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  1. Need A New Lamp

    Mikey , have you got an air gun and a mate who can shoot it, take him with you
  2. Day Out

    You're very lucky!
  3. Pike

    Anyway , any waters that can be recommended? I've been on canal and had a jack perch and zander but that's after about 10 trips, any waters with plenty in cov rugby or surrounding areas?
  4. Pike

    I've started doing a bit of pike fishing and was wondering if any lads no of any areas Coventry or rugby way to catch, river , canals or lakes, thanks for any replay
  5. Can Anybody Match These Up ....

    Do yaself a favoucher an go an find the link that was out up on here other email day francid. It's blitz variable for 65 quid or so. Trust me mate it piss on anything else just bought a blitz didn't think it was that much better than my striker on first impression, hope I'm wrong as it was only in average size fields, not a variable but judging from the other night I can't see as I will need to tone it down anyway.
  6. Dog Whistle

    was thinking the same earlier, my neighbor training his pup with same whistle as me and my spaniel not interested?
  7. Lurcher Fishing

    A while back someone on hear had videos of there lurcher retrieving fish out of water when cought on the hook, I mentioned it today at work but all piss take replys,anyone put a link up for me please
  8. Labs And Water Training

  9. Floyd/conner

    you watched the same fight as me then, I'm sure most on here watched a different fight, if Conner fought him again tomorrow he could beat him, that was a massive learning curve for him which is what he needed prior to that fight!
  10. Bushing Books

    Tales from the field very well written book and informative
  11. Ftao Big Mac

    Ha ha pulled me up for being affended
  12. Ftao Big Mac

    Not pulling anybody up ... if you put up a video for all to see you expect comments and questions ... sorry if your offended angel maybe go on mums net where you will be less offended .......
  13. Ftao Big Mac

    Never mind socks maybe pull him on something else
  14. Saluki X Whippet

    Be a good lamping dog for bunnys, loads of runs due to the stamina and tight turning and strike, no you can't guarantee that but surely it's worth a gamble, I'm definitely thinking of a next dog of that breeding or similar
  15. What Do We Expect Of Our Dogs.

    theres many a bloke who wouldnt have a wonder dog if they did have plenty of quarry as they dont know how to condition and run a dog properly. the man behind the dog plays a large part imo. then the bloke shouldn't have a running dog, if you feed it right and it's got plenty of quarry to work the dog gets match fit!