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  1. trapperman


    Just ordered 2 bottles off amazon £7.19 worth a try bloody flies are doing my head in
  2. trapperman


    Whenever I’m mowing the big lawns on my largest contract I get bombarded by them, there’s a river only 40m away I think that makes it worse it looks like I’m practicing karate while I’m mowing
  3. trapperman

    Lodge cast iron bbq grill.

    I got this round cast iron one I think off Amazon for about £60 ish only has a steel grill but it works a treat when I’m camping down the farm as a fire pit then just let the coals burn down a bit for cooking and chuck on a bit off charcoal
  4. trapperman

    Dream job

    I’m working on my dream right now little by little i run a gardening business right now and do a bit of pest control and have a shop with the wife as well my dream is to work and earn a living from my small holding, I’m planting 4-500 Christmas trees each year just done my second year now so in 6 years when I start selling as cut your own I will be 50 and hope to give up the gardens and pest work by then my mortgage will be payed off when I’m 50 as well so will make it a little easier to do i was thinking of starting a business selling wildflower plug plants online from spring to mid summer then the Christmas trees kick in end of November I might start this small scale next spring im just fed up of working for people I just like to be outside on my own down the holding “toddling about” as the misses says
  5. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    This guru has 2 other heads I think for e liquid and one for wax or something i wont use them I don’t think just the dry herb chamber it also comes with a glass head that fits into a water bubbler but the bubbler is an extra £40
  6. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    It’s my birthday today just open my present be trying that later
  7. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    What vape do you use mate ?
  8. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    I suppose it depends, if your a smoker then joints are probably the way to go but if not then yeah I think there great I’ve got 3 different ones a focus vape pen original sticky brick and the guru when it comes joints and bongs make me cough a bit as I’m not a smoker although I do have a bong and skins etc for the odd occasion I want to go old school vapes are very smooth I’ve found and I think the weed goes a bit further
  9. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    Cool I’m not sure would you still put humidity packs in there or not bother ?
  10. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    I mainly vape as I’m not a smoker i just ordered a grissly guru vape from namastevapes rrp £160ish they have them at £59.99 at the moment my mates had one about a year its a good vape for dry buds so just thought I would let you know it’s a good offer
  11. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    I hang mine on the branch for a week or so weather depending then trimmed down into jars, pop each day and check for mould then leave in jars with 62% bovida packs in got some 2 years old still fine this year Im going to buy a vac seal machine as jars are a bit bulky
  12. trapperman

    Weed ;)

  13. trapperman

    world stongest man 2018

    Spoiler alert
  14. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    Any them seeds going spare
  15. trapperman

    Weed ;)

    Me to I've got2 ok ones but could do with a quality one really