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  1. I’ve tried two lengthy attempts to reply but it won’t save for some reason, no hard feelings Dc, atb
  2. You sit there all brave behind your keyboard, call me a dickhead or righteous prick to my face and I’d gladly do time for you...c**t your probably chairman of the dc fan club
  3. Didn’t say you were attacking me personally, so leave the immature name calling out of it, not having your own dog chipped in your own name says you have something to hide, that’s a wrong un, my dogs mean more to me than just being tools and I’m proud to take responsibility for them, atb
  4. Anybody not having their dog chipped in their own name is a c**t, I would never of expected you to come out with bullshit like that Dc, the dog don’t look old enough to have established itself as a working dog so if it’s been dumped then whoever dumped it is a wrong un and they need a good kickin, my dogs are chipped in my name and I’ve been working dogs for half a century, are you saying I’m not serious about them ?
  5. Get it to a vet with a bit of luck it will be microchipped and returned to it rightful owner, atb
  6. Picture of health, nice chunky little pup, atb
  7. Couple o proper tykes you have there pal, atb
  8. Stripping that wheaten x’s coat out like that makes no difference whether its hand stripped or had clippers go through it, once the outer coat is gone that’s it’s first line of insulation ruined, which will make the dogs core temperature become higher which is not desirable, the coat and the body fat serves as insulation from both the cold and the heat, majority of people that strip out a dogs coat in the summer believe it makes the dog feel cooler when the fact is it make the dog hotter in its core, I’ve hand stripped and used clippers on a dogs coat in the past when I didn’t know any better
  9. Not a good idea to strip a dog of its coat in the summer pal, it actually has the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve, in the winter the coat helps keep the warmth in and in the summer it helps keep the heat out so keeps the dogs core temperature cooler, which as you will know is more important for running dogs because of their lack of bodily fat, can’t make better than what nature has put there, atb
  10. Don’t know about a cure for it but letting a dog stand in cold water seems to help, I sometimes ferret near a beach and nettles can be a problem, dogs seem to be relieved of the pain of being nettled after standing in the sea, atb
  11. It’s not often dogs lose their teeth because of age, more likely they were loosened going tooth to tooth with the other dog she had the fight with, ask anyone that works the terriers, they will all have experienced that at some point, rinse her mouth out with saltwater and if the teeth are loose enough you should be able to pull them without causing too much distress to the dog if not I’m afraid it’s a vet job for you, as for the bad breath that’s probably down to poor dental hygiene, a common problem is too much plaque or tartar built up on the teeth, it’s a good idea to get several of them r
  12. You were right mackem what he shown me was edited, ? ,we had words I’ll leave it there
  13. I’m going round to me mates to have another look, atb
  14. Thanks for replies guys, you’ve all educated me, the cock fighting isn’t really my thing, my favourite bird will always be the one thats been in the oven, back to topic, Frank Sheardown the working long dog and the lurcher training and handling real good reads, I’ve not read em for years but I will begin reading them tonight, thanks for reminding me fodr, atb
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