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nobody mentioned old phils books yet, in my opinion some of the best writtenand photographed by a man that has truly been there and done it for years,long before a lot of the lads on here were even bo

Yes me and me brothers laughed when me mother told us ,we thought it was a story keep us entertained on drive to old Jack's place ,far from a story though as on the big lawn going up to his house stoo

Old Phils books are superb B Dohertys books are very good. A underated book although it covers many topics is the great game by Harold Wyman.

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Another vote for the Penny Taylor dog maintenance book, I find that my own experiences tend to overlap with her articles so at least for me 😀 that's a big tick. You have Jackie Drakeford books, they have some good nuggets in there.  On dog work I loved reading Phil Lloyd, self deprecation and admitting to mistakes when you know how effective he had to be to make a living at pest control, makes the stories more enjoyable IMO. 

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Darcys books are good also eg Walsh that pedigree unknown is also a good read I’ve read most Lurchers books for something to do an waist time as I don’t watch tv as a rule 

I personally don’t think your learn out from most lurcher books most books just want to talk highly of them selfs because it sells books an only give good accounts of there selfs an what they say they got….and it’s always a world beater rather the flip sides this is why I liked reading darcys books he’ll print if a up an coming dog didn’t make it an if it was a coward we’re other authors give a vanguard account then change the story on to another world beater that there mate owns 


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On 02/12/2021 at 21:35, FUJI said:

Bill Doherty has wrote some fantastic books too,like Phil he's been there & got the T-Shirt..love his style of writing 😉

Can only agree, Bill is a superb writer and very under rated.

Old Phil's books and writings are, and have always been, on the money.

Didricksons books are also good.

I still love the classics though, EG Walsh, Simpson, Drabble and dare i say it, early Plummer books are a bloody good read too..!

Oh and theres that book by Fairclough about lurchers i quite like, can't think why though... 🤔


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Most of the books mentioned are worthy of a place on anyone's bookshelf even though it's wrote by Plummer and they may well be some tall tales in it the first edition i have of rouges and running dogs with some old black and white pics of various lurchers i found an entertaining read tbh.

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8 hours ago, SINDASOX said:

Dave Sleight is one i used to like writing in EDRD, he was planning on doing a book.

Anyone know if this is still in the pipeline with him.


Last time I spoke to Dave he told me it was work in progress although I got the impression the book was going to be about poaching and and some of the characters from his area from back in the day as we were both laughing about him having to change the names of certain characters as they are now law abiding citizens who have gone to the other side of the fence so to speak. 

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