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  1. Sounds about right for fox , their pike gear isn’t the best despite what the marketing and sponsored anglers say . Lure factors is where I get my jig heads from . I pay £7.70 for 20 , 3gm size 4 delivered . You can even get them in all sorts of colours for a bit extra if you want . Have a look at these supercontinent lures , they’re a copy of the crazyfish nimble but every bit as good , just cheaper. They are all I take on the canal and colour k is what I catch most pike and perch on . Size 4 jig for the 40mm and 2 for the 65mm . You can get them off aliexpress , temu and I think Amazon
  2. They sometimes do the month and year the other way so that’s September, 1980 , 1st revision
  3. You can date it by undoing the screw you can see in the picture and taking the side plate off . There’s a 6 digit number on the side plate like this in one in the photo , 097100 - 09 being September , 71 being the year and 00 being the original version . If it had 01 or 02 at the end it would be first or second revision . If you’re planning on selling it the 507 sells for more than the others so don’t let it go too cheap
  4. It’s the same for me , tried it but didn’t like it at all
  5. I know , surprised myself with that especially since I was trying some heavier bands out
  6. Just been down the pen with the spitfire and the sight . Shooting at the top of a broom handle at about 15m . Only had about 20 shots but hit it 9 or 10 times and the rest were just to the side
  7. It’s a mate who’s making it for me , he did one before Christmas for another of his mates and now one for me and the guy in Norway as a gift . He’s not a catapult maker but I think he's making a couple more but they won’t be cheap because of the hours he puts into them . He normally makes handmade skateboard decks that are sought after all over the world by collectors and even pro skaters plus any other stuff from wood that takes his fancy , he’s properly talented , like one of them you see on the antique restoration programmes . I follow John Jefferies and Romany custom catapults on Facebo
  8. The red one is a 505 and the first of the 500 series Abu did in the 60’s and the gold one is the 503 and the second in the range . I’ve got a few of each and also got a few 506’s aswell .
  9. They are nice looking . You can get them custom made to any size , costs slightly more though . Wish I’d have ordered one in 95mm , been using a spitfire in that size and been doing a lot better with that . I’ve got an handmade one coming that’s based on an hedgerow goblet hunter . It’s been laminated in American walnut , purple heart , maple , pippy oak , padouk and something else I can’t remember, possibly zebrano . It’s finished but I’m not picking it up yet because he wants some photos with another one he’s doing for someone in Norway
  10. It did , there’s a vid showing the release on one of the fishing forums
  11. On the ribble this morning for a few hours with some retro gear . It was a dace , roach or chublet every cast for 4 hours straight till I ran out of bait
  12. No perch for me today but had 3 jacks . My mate had a 2.11 perch fist cast and then nothing else
  13. You’ve been unlucky there , where they both from the same shop on aliexpress . I’ve never had any issues at all on there but I’ve seen others have problems with some sellers but it usually gets sorted
  14. Has your dwu reel and mavlos rod turned up yet , just wondered how you were getting on with it if it has
  15. Aswell as the cattyshack jig I got these from Dan Leighton and balls of steel , a 95mm spitfire and 4100 9.5’s . Just tied a 23-17 .60 ss green band up and thought I’d try the 1mm crystal string to tie the pouch . Its easy enough to tie , just need to see if it lasts like the constrictor knot ones I’ve done on my other catapults .
  16. I started making one after the mini jig I have bent . I was going to use some bessey spring clamps but looking at the price online I decided to just order a jig from cattyshack and the postman’s just this minute been with it
  17. Took these down the allotment today to try some longer range shooting than I can do at home and found that I was a fair bit more accurate with one than the other . Both are 85mm forks and with the s robin I used 8mm steel and .60 snipersling green 20-15 and 9.5’s with .70 snipersling yellow 24-18 on the wasp . I put a few tins and a 25x35mm bit of wood up at about 20m and started with the s robin which I’ve been shooting pretty well at shorter distances at home but suddenly struggled at range with it and missed the tins a lot more than I should have and only managed the wood once but only miss
  18. I started with a 100mm fork one and then bought a wasp stinger which is 85mm and was shooting high using the same anchor point which was the corner of my mouth . It was doing my head in but I saw a vid that said to move my anchor point up so I moved it to my cheekbone and it worked perfectly .
  19. Thanks for that . I’ll stick with the constrictor knot because like you said , it’s quick and if it doesn’t cut into the band then I might aswell use it
  20. What is everyone using to tie the pouches on with and what’s the difference with the different materials . I’ve got amber belt and some waxed leather makers thread and I’m still waiting on some 1mm crystal string I ordered weeks ago . Is there one that’s better than the other or are they all a much of a muchness . I have tied a few band sets up with the amber belt and waxed thread and did find it a bit quicker, easier and neater to tie a constrictor knot with the thread but doubts have crept in about whether the thinner thread will damage the elastic more than the softer and wider amber belt
  21. The postman’s just been with this snipersling s-robin g3 mini . Just put some snipersling green .60 bands on and I’ll give it a go later if I get time
  22. On taxi duty today but I’ve managed a couple of hours in between. Stepped up to a 65mm nimble copy on a 2gm jig head . Had 2 jacks and missed one so far
  23. There’s actually 2 Calder’s in Lancashire but the one everyone knows runs in to the ribble round Brockholes/billington and you can get day tickets for the ribble trust stretch of the ribble and up into the Calder at Calder foot . Upstream of there is all on club books but you can get day tickets for Pendle and Burnley’s stretches at altham and behind cornfields fishery / gawthorpe hall at Burnley and behind the bowling greens in Padhiam , think they’re about £6 . There’s also a free stretch in Padhiam but don’t know how long the stretch is .
  24. I keep saying im going to rejoin but never end up doing it . Think I’ll have another go in the new year
  25. I forgot about the Yorkshire Calder . You’re right about the grayling there , I was shown some photos of some good ones from there when I was a member of Ryburn and Halifax . It was actually the Lancashire Calder that goes into the ribble I meant , it’s full of grayling and 2lb+ fish are not uncommon when I’m fishing the stickfloat .
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