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  1. I wouldn’t have done that, if you get a bigger dog next time that collar would be useless if it’s too small, don’t bow to peer pressure from anybody on here, wonder if fensarefar cuts his collars down for his skinny necked saluki shit
  2. That photo says it all….working terrier
  3. Nice healthy looking pups you have there pal
  4. Well that’s obvious, I’ve seen and owned dogs whose chests were a bit on the large side still reach their adversary through sheer drive and determination, like I said “good uns”, terrier works not all about working rocks
  5. Pair of cracking terriers you have there pal
  6. It’ll get there if it wants it bad enough, the good uns usually do
  7. Apologies for going off the original topic, I’ll let you all get on with it, atb
  8. I wasn’t comparing distances being covered with a running dog/terrier, that’s just being ridiculous, I was replying to mC when he stated that a terrier isn’t a performance athlete when it so obviously is.
  9. Hours below the ground being dug to is nothing to a terrier, there just warming up to the task, there isn’t a saluki x, coursing bred or pure Saluki in the world, never mind this country that could pursue its quarry full sprint for two hours, even pack animals like wolves and African hunting dogs don’t pursue a prey animal for two hours solid, the terrier reigns supreme as the canine athlete.
  10. You’re obviously not talking from any experience of working a terrier
  11. mC you are totally wrong about a terrier not being a performance athlete, a terrier gone to ground working Fox and Badger (historically) pushes its body through the pain barrier more than any other canine athlete could withstand, squeezing through tight, twisting tube below the sod to reach its adversary makes its muscles cramp up, its nose is without equal, its eyesight is greatly diminished below the sod but still it finds it’s quarry, it possesses the courage to face an opponent that many a bullx’s jib at and it possesses the stamina to put a Saluki to shame, it is the ultimate canine athle
  12. Note good gonna come out of breeding a dog and bitch that’s come out of the same belly, jmo
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