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Veiw from your office

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Leaving home for the office View from the office. Closer view from the office.....they are farmed deer.... The office. Planting new trees and re-establishing old lines

Beautiful day this morning. Cheers Arry

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27 minutes ago, Francie said:

Why wouldn't you be chid?you up on the walls?


15 minutes ago, Francie said:

Il welcome you no bother,I'm round ther cornerπŸ‘

Got the bowler hat on πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Francie I have no doubt you'd welcome me πŸ‘

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Just come, staggering, in from my 'office'. Not worth showing a photo. Just feed sacks. Feed sacks piled. Over flowing. Stacked like a small fukking mountain. All full of sliced up, gnarly, dirty, wormy, naily old wood and pallets.

Fukk me, I've got some shit out there! Done some hours ~ and saw blades. Neighbour's fukking loving it. Because I've just rung him up and asked him for all the feed sacks he has. What a fukking bonus for him, eh? Imagine someone asking to empty your bins into their boot!

Sadly, I'm under absolutely no delusion. Last night of this month? I spark her up. I'll be run off my feet, carting bags and bags a day up here. Throwing it into the hot box. Won't be five minutes before a room full of old wood's gone :(

Still,it's bloody nice that my neighbours Do think of me. They bring me their old fence posts. Any gash timber, when they have a clear out. Shit like that. Keeps me busy, with the chop saw and sawzall. Bound to have a nasty accident, one of these days.

Meanwhile? Brace yeselves .....




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