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  1. Total respect to you, all the best to you and the dog for the future
  2. Best thing to do before you take her out is rub some Vaseline into the carpal pads (stoppers), it absorbs into the pads and makes them quite flexible, your problem will be solved. Honey applied direct to stopper that cut helps because it works as a barrier to prevent new germs from entering the cut, then the dogs tongue does the rest to keep it clean and healthy
  3. Got the look of a wheaten cross, atb
  4. APBT's that were used for producing running dogs were silent and up on the leg, many of them were 20tts, thats two ideal qualities when adding terrier into the mix of a running dog, Patterdales seldom make more than 15tts, this wouldn't be big enough for me to put to a running dog and when they are pushed hard during earthwork for whatever reason they have a tendency to bay (which is what they should do) and whose to say a lurcher with patterdale in its genetic make up wouldn't open up behind a rabbit on a winters night lamping if they were worked hard and began to tire, I have seen a first cross patterdale/whippet work on several occasions and yes it's a brave little thing but it lacks too many qualities for me to consider it a serious hunting dog jmho Atb
  5. Nice type Bill, looks like you can have some fun with her, atb
  6. Stunning looking animals, they're a credit to you SHH, stunning scenery as well, ur blessed working country like that, atb
  7. Tyke looks similar to dogs we worked in the late 80's, good times for us lot, atb
  8. Powerful looking tyke that, did you breed it?, atb
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