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  1. View From Your Swim

    I don’t go as far as the spirit levels but I do like things the same . I’ll probably not catch though because these rods don’t have 50mm butt rings
  2. View From Your Swim

    I said that to my mate . The front bar isn’t quite level and the reel handles aren’t straight
  3. View From Your Swim

    Trying a new setup out on here for a few hours
  4. Fishing licence

    It’s still the same price from the P.O. , don’t know about online , the post office is only round the corner so I just get it from there . Mine is £82 for the salmon and seatrout one but it covers me for 3 rods coarse fishing aswell
  5. Fishing licence

    You can still get them from the post office , you pay there and they give you a receipt which you keep and is valid till the actual license comes in the post
  6. Favourite TV shows and Films?

    I love the blacklist , James spader is brilliant as reddington
  7. Spotted fin

    The first boilies I used back in the day were richworth and if memory serves they were a dark coloured plum flavour one I think , never tried the their Tuttis though . I didn’t know they were still going , I’ve not seen them in the shops for a while now . Another one I used was their esterberry but just seemed to get tench , eels and the dreaded bream on it . If you order 3kg of the spotted fin stuff the price drops to 29.99 and the more you order the cheaper it gets . I’ll order a few key for my next trip and see how it does . If it’s ok I’ll try and get my mate to stock it , that way I’ll be able to get it at trade price , if i don’t like it I’ll be back on mainline
  8. Spotted fin

    I know what you mean , I’ve tried various different companies like sticky , dynamite ,sonubaits and impulse over the years but I always end up back on mainline cell , aciv8 and hybrid . Just got a feeling about spotted fin though for some reason so I’m going to give it a try even though I’ll have to pay full price for it and see how it goes .
  9. Spotted fin

    Thanks for the reply , I was talking to a bloke in the shop yesterday who said pretty much the same thing about catalyst so it sounds like it could be worth a go . The smokey jack their new bait on one of Frank Warwick’s old recipes I think . He said it smells like bacon frazzles and I think he said it’s got tuna in it aswell , I’d bet it will be a good barbel bait too . I’ll order a few kg of each and try it one on each rod to see which one I prefer.
  10. Spotted fin

    I’m thinking of trying something different from my usual cell and activ8 this year , no reason really , just fancy a change and spotted fin have caught my eye . Has anyone tried catalyst or the newer smokey jack and if you have do you rate them .
  11. Next they will turn on you

    My mate fishes a little pond at the side of the river hyndburn in Clayton and caught a carp last Sunday with most of its tail missing. He’s been saying for a while now that it’s been getting done with otters. There’s a few barbel been found on one of the stretches on the ribble I fish in the last week aswell . I see them regular on the ribble around the balderstone - elston- ribchester areas and also on the Calder around simonstone , even had one swim by me literally 2 foot away while I was stood in the river fishing , didn’t seem to care I was there at all .
  12. View From Your Swim

    First carp session of the year , nothing doing so far other than my mate getting breamed out because he was using stick mix and pellets .
  13. View From Your Swim

    Went on the lune this morning for the first time this season . I blanked but my mate had this one on his 3rd cast .
  14. Boxing At The Weekend...

    https://apple.news/A1XcI_1MvSxSqQ__pUOCX0A Canelos pulled out of the fight now ahead of the hearing . Golovkin still wants to fight on that date though and is looking at new opponents