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  1. Didn't seem to be as many as the last march, more women, which is good, but its shameful that the majority of the men, are of a certain age. We travelled back, with difficulties, because of the central line being f****d. One of our group of four had a free Tommy Robinson, and on the other side london loves Trump banner, only a few gave us a smile, most said f**k all but had a face like they were chewing wasps
  2. Antifa have reported that they are leaving at same time and station as me and a couple of others, should be fun..'
  3. slip lead

    Weed ;)

    Still very cheap at about £60/70 an ounce, people paying that for eighths.
  4. They are playing with fire,probably 30,000 + be there on the 14th.
  5. I bet emotions will be running high on the march, 14 July Trafalgar square.
  6. slip lead

    Big Cat Sighting

    I read somewhere that the Jaguar has the highest bite force of all the big cats..
  7. Because I know people they have done it too, and they have never done a Nazi salute in there life. If you was in a large crowd, and the person your trying to attract couldn't hear you, wouldn't you put your hand up and shout
  8. His probably just waving to his mates, they have done the same to other people making a picture look like something it isn't
  9. slip lead

    Trump Under Fire

    Trump is doing what he thinks is best for America. If only we had someone representing whats best for this country. They are very lucky to have him in power.
  10. I was at the marches at the weekend and peoples attitudes are changing, and they only just manage to behave for Tommy and his watching family The next one will be different, and how the f**k will they stop 20.000/30.000 DFLA & FLA doing whatever they wont.
  11. 23rd June from Victoria station its going to be massive
  12. What was his contempt, all what he said was already available to the public.