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  1. View From Your Swim

    Had a couple of hours on the canal trying a new set up out . Blanked but I did lose one on my mates gear while he was trying my gear out .
  2. View From Your Swim

    Yes , at a - v between Blackburn and Belmont
  3. View From Your Swim

    That looks familiar , the club that had it gave it up last year didn’t they . There’s some photos of mine from the other bank on this thread if it is the one I’m thinking of
  4. Pike on the fly

    Nice flies . Like you I sold my tying gear years ago , I’ll probably get back into to it at some point . I do have some poppers and also some mouse topwaters but I’ve not used them yet but they’ll be getting some use on the canal once it warms up a bit
  5. Had a few hours on the rising fishery on the new predator lake with a mate earlier . It was a bit slow because of the ice cold water but I managed a little jack on a small bunny bug and a better one on the 10inch tinsely thing . While I was sorting the pike rash out so my mate picked my rod up and had a few casts and got another decent one near enough straight away on the same fly .
  6. Is that the one where he’s wearing the horse mask . It doesn’t even look like he’s struggling
  7. Been watching the qualifiers and the giants live stuff and I’ll be watching the final tonight even though everyone knows the result , just hope it shows Thor spit the dummy out
  8. any one watching the darts

    I was watching it and I used to like the atmosphere in the crowd but the naff chants of what a boring table , yaya-kolo toure and worst of all stand up if you love the darts every couple of minutes have really begun to bug me to the point I either turn it off or mute it . Saying that , that cross fella is doing alright
  9. What you listening to at the moment.

    I winced a bit when I heard axl rose was replacing Brian Johnson but he’s not bad
  10. My first pike

    When I used to fish there I used to put one rod across to the boats on the other side and drop one straight down off the rod top on a sunken float paternoster rigged big herring right at the corner of the canal/basin . Had pike to 20 from there and loads of other doubles but strangely only ever had one jack
  11. Tyson fury

    This is a genuine question and I might be being a bit thick here but how do the backdated bans work . I understand that Tyson was out of the ring for 2 years and that covers it but Hughie carried on fighting so hasn’t missed the 2 years like Tyson did . I’m not bothered whether he’s served the ban or not , just curious how it’s been backdated
  12. Lily Allen and the refugees

    Yeah but that’s not fashionable and pc enough and doesn’t get you the free publicity
  13. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Anyone see the smith injury , first time I’ve seen something like that in the ring . He was losing anyway but there was no way he could of carried on like that . The solido v Roman fight on the same card was a good one , a proper toe to toe Mexican fight
  14. View From Your Swim

    Saltwater fly fishing isn’t something i do but depending on what you want to spend there’s reels like the the airflo exceed with a sealed drag for about 50 or have a look at the skb sea fury by sunkist bob . If you want something fancy Tibor and Abel do some expensive ones and they can be customised for a price
  15. View From Your Swim

    It’s only a flextec Aerotec , I’ve had it for years and it’s not too bad . It’s fairly light and has a decent drag , not that the drag gets used though