindle bitch
  5. Cheers I'm pleased with them
  6. Sire is first x deerhound/greyhound dam is deerhound/greyhound x deerhound/greyhound
  7. Cheers pal I hope so dam is 26tts and the sire is 32 tts
  8. Cheers for the nice comments pal , to be fair he has great feet will get some pics for you when I get chance and I will definitely not be rushing him I've had deerhound cross's all my life and know the importance of letting them mature to get best out of them .
  9. To be fair mate I'd only had him a week in that pic so credit to his previous owner
  10. My new dog first x only had him a few weeks 9 months old 29tts, high hopes for him but won't do nothing with him this season will just let him mature
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