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  1. Log burner

    It says they fit 55 and 30 gallon barrels haven't seen any other size but I found a video on utube where a guy fits one to a smaller barrel he just has to trim the edge a bit so it sits flat my barrel is a 45 gallon so I may have to adjust it a little and use some extra heat proof sealant if the flue collar isn't quite the right angle
  2. Log burner

    😂 I'm gunna build a nice big harth for it I get a couple of Euro pallets every month at our shop, I've been saving them I have about 25 ish now all the same size so makes it easier just going to make it up as I go, pallets for the main structure with old roofing tin and I might have to get some ply sheets or osb sheets to line the outside as I'm going to use it for camping out aswell
  3. Log burner

    This is the one I'm gunna get
  4. Log burner

    I'm going to build myself a pallet shack this summer down the holding and I've been looking at burners for it im going to order a barrel stove kit to make one from a 45 gallon drum I've sorted the drum already but the kit I have to order from USA as I can't find a uk supplier they look good and proper kick out heat by the sound of it
  5. Is this the start???

    Had a family of Syrians housed a few doors down from my mums house a couple months ago, it makes me laugh on radio Oxford they were going on about how the homeless figures have doubled in Oxford city and yet just a couple miles out they can afford to rent a £500k-£600k house for a Syrian family one of my mums neighbors is paid to cut the grass for them and he said to her come have a look at this, he took her inside and it had all new white goods fully stocked fridge, bowls of fruit etc (they were arriving the next day) fully furnished and redecorated god knows how much all that's costing the taxpayers and im not pointing any fingers but my parents have lived there for 46 years and the first burglary that they've ever heard off in their area happened just before Christmas
  6. Tv Vicelands

    Your living the dream mackem you lucky bugger 😁 Do you work in the industry?
  7. Tv Vicelands

    Some good programs on weed on vice
  8. Job for someone?

    10 mins from me I might apply and leave the wife 😁
  9. Snow.

    I was in Herefordshire this weekend visiting my wife's brother, had 8-10" there drove home yesterday 100 mile not to bad a journey to be honest but went down the smallholding to check on my bell tent that I decided to leave up year round Was hoping it was ok as not so much snow here but no such luck
  10. Most Online?

    It's gotta be about muslims surely
  11. Weed ;)

    I've had a focus vaperiser for sometime now and it's good and quite cheap but I fancied something different so I ordered an original sticky brick that came last week, I've used it a few times now and it's brilliant takes a few goes to learn how to use it properly but you can get bit hits and it's so smooth and the vapour is super cool
  12. Weed ;)

    I've been looking at getting a new vape has anyone tried the sticky brick vapes? I like the look of em for sure something a little different Any thoughts on them
  13. Large Pythons

    Many years ago when I got my first royal python that first day I went to feed her and she struck and coiled around my left hand, she was only about 3 foot or so but I couldn't get her off with my right hand alone, was walking around with this snake on my hand, quite funny really but they have backward facing teeth so you can't pull them off Then I remembered someone told me once to use vinagar so lucky had some in the cupboard so dropped some into her mouth and she was off in seconds So if your being strangled by a python just run to the nearest chippie !
  14. Weed ;)

  15. Weed ;)

    I did 3 autos last year they did quite well "auto Brooklyn sunrise" We did try some this year aswell Auto Durban poison, auto duck and auto cbd compassion lime as I'm interested in the medical side The only one that did well was the cbd one I got 4 oz from the 3 plants it's nice actually quite relaxing