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  1. I’m just going to have to unload every night but you know how it is after a long day my garage is alarmed and I keep the door front and back locked and jam a bit of 3x2 against the up and over door so it can’t be opened from front of house just looking at basic cctv pretty cheap nowadays
  2. Well what the feck some c##t broke in my transit last night and nicked my sthil chainsaw and hedge trimmer £600 worth and my iPod out the cab never had a house or vehicle broke into before I’m so fecking angry I could kill no damage to vehicle but the one key lock on drivers door had loads of oil dripping from it so some quick trick they know of I assume would of thought it was harder to get in than that, not leaving anything of value in there again
  3. I brought a set of bubble hash bags last year for the trim was wicked strong I had a full on whitey I’m just a mild user for chillin out really that hash blew my head off was full on puking my guts up I gave it to my mate in the end 5g of it
  4. I don’t know what mine has i just do 50g bud to 500ml coconut oil, decarbing bud first then minimum 4hrs at 100c in slow cooker
  5. Spaz mode I make all my own oils, they need respect nothing hits like edibles full on mong town if you take to many
  6. Mazar is nice, very strong sativa I like the blueberry at night as it’s indica I think northern lights is a good all rounder but if I had to choose just one it would be fresian dew I think, it’s 50/50 sativa indica tastes nice and is quite mellow, I don’t like the head rush you can get with some strong sativas
  7. Yeah a little bit but not as much as the seed banks make out maybe I’m just not a connoisseur
  8. Hmmmm decisions decisions
  9. Can we stop talking about brexit now
  10. Arry, was that a Emma original? do you find it hot in summer ?
  11. good one but yeah I think the offers are on for a week ish so doing a lot of internet searches
  12. I want to get a new mattress in the sales but not sure what to get we’ve got a spring with memory foam topper at the moment but it’s a bit firm so going for a medium this time round that Emma mattress site has a very good offer at moment 45% off ? anyone got any suggestions that you’ve tried as it’s quite an expense cheers
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