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  1. I’m pretty sure the bearking zues is one of the many reels that are based on the dark wolf ultra so it’s not a bad replacement , maybe not cast quite as light as the zues without mods but in reality you’re probably not casting 1 gram very often so it doesn’t much difference
  2. That’s no good , right hand wind is only any good for the cack handed and Americans . Was it off Ali or temu
  3. Thanks for that . My draw length to the corner of my mouth is 736.6 so it works out at 147.4 and +10 mm to make 157.4 will be 6.19 inch or bang on 6 if I do +5mm . The stuff I’ve ordered won’t be here for a couple of weeks but I’ve got plenty of sets I can cut down till it gets here .
  4. lol , should be alright then . Reels are actually pretty easy to work on so you shouldn’t have any problems
  5. If you can take it apart and get the spool bearing’s out and flush them and just put a couple of drops of light oil in them or even replace them with some ceramic bearings and no oil it might cast a bit better . The bearings on most reels come packed with grease and slow reels down . If it’s got heavy braid on it will struggle with lures at the lighter end of the scale . If you do try taking the bearings out be careful of the wire clip on the one in the side plate . Either put the reel in a clear bag or keep your thumb over the hole because them little clips can spring off and have an habit of
  6. I know , I’m going to cut a few down to different lengths when I get home later on . I’ve just ordered some stuff for cutting my own band's and I’ve gone for one of the adjustable ruler type ones so I can do different tapers rather than one of the templates that let you do a few of one size at once . The lighter .55 bsb ones I’ve got go through drinks cans no problem but not the thicker soup tins so I’ll cut them down first . The .60 snipersling green and yellow will penetrate soup tins though .
  7. Should do alright with the mavellos and bearking , from what I’ve read it’s one of the few reels that can cast 1gm out of the box without modding . Never seen an advanta baitcaster before . Was it just backlashing all the time . If it was it might be the same type that a mate bought off Amazon and that had 2 sets of brakes . 1 was the obvious one on the side plate but the other was a dial inside the reel . We only found out when he asked me to take it apart and have a look at it
  8. I’ll have a go a cutting them down , I’m assuming from the pouch end rather than the forks . Might aswell forget the 8mm lead then or get a 10mm mould , I did have a 12mm mould but must have either lent it someone or forgot it last time I moved . Not a good enough shot yet to do it consistently so I won’t be doing it till I can but I’m going to practice most days
  9. Shouldn’t take that long surely, I’d be surprised if it did
  10. I’ve had a few things off aliexpress that said they had long delivery times but they’ve all come in 2 weeks . Never ordered off temu though
  11. Is it that the kingdom skx8 spiderking one , seems a bit thick for an 8 strand at .14 for 11lb , that cant be right . My kingdom micro fly 4 strand is only .07 for 9lb
  12. Is that pe .08 or .08mm . If it’s the pe rating you might struggle to cast lighter lures very far but if it’s 0.8mm it’s spot on . Braid can be a minefield with the different rating systems like bs , mm , pe and now goh aswell . I still look at diameter and bs
  13. Just measured my draw length at 29in . I just put the ready made bands in to try . I tried some .65 bsb white and .60 snipersling yellow and the yellow seemed similar to the green power wise and only needed pulling to my mouth but still an easy draw . The bsb .65 seemed to be similar power to the lighter snipersling just an heavier draw so I took it back off . My other catty has .82 green gzk but I’ve got some .70 snipersling green aswell . Been using 9.5mm in that one but I’m going to get an 8mm mould to do some leads
  14. Got this wasp stinger and some spare bands from wasp plus some 8mm ammo from balls of steel and just tried the 18/12 .55 bsb white at short range ( about 6m) in the yard and it wouldn’t penetrate a soup tin , it put a dint in it but that was it . Tried snipersling green 18/12 .60 and that did go through but like the bsb white I had to pull back to my ear rather than my mouth like I’ve done with my other one with heavier bands . What tapers are people using with 8mm and lighter bands for hunting before I order a template and start making my own . Also what do you use for tying pouches , the ban
  15. Should do alright with that setup , think the mavellos comes with 2 tops , solid and hollow aswell . What lb braid did you get , I’ve not seen that one before . I use the kingdom microfly mx8 4 strand in pe.02 , 9lb , 0.07mm and it’s spot on . One thing to watch with 8 strand is it’s not as tough as 4 so keep an eye on it for any damage . You’ll only need about 70-75 turns on the spool and that will give you enough for 3 fills from the 150m . You’d be aswell starting with 3gm+ to begin with till you get the hang of it and not trying the 1gm . This is not a bad video to give you a better idea
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