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  1. Biggest from a couple of hours this morning.
  2. Tried this pond this morning with the Korum glide and centerpin on the lift method and waggler further out with this 1969 Abu 505 and spliced tip daiwa matchlite from the late 80’s-early 90’s . Bite a chuck of skimmers , roach , perch and a snig on maggot . Went in the margins with the pin and had tench , big skimmers and decent roach on corn and pellet
  3. Not sure , it’s not against local bylaws so you probably can
  4. First time out after trout this season . Lost one and missed 3 on a smith d contact and had this and lost one on a jackall tricoroll so far
  5. Just got here and had a small starry hound within a minute of casting out
  6. Couple of knocks but that’s it . It’s too bright and too flat and the hounds and rays just aren’t playing ball the rays looked like we’re switching on right at the death . I had a bite that took line but I didn’t connect and then my mate had one but as soon as he put it back we realised we were getting cut off so we grabbed the gear and set off to the other lad with us and he got one as we got to him . The gully behind was rapidly filling up so he just wound it in fast , grabbed it and we got his gear and waded across the gully before he unhooked it . We’ve fished there a lot at
  7. Nearly an expensive day out . Was adjusting the stupidly awkward brakes on my reel and the rod slipped out of my hand and into the canal , I dropped down and just managed to grab it before nearly £500 worth of gear sank out of reach . Managed 2 jacks so far but no perch
  8. neil r


    You should sell them , they look good and there’s a fair few quid to be made from custom lures .
  9. The rivers are fcuked and it’s not going to get any better till either something happens that forces the government act or a court case forces the companies to stop which is unlikely at the minute as they are pretty much protected from lawsuits . When the government had a chance to stop the discharges they decided to go the other way and allow it including the outgoing chairman of the angling trust , sir Charles Walker -mp for Broxbourne . He has decided to step down now he’s been named as someone who voted to allow it . The environment agency are also useless and can’t be trusted to police t
  10. It would be chaos trying to charge them for millions of people who live in heavily built up areas in terraced houses or flats . Not everyone has a driveway or garage to park overnight to charge them and most of the time I can’t even park outside my house anyway so unless you struck lucky and some random person half way down the street or round the corner who also doesn’t have a car will charge it I’d be stuck . Even if they said you had a designated parking spot outside your house what would happen to multi car households and where would visitors park
  11. On the canal after perch again today . None of us could even manage a wasp but I did get a few jacks including this half decent one that put a proper bend in my little 4.7ft s-glass bfs rod
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