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  1. Good head on that bitch DC, just how I like em, atb pal
  2. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the Greatest Briton, RIP your Majesty
  3. I like a bitch that looks like a dog and she definitely fits the bill, atb with her pal, hope she does you proud
  4. Entering a dog to fox before it’s mentally mature is a sure fire way to ruin it and you don’t get two chances
  5. BNM from CSJ and a teaspoon apple cider vinegar in every feed, dogs been flea and tick free for last three years, if you need to shampoo get an insecticidal dog shampoo, that kills em dead on contact, atb
  6. I know a couple of big badger setts down that way what you could bunk up in for a couple of days
  7. You’ll always get more out of a dog when training it if you’re gentle with it, being forceful and overbearing will just make the animal shut down
  8. I wouldn’t have done that, if you get a bigger dog next time that collar would be useless if it’s too small, don’t bow to peer pressure from anybody on here, wonder if fensarefar cuts his collars down for his skinny necked saluki shit
  9. That photo says it all….working terrier
  10. Nice healthy looking pups you have there pal
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