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  1. Come out for chub on the sul bfs setup and had this grayling, first one I’ve had on a lure . No chub yet but I did have a good oos brownie shake the hook at the net
  2. The bloke at stoneacres garage said they used older technology and parts from both , don’t know which bits are from where but he said that because they just use their older technology they don’t spend money on r&d so they can sell them cheaper
  3. Ended up getting the ford , the other 2 weren’t actually at the garage to look at . Fingers crossed it’s not too bad , got it for 9200 on a 16 with 37000 and got them to throw in some scotchguard treatment for the interior and coating for the outside , 3 years gap insurance that I’ll probably not need and 2 years warranty with breakdown cover so if it does go wrong it should be covered . I did look at 2 capturs but one had mold all over the seat and the other looked like it had had a bump . Looked at a Dacia duster 4wd aswell and it didn’t look bad till I got in it , the gearbox sounded l
  4. Had to have my old dog bred by storm68 pts at the end of November , still got a 10 year old non ped whippet though
  5. My Tucson 4wd was heavy on fuel , something like low to mid 30’s . I liked the car but with the miles I was doing it was costing a fortune so anything above 50 is a bonus
  6. Thanks . You’re pretty much confirming what I was reading about the tdci last night about it being a decent engine . I know makers mpg claims are usually lies but even if you knock 10 mpg off it would still be in the 50’s where the others would be in the 40’s which isn’t too bad but the extra mpg plus the big difference in tax is swinging me towards the ford as long as it’s big enough with the rear seats dropped down
  7. Thanks for that , I didn’t realise the ix35 was different. I thought because they look similar that it was just another version of the Tucson with a different name
  8. Really , I’d just assumed the sportage and ix35 were going to be pretty much the same as my previous car which was a Tucson so I’ve not really done any checking on them other than just find a couple to look at based on that
  9. Anyone had one of the diesel ecosports , I’m going to look at one tomorrow and also an ix35 and sportage . On paper the ecosport sounds ok for what I want , good ride height , cheap tax and insurance and good mpg but I’m just not sure if they are any good or ones to avoid . I know the 1 litre petrol engines haven’t got the best rep but is the 1.5 tdci any better .
  10. It’s a club water . It’s famous for its carp and where people like frank Warwick started with the hi viz pop ups back in the day and where gaz farenham amongst other names started carping . Think it’s where the northern specials pop ups came from aswell
  11. Bit of deadbaiting on one the norths most iconic carp waters
  12. Just spoke to my mate and the wood he used was Maple , American walnut , Tulip wood and Purple Heart . He said he’d used 19 pieces making it
  13. These are some he’s done . He mainly does sims tribute boards but the longboard lent against the side is a tribute to a British one called benji board I think
  14. You want to see his skateboard’s . They sell all over the world to collectors and professional skaters . His attention to detail is unbelievable, he’s proper ocd about everything he makes
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