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  1. Pup with itchy skin

    If that doesn't work try a grain free food
  2. Bad mouth

    Can't remember if undershoot or overshot to be honest , just remember looking at its mouth when it was younger and noticing it was a bit dodgy, had dogs myself the same in fact got a terrier here now getting on a bit with a bad mouth, hardly any teeth left so it's irrelevant now anyway!
  3. Bad mouth

    STR, a bad mouth doesn't make a dog shite mate, it's only cosmetic ! The reason I ask is because of homeing the surpless pups ,the dog in question work wise far outnumbers looks and as for it being shite ........
  4. Bad mouth

    Has anyone bred from or no of a breeding from an undershot dog and can answer from experience please
  5. Bad mouth

    I'm thinking of breeding My bitch and the dog I have in mind is overshot , will the pups follow or is it a lottery
  6. Jigsaw

    Decent size fox that
  7. Minshaw book

    Worth reading if it's ever done!
  8. Ferreting

    Would you let it hold it in net as well
  9. dog used for beating issue!

    My spaniel is steady round rabbits , l can walk round the field early doors with them hopping into the hedge in front of her , I can stop her on the whistle all the time , I can get her doing all the retrieving tricks , stop, get back , blind , the lot, but... when out of sight and bushing at a pace if she flushes birds she will sometimes chase with an exited yip, how do you stop that!
  10. Minshaw book

    I remember reading on here somebody was going to write a book on minshaw lurchers, did anything ever come off it?
  11. Pups first rats

    Nice size them terrier
  12. Trying to work things out

    Been out with dogs of this type, no more demanding than any other lurcher, maybe the odd one is but that's the dog not the cross,.
  13. An afternoon bolting

    Cracking, how they bred mate👍🏼
  14. old and young

    Did the fox hit the net?
  15. Out Today

    How's the smaller black lurcher bred? Looks nice and racy type ,cheers