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  1. I haven’t grown that one yet, the supplier I use has all sorts so I will add those as it takes off hopefully
  2. This was late last year I got interested in medicinal mushrooms And I’ve actually just started an online site selling some powders https://www.greenmanmushrooms.co.uk/
  3. Will do mate, I’ve got quite into growing I did some oysters which did well then did turkey tail lions mane and reishi for drying and powdering for teas
  4. I brought some wine cap spawn and made an outdoor wood chip bed in early summer but found this yesterday just to the side of the bed what type is it ?
  5. I’m buying a quality shed 20x10 feet for about £2500 going to put a wood burner in it and small kitchen etc the wife wants a rustic 4 post bed in there just putting it down the small holding for whenever we fancy a get away i recon it’ll be about £3500 all in
  6. Depends on the caliber I reckon
  7. My wife worked for oxford county council for years, she got to help out on open days at the prison so I went and had a look round it’s a spooky old place, they do Halloween nighttime tours we keep meaning to go on one but forget to book did you go up castle hill
  8. Just looked at that wax Greyman it’s got really good reviews so I ordered a tin cheers bud
  9. I found an old leather waistcoat that I had many years ago when I was clearing out the garage, I don’t want to chuck it as it was quite expensive it’s gone a bit hard but hasn’t cracked yet I’ve read that castor oil is quite good to soften it but just wondering if anyone has any other advice ? cheers
  10. I grew this reishi on wood chip from my hazel coppice
  11. I’ve got a 6mx3m one from crocodile trading I think it was just a cheap one about £180 but it’s in its fifth year now, ok for the money but I would love a proper one
  12. trapperman


    Have you seen the film “the faculty”
  13. RIP Jack not into football but had all jacks game on video many years back, he wasn’t to keen on holding a ferret from what I recall seemed a genuine bloke
  14. Took the words out my mouth greyman
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