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  1. It’s horrible watching what’s happening and knowing nothing can be done to help . The worse part is he had a fighting chance at the beginning . He was told it was small enough to operate on and they seemed fairly positive but then they didn’t actually bother to get him in to operate and then they’d send him for another scan a few weeks later then mess him about again and then another scan and this went on for a few months and by that time it was to late to operate .
  2. My stepdad is on his last legs with pancreatic cancer that’s spread to his lungs now aswell . The doctor and nurses have said probably a couple of days but if he fights it he might last a week and it’s horrible watching it , he’s gone from about 17stone to about 9 since last Christmas and hasnt even got the strength to feed himself or even get out of bed , can’t even sit up or have a wash by himself he’s that weak . If he had the choice about ending it I doubt he’d take it though because he even though he knows he’s dying he told the district nurse yesterday when she asked how he was feeling t
  3. Come out for a bit of bfs today , plenty of perch and a couple of jacks so far
  4. Sammy the bull gravano has started doing them , don’t normally listen to podcasts but he’s an interesting fella and a good story teller
  5. No only had an hour before it got too bright and hot . I had a couple of hits of trout on a small spinnerbait that I had on for perch and my mate had a brownie about 6 oz on a spinner but that was it
  6. Just off the bypass between Accrington and baxenden
  7. I know what you mean . We were on the other side of the bridge to woodcutters on the shingle bank below the fast water you can see off the bridge .
  8. It’s like that all along this stretch , it rose a bit the other day but not enough to clear all the weed . I’m about 50 yards below the shallow rapids so I’m hoping there’s a few about later on
  9. Ended up with this little one and a massive dace and got done by a big fish that did me in a weed bed just as I was about to pack up .
  10. I’ll lure fish for them but not bait fish in summer but if you do want to bait fish don’t mess about , don’t use the John Wilson method of watching the fish run to the next county before striking , hit them straight away and don’t keep them out of the water for long because they are pretty delicate . For traces don’t use the heavy flouro/mono because no matter how heavy you go they can go through it like it’s nothing . I know flouro is getting more popular with some of the youtubers because of what they see over in Scandinavia and the states but they rarely if ever show the bite off’s they get
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