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  1. Most Online?

    It's gotta be about muslims surely
  2. Weed ;)

    I've had a focus vaperiser for sometime now and it's good and quite cheap but I fancied something different so I ordered an original sticky brick that came last week, I've used it a few times now and it's brilliant takes a few goes to learn how to use it properly but you can get bit hits and it's so smooth and the vapour is super cool
  3. Weed ;)

    I've been looking at getting a new vape has anyone tried the sticky brick vapes? I like the look of em for sure something a little different Any thoughts on them
  4. Large Pythons

    Many years ago when I got my first royal python that first day I went to feed her and she struck and coiled around my left hand, she was only about 3 foot or so but I couldn't get her off with my right hand alone, was walking around with this snake on my hand, quite funny really but they have backward facing teeth so you can't pull them off Then I remembered someone told me once to use vinagar so lucky had some in the cupboard so dropped some into her mouth and she was off in seconds So if your being strangled by a python just run to the nearest chippie !
  5. Weed ;)

  6. Weed ;)

    I did 3 autos last year they did quite well "auto Brooklyn sunrise" We did try some this year aswell Auto Durban poison, auto duck and auto cbd compassion lime as I'm interested in the medical side The only one that did well was the cbd one I got 4 oz from the 3 plants it's nice actually quite relaxing
  7. Weed ;)

    Were any of your frizzies the green candy-floss smelling phenotype?I don't know just fresian dew from Dutch passion?
  8. Weed ;)

    Mackem Got about 3 oz dry off the shaman in the pic 1oz off a smaller one that had more purple buds The 3 fresian dew did much better tighter buds very sticky there drying now I think maybe 3 oz each plant dry something like that
  9. Weed ;)

    How much sun did yours get? I've got a spot I'm thinking of that would get first light sun until about 12ish through the summer, would that be enough?The ones in the pic were in the spinny in the centre of my holding south facing and got sun most of the day although some hours of that would be dappled light I did grow a shaman in my old chicken run lower down less light but had chooks in there over 10 years so very high nitrogen, it grew to 8 feet tall with pinching out and 10 feet wide when it came into flower me and my mate shit ourselves thought it would produce about a kg lol but it got lots of rot and the buds never filled out just sort of fluffy and open not very dense, ended up with a couple oz each from her but haven't tried it yet
  10. Weed ;)

    Really easy to be honest, keep inside first 4 weeks plant out beginning of June in a hole in the ground filled with my own take on the so called super soil mix Then it's just checking and watering stake if needed, I pinched half the tops out to see how it compared to leaving and they did a bit better I think then feed organic bloom through flowering It's been wet and cold for a while so got patches of bud rot just kept cutting it out until had lots of cloudy-amber crystals then got it in quick Easy enough from 6 plants for me and my mate for the year
  11. Weed ;)

    I'd get that in. She's in jars now that was from a few weeks ago, the fresian dew only finished last week tho quite late but this year ( my second) I got a microscope and was checking the colour of tricolms to judge harvest time
  12. Weed ;)

    Close up fresian dew so you can see the crystals, she did quite well even after a bit of bud rot My favourite now this one for outside
  13. Weed ;)

    Dutch passion shaman
  14. Embarasing Things We've Done

    On holiday as a teen with mates family got shit faced on red wine one night and was sat on edge of bath throwing up all night, went to have a shower next morning and there was the biggest pile of shit in the bath I've ever seen, took me ages to wash it all down the plug hole with the shower head luckily it was quite soft 😂
  15. Weed ;)

    😂 just had a vape and spent the last 5 mins totally confused cause you lot made me think I was in the air gun section 😆