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  1. neil r

    Recurve bows

    There’s a sticker on one of the limbs that has 2 numbers on , 36lb and 38lb so it’s not as powerful as yours but I don’t want to take any chances so I’ll order 2 and put them back to back and put a bale behind that
  2. neil r

    Recurve bows

    I was talking to someone about bows yesterday after seeing the recent compound bow thread and I mentioned I was thinking of getting one to have a mess about with out the back and he said he had a bow in the loft that I could have .He wouldn’t take anything for it and just said it’s been in the loft for years and would of stayed there so you might aswell take it .The limbs are win & win and the main body he said is an Hoyt and there’s a carbon arm that screws in and a sight but I think something is missing from it because I can’t see how it would fasten on . I don’t know anything about bows but I’m assuming I don’t need the sights and arm just to mess about in the yard with it because I’m only going to be shooting around 30-50ft . Also how substantial does the target need to be , I’ve seen some foam ones on eBay and they just say suitable for low/medium power bows but not a lb number . There’s a 7ft brick wall behind anyway but I don’t want the arrows flying straight through and smashing on the wall
  3. On Hodder foot and moving down to Calder foot trying a new rod out before the season ends . Not seen any salmon yet but we’ve had a brownie each on a small tube fly
  4. John fury isn’t happy about fury’s team and says if he had his way he would get rid of the lot of them and if Tyson doesn’t his career will be over https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/49705685
  5. Up on the ribble at Stainforth today , only brought a 6.6ft 2 weight and the rivers a bit bigger than I remember so I might struggle a bit
  6. I did that on my one and only trip out at Whitby on the mistress , worse day of my life . We went 25 miles out and i was throwing up about 10 minutes after setting off , I never even cast out and when we got off the boat at the end of the day I gave my brand new boat outfit to my mate and said keep it . To top it off it took me about 5 hours to drive home because I had to keep pulling over to throw up . Never again
  7. Went on the ribble early doors and it was a fish a chuck right from the off , mostly dace with a few chublets and roach . The float never even had time to settle most of the time before I was reeling another fish in
  8. I’ve heard some of them talking about pudzianowski and why as a 5 time winner he doesn’t get talked about the same as shaw and big z etc and it seems it’s mainly down to some of the strongest guys around at the time not bothering with wsm because they saw it as not really a competition to find the strongest and more like heavy crossfit . There’s been a few rumblings again about this years wsm leaning more towards fitness than strength and the same with the Arnold’s .
  9. Not seen that before , just watched it now . Sounds like he’s had an interesting life , I’m sure he said 10 of them in a 3 bed house and no electricity unless his dad brought a small generator home at the weekend
  10. I follow them aswell , they look like they always have a laugh when they’re together .
  11. Brian shaw did the dinnie stones on a tv program recently
  12. Been on the ribble today , bite a chuck off the dace , chublets and roach . Ran out of maggot again but carried on catching on pellet . Didn’t get any bigger chub but this 3lbish brownie had me fooled for a minute
  13. Only brought 4 pints and just run out as the bigger fish have turned up . Finished up with 100+ dace and chublets, about 30 gudgeon and a couple of grayling .
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