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  1. No only had an hour before it got too bright and hot . I had a couple of hits of trout on a small spinnerbait that I had on for perch and my mate had a brownie about 6 oz on a spinner but that was it
  2. Just off the bypass between Accrington and baxenden
  3. I know what you mean . We were on the other side of the bridge to woodcutters on the shingle bank below the fast water you can see off the bridge .
  4. It’s like that all along this stretch , it rose a bit the other day but not enough to clear all the weed . I’m about 50 yards below the shallow rapids so I’m hoping there’s a few about later on
  5. Ended up with this little one and a massive dace and got done by a big fish that did me in a weed bed just as I was about to pack up .
  6. I’ll lure fish for them but not bait fish in summer but if you do want to bait fish don’t mess about , don’t use the John Wilson method of watching the fish run to the next county before striking , hit them straight away and don’t keep them out of the water for long because they are pretty delicate . For traces don’t use the heavy flouro/mono because no matter how heavy you go they can go through it like it’s nothing . I know flouro is getting more popular with some of the youtubers because of what they see over in Scandinavia and the states but they rarely if ever show the bite off’s they get
  7. Just come up here for an hour to try my new jerkbait rod out , had a little jack on a rarer than hens teeth savage gear 19cm deviator wake bait
  8. I’m not sure if Pendle and Burnley do day tickets on the calder at altham , I’m sure they used to at one time but I dropped out of the club a few years ago so things might have changed . If they do it might also cover their stretches behind the bowling greens at Padhiam and behind cornfields fishery . There’s radacs ribchester stretch , I get them on the opposite bank and also the bank between ribchester and woodcutters so no reason why you won’t get them off ribchester front . There’s also the ribble passport day ticket stretch below the aspinall arms which gives you from the bridge right rou
  9. F flies are so simple looking but they just seem to work wherever I’ve used them , even done well with size 18-20 ones on stillwaters . Never had a char even though the odd place I’ve fished has had them , in fact I can’t ever remember seeing one come out of those fisheries either , the nearest I can remember is a char cross called a sparctic . As for grayling the Calder and ribble near me are wick with them . Over Christmas I was hammering them on the Calder on the stickfloat , sometimes getting 40+ in a couple of hours from a couple of oz to a couple of lb’s .
  10. The other little box I carry . The one with the yellow tag is a good grayling fly aswell , think it might be called treacle parkin but I might have got that mixed up with one of the others
  11. These are some of mine . I tend to use either the f flies in olive , black or pink or sparkle gnats on the rivers with the sparkle gnat and pink fly being pretty good for grayling when they’re in season
  12. I’ve got an Ngt xpr pod and it’s not too bad , not perfect but good enough for the price . I wanted a compact pod to go with my little Daiwa ext rods and saw it on ebay for £38 and took a chance and it’s as good as the Nash pods I’ve had in the past . The slight negative is the bolts that hold the folding legs on the main body are not the tightest and I think could be lost at some point if you don’t nip them up every now and then but once put together it’s ok . This fellas done a bit of a review of it here
  13. On the res again for bream . My eBay spomb only lasted 6 casts though so not been able to get as much bait out as I wanted
  14. Having a go for bream tonight for a few hours just had this and pulled out of another plus dropped a mid double carp off at the net
  15. neil r


    I used to do it on the tip and the peregrines used to try on there . The little tiercel used to stoop at a female gyr/saker but never hit her . She used to spin over just before he got close to grab it and it would jib and try again a couple more times before bottling it . It was amazing to watch how she could see it and time it right and the reactions of the tiercel to avoid getting nailed himself . This little male gyr/saker was hit by a peregrine on there but luckily didn’t suffer any damage other than loosing a few feathers , he also survived getting run over in a dozer , luckily he w
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