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Veiw from your office

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2 hours ago, BenBhoy said:

Get many mate? 

Only 5 and one of them was just getting or just getting over mixie. Disappointing really looked like there was twice as many in that hedge.

Kits had a good run though.

Cheers Arry

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Leaving home for the office View from the office. Closer view from the office.....they are farmed deer.... The office. Planting new trees and re-establishing old lines

Beautiful day this morning. Cheers Arry

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3 hours ago, Ken's Deputy said:


:icon_eek: Nope. Sorry. Not happening. Not on My fukking watch!

I'd Have To have that fukking sand, if it mean't taking a taxi to the other side of town for it!

I wouldn't be able to sleep, leaving that annoying bit undone! ?

(I'm just like that. It'd eat into my soul)



sorted it in the end Ken ??

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Dug til sunset; just before dark Charlie was creeping along the hedgeline after the dopey poults that come onto the river over low.

Walked back with no light listening to the jackdaws, crows, geese, swans, ducks, curlews and oystercatcher.

The geese made a right bint and obviously didn't see me; kept landing fairly close and there must have been 500 plus land.

Only noise the ducks made was their beating wings as they went over head.




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1 hour ago, lurcherman 887 said:

Got a little sandstone patio Sean what’s best stuff to bring it back to life it’s gone very dull and dry looking 


The World’s Best Natural Sandstone Cleaner – Deep cleans sandstone to restore the natural colour. Unlike...


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11 minutes ago, si brown said:

Board stiff so on me phone, need to fill this but can’t take me foot off brake or it’ll roll into scaffold behind?


 Been like being back at collage today 


Similar surrounding here Si!! 


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