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  1. I’ve got a caravan on my smallholding but would need planning to live full time in it i had a visit from council within a couple months of putting it there, I just said it’s whats called a chattle look in your rule book if I’ve got animals or am tree planting or working my land in some way I need somewhere out the rain to have tea or use a loo etc its in the agricultural rules I think, my misses found it the guy just agreed and I’ve heard no more it’s been there about 10years now
  2. That’s cool their supposed to be quite rare now in the wild
  3. Pretty straight forward I’m doing some on oak and ash logs and others I’m just now growing the spawn on grain and brown rice so I can do some mushroom grow bags, got 50 for about £14 on eBay going to use straw for the oysters and hardwood sawdust for the others
  4. In one of Paul Stamets vids he tells of how they cured Alzheimer’s in mice with lions mane
  5. I got into it because my daughter has had all sorts of problems since having her hpv I think it’s called jabs at school and has now at 16 just been diagnosed as on the autism spectrum anyway apparently those jabs can mess with some girls auto immune system and cause all sorts of problems those Turkey tail, reishi and lions mane are supposed to be fantastic for boosting you immune system so that got me started
  6. Funny to see Paul Stamets mentioned on here, I’ve been watching loads of vids on mushrooms recently and he’s very interesting to listen to ive just started growing some oysters, lions mane, shiitake, Turkey tail and reishi mushrooms I’m getting well into it, new hobby I think
  7. trapperman


    I’ve never done any acid shrooms anything like that ever my mates got one of those mushroom kits on the go and said I can have some when their done if I want, I asked him today about them their called cubensis B+ ? anyone had these, not sure I’ll try or not but I do trust the guy completely he’s a good mate and has done them many times and he said he’ll stay with me
  8. Got hundreds of these I just found this morning down the smallholding under a hornbeam tree where a chipped up some trees years ago edible ? Magic ?
  9. Yeah I’m watching it, it’s going to be a tough one
  10. I cut them and they were fine they only smell sort of mushroomy but when I scraped the cap they go yellow so no good I assume this mushroom hunting is hard I’d be dead by now if I was just winging it
  11. Found a group of mushrooms in a border under a beech hedge, any ideas what these are their different to the ones in the lawn
  12. A few were open, gills still almost pure white I think I’ll give them a miss they can go on the compost with the clippings
  13. I’m back tomorrow I’ll have a look and take another pic
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