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  1. Seen Duramite for sale in the cage and avery's on here.
  2. You can get full sheets of 8 x 4 in the back of a transit connect lwb.
  3. The long wheel base transit connect are a great van, or if your after something a bit smaller the transit courier are also worth looking at The commercial auctions a Blackbushe gu17 9lg have fleets of Van's.
  4. Looks like he has still got a lot of growing to do by the size of them feet, good luck with him fella
  5. slip lead

    The Election

    Everyone that voted leave, should vote for the Brexit party..
  6. slip lead


    LSD cleans the mind, if your ever have a bad trip on LSD drink plenty of pure orange juice, the vitamin C brings you down.
  7. slip lead


    London, Camden Town, people have been paying much more for Mexican for years.
  8. slip lead


    I heard the other day magic mush are fetching £10 a gram dried.
  9. A good puppy biscuit or add Salmon, sardines, eggs and calcium to what your already feeding, up the amount of meals daily also..
  10. Butchers tripe is no good for a working dog, slowly add raw mince to the butchers tripe
  11. 99.9% of today's old bill are politically correct c**ts
  12. Raw mince, the value packs from supermarket has the perfect amount of fat, make shore its room temperature and not straight out the fridge, give over a least a couple of meals a day, or just roll up a load of balls no bigger than golf balls, and give throughout the day as often and possible, a working dog of that size, should be eating at least half a pound, up to a pound, depending on amount of work, of red meat, more if feeding white meat, plus a good biscuit and or veg and rice. Most working dogs grow out of being fussy eaters, also make shore its warm when not working, whippets lose weight quickly if constantly cold..
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