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  1. I’m 46 now and I’ve worked my arse off all my life, got a little circle of close friends but not many more as I don’t suffer fools and most I meet have something about them I don’t like with all that’s happened this year I’ve really had a hard think about things and what’s important to me and I’ve decided to jack in all my gardening contracts and just do my 3 days in our little shop a bit of mole and wasp control and my little online shop im going to do what I’ve always wanted and spend far more time down the smallholding growing fruit and veg, coppicing, carving and just messing a
  2. But don’t forget lads it’s of utmost importance that we all pay our taxes don’t work for cash etc etc Their all the same feck em I put cash in my pocket every chance I get why shouldn’t I my pittance is table crumbs compared to these feckers!
  3. Don’t forget to soak your bulldog pellets in wd40 for extra power
  4. Just about to watch zombie land double tap
  5. I know it’s been talked about before but in simple terms where exactly do I stand if I cancel my license? something I’ve wanted to do for ages but the wife’s not to keen on trouble
  6. Because it’s all just so over the top, I grew up with some black mates and a very good mate was Chinese i didn’t see much racism at all, the odd name calling but no more than a fat kid or ginger or a kid with say a hair lip or something would get so I just don’t understand it they all get the same education etc we get in this country it’s also things like for example, I was watching that program “hyperthetical” the other week two teams on it one was white with that rob bekket bloke on, the other two both black with that nish kumar bloke at the end the team with nish won and he
  7. Why though ? Who benefits from all this
  8. I don’t know about anyone else but all this shit going on recently is making me and every other white person I know pretty much, more and more racist I’m just f##king sick of it all, does my head in
  9. Witney town is ok to be fair, but it’s like most other places these days you walk down the high street and barely hear an English person speaking
  10. I’ve always thought benefits should be given in food stamps/vouchers not cash so useless c##t parents can’t buy fags before their kids food
  11. Hang ya hammock down my holding socks and sort mine out while ya there
  12. That’s what I thought I had heard something about crop damage or the like im sure someone told me years ago said it has to be AAA shot or something might be worth a call to the firearms officer
  13. Yes mate, hard times but we’re ticking along just about
  14. I’m just down the road in long hanborough lots of deer round here muntjac almost as numerous as rabbits I’ve got some at the holding eating all my coppice regrowth, what’s the law on shooting muntys with a shotgun ? Anyone know ?
  15. I haven’t grown that one yet, the supplier I use has all sorts so I will add those as it takes off hopefully
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