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  1. If he get a good barrister he shouldn't need to work again with the claim he would be entitled to
  2. Great times rummaging down local dump and building sites, looking for parts for gokarts, and cutting the front and back out of walls sausage boxes to make a sledge most winters when it snowed. Happy days, still amazed that I lived to see me bollocks drop. I think kids of today would be traumatized living a week in a 60-70 kids upbringing
  3. Spotted by jogger in Box Hill Surry. Large muscular hairy man
  4. The old fiberglass stuff isn't as worn but isn't a fire hazard, celotex, kingspan and other foam insulation is.
  5. Looks like his still got a bit of growing before he will start filling out. Good luck with him fella
  6. slip lead

    Some run

    Deserved to live that hare.
  7. Your location is tracked by what aerial your using, they can get into your phone through your mobile data or blue tooth, if you wont some privacy use wats app to tx of phone. The police need permission from the company to remove encrypting software
  8. Yes there in very close proximity, could of been one knife man, f***ing shocking
  9. Blm March in reading 3 possible deaths, I bet you can't guess who are the victims
  10. That's bollocks if you watch the vid you can see the knife in his hand, all recorded by old bill, but it didn't happen because someone on internet said so. Why has it vanished of internet if it was only a punch, wakey wakey sheepoeple.....
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