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  1. Working at height

    Not enough money in the world!!!
  2. Log burner

    Well my central heating decided to break yesterday so we're totally relying on the wood burner and a 2kw convector heater brought enough logs back from smallholding for a few days so hope it don't go on to long
  3. Log burner

    I have to kick Todd away from the front of the wood burner when he starts panting so hard I can't hear the telly i think he's a bit thick
  4. Log burner

    😂 I'm sat at home with my feet up aswell finished a couple of mole jobs this morning traps frozen in the ground so I need to warm my fingers back up
  5. Cannabis oil

    To be honest I've tried a few shop brought cbd oils and i haven't really had much from them so I thought sod it and I grew my own and it's much better either vaped straight bud or decarbed and infused in coconut oil, I reckon some of these oils are not decarbed and like thc cbd needs to be decarbed before your body can use it im doing some Charlotts angel this year up to 16% cbd and under 1% thc
  6. Why cant we have a woman like this

    If one of our MPs said that they would be forced to resign the next day
  7. Funny Joke Thread

    I just watched a few of their vids it must be put on surely people aren't really that thick
  8. Cannabis oil

    I'm a bit of a nube to be honest so I have to ask, what's shatter? And how do you make/use it ?
  9. Cannabis oil

    Might grow some purple #1 this year
  10. Cannabis oil

    So what is purple buds like ? different taste ? Effect ?
  11. Cannabis oil

    I'm not sure mate they were from Dutch passion they must be green I think although 2 of them had a touch of purple on the smaller leaves but not the buds i did 3 shaman which were supposed to be purple but only 1 went deep purple and it was a runty little thing only got 1 jam jar of bud, I haven't tried it yet
  12. Cannabis oil

    Ok kanny you were right empty stomach works a lot better i took 2 fresian dew capsules last night hour before dinner worked a treat I was always taking with dinner before got a bit confused when I cleaned my teeth later and nearly put germoloids on my tooth brush lol 😂
  13. Cannabis oil

    No I just vape the buds kanny but also make edibles, I do find edibles a little bit hit and miss sometimes though
  14. Cannabis oil

    My selection of homemade cbd oils I grew 3 cbd auto compassion lime plants last year thc about 8% cbd about 10% it vapes very well and works well in oils i mainly just use coconut oil but in the brown oil I added lecithin granules which are supposed to help it absorb better, dont notice any difference tbh it just went brown 😆 I brought a capsule machine for easier dosing
  15. Log burner

    It says they fit 55 and 30 gallon barrels haven't seen any other size but I found a video on utube where a guy fits one to a smaller barrel he just has to trim the edge a bit so it sits flat my barrel is a 45 gallon so I may have to adjust it a little and use some extra heat proof sealant if the flue collar isn't quite the right angle