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  1. Proper Russell that, sorry for your loss, atb
  2. Go with your head as well as your heart, what would your Dad have done ? atb
  3. He was a strong looking tyke, good head, powerful jaw, atb
  4. The vet at the time was very reluctant to tell me anything, got the feeling he didn’t approve of digging terriers and didn’t want me or my kind there, the dog had three or four more seizures that probably lasted less than five minutes each time, I know that don’t sound long but it was heartbreaking to witness it, I had him pts not long after just didn’t want to see him suffer anymore, atb
  5. Phone different vets see if any can give you an idea of why it’s happening before you go to them, I had similar lates eighties with a Patterdale dog, vets didn’t know the cause back then, you’d have thought vets would have learned something about dogs fitting in the last thirty odd years, feel for you, hope you get it sorted and the dog makes full recovery, atb
  6. Sorry to hear mate, never nice when they go, she looked a capable animal, imagine she’s left you with some great memories, atb
  7. And that’s the most important thing being happy with your own dog , he looks a handy tyke for sure, atb
  8. I was speaking to a neighbour some years back who used to potter about on an allotment, he gave me some handy tips, for a while I’ve had hanging baskets at the side of the kennels, Feverfew, Fennel and Rosemary deters flies and fleas and a bit of lavender to help the dogs relax, if I kept the dog feed outside I’d have peppermint close by because it deters Rats and Mice, atb
  9. Had a mate who used to dig with us years back that kept Border Terriers, yours dogs have that same look of intent in their eyes that CB’s dogs had and his were outright working dogs that just lived for the graft, lovely to see them like that, atb
  10. Wish you and the pup all the best pal.
  11. Seems an irrelevant question imo, all depends on how the terrier goes about its occupation, a steady baying tyke gonna be more fit and able throughout the season so should therefore be able to cope with a bigger workload, its always been that way, always will be that way, nothing to do with how many somebody keeps in their yard, because of the law as it is today somebody keeping twenty terriers in his yard probably got a yard full of show ponies...just a thought
  12. That’s a well put together little tyke, did you breed him yourself, atb
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