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  1. Had plans to go up Scotland for a few days fishing this weekend but my boiler packing up meant I had to wait in till the plumber could come on Saturday which left me not much time to do what I wanted so we decided that because Anglesey was only about 2-1/2 hours drive we would go there for a few hours . The day started badly when we pulled up at Beaumaris and my mate had left his lure rod behind and didn’t get much better . We had bait rods aswell so cracked on but the weed was a nightmare, literally pulling the rods off the tripod every couple of minutes so we went on the breakwater at Holyhe
  2. Thanks , I’ll send you my number. I thought it might be the case with tope but I can only try , all the videos of tope I’ve seen are from boats up there. I wouldn’t be upset catching huss or conger though .
  3. Anyone from near the isle of Whithorn on here or done any fishing there and knows what I can expect there , is it shallow or deeper water and is it snaggy . I’m thinking of having a drive up next week to have a go for bass and pollock with lures but I’m also thinking of taking some bait gear and having a go for tope , I want to try and get a decent one from the shore this year and it’s one of the places I’ve been told to try .
  4. My old dog had short black coat and I used to get asked if he was a greyhound from time to time and when I told them he was a lurcher the usual reply was that it didn’t look like a lurcher because they have long coats . One even told me he wasn’t because his mate bred pedigree lurchers and they don’t look like that
  5. neil r

    Pet hates.

    Non drivers telling you it’s ok to park in places that are liable to see you get a ticket or clamped . People who wear the chav uniform of black Nikes and tracky bottoms , bubble jackets zipped up with the hoods up when it’s cracking the flags and top the look of with an handbag and talk with that stupid accent
  6. Made a last minute decision last night to go down wales with the lures so set off at 1 on the 340mile round trip and got there at 4.30 . 2 casts in I had this bass on a IMA hound and a pollock a few casts later . Had another bass and 4 pollock on a IMA sasuke and a couple more pollock on savage sandeel before it got too hot and I decided to go home at 11 .
  7. It’s been horrible , been trickling bait out since we go here and having the odd cast and mess about with the bfs gear . It’s picking up now though
  8. First one of the season . Had a big chub earlier on aswell
  9. I’ve been down again for a couple of hours and had 3 chub to just under 6 and lost one barbel to an hook pull at the net . Going to try again Tuesday evening
  10. No barbel for me or my mate but I did have 7 chub , nothing big - 4.9 was the biggest . I’ll be out again one night next week if I can
  11. I’ve bought a savage gravity stick box set and savage sandeel’s plus some metals like the savage seeker and hard baits from mechanic lures , duo , xorus , tacklehouse , longin , ima , savage and heddon .Lure fishing for bass is a good shop to look for gear and places like mr fish and chesil bait n tackle
  12. I recently got an hto nebula 9ft 12-42g to have a go for bass . Was going to get the 7-35g one but decided to go with a bit more power .
  13. Don’t normally bother at the start of the season but came down with a mate and had this chub after about half an hour
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