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That old Bucks Otter Hounds print is one of my absolute favourite otter hunting prints. They were originally produced as a fund raiser for the B.O.H. and if my memory serves me right were at that time

White terriers of old       Kilkenny, Ireland 1908        

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On 06/06/2019 at 16:24, p3d said:


Some early photographs with Black terriers,


Before 1930 above.


Dobson on the left.


Kendlal Otterhounds 1930


Spartacus, Great Grandson of Smithy who was born 1972 so this must late 70's , maybe 76-78

Note Gould calls them all Black Fell types.



I remember Spartacus from the mid to late 80's. Ken would peg him and his progeny out for all to see a shows.

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4 minutes ago, forest of dean redneck said:

35 litters from 15 months old , so the dog was mated just into its first season of work ? 

 wonder how much ken Was charging for a service back then?  Bet he made some poppy out of his dogs ?

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Going back to the first black dogs( as we know them).

Here’s the pedigree for Breay’s ‘Gem’, it seems she’s the first proper black to appear.


This is Gem


And then there’s Davy, a son of Gem and so the type seems to have been set. 


So is it fair to say Gem was the first proper black? 

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your blinded by the black mate , you should be looking at Ruby's breeding ;)  we all know people that bred just worker to worker i have mate that does it he had a choc bitch off me and couldn't work out why if he mated her to a russell he got black pups or a red he got  black pups and so on , it's easy choc is recessive dilution gene , once you mate them to any terrier carrying a black gene even if its only the nose or a few black hairs the self( all one color )  stays dominant but the recessive becomes that and you get self colored blacks  there been black about for hundreds of years, i was breeding a old book about borders and there is mention of the root stock beddy's dandys and borders coming black its all about fashion what's in vogue  also a 150 years ago dogs with red or putty's noses where class as better finders , we all know that to be true now :) 

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    • By TheGrafter
    • By Oshea
      Hello lads, merry Christmas and all that. I’ve got a terrier in my kennels that starting to test my patience. 
      Great dog, keen as mustard and all that but time and time again I’ve broken through to her steadily baying away only to find she’s sat with something mid tube on one occasion I broke though and there was nothing there however last week I said to myself if I break through I’ll clear the tubes up and pop her back in to make sure it isn’t my fault rather than blame her. Lo and behold it was sat about a meter back from the open end of the tube and eventually bolted itself - Happy says, a nice morning out (I only dig on my own and keep it private).
      However today we popped over to seasoned place, in she went, which was an incredibly large earth with multiple holes spanning across a bracken bank. Straight away she sat at 2.4 baying away well, too many entrances to net I kept an eye out for the bolt but nothing was to be seen. For the next hour maybe two she barley surfaced and worked the entire earth sitting and baying on occasion but shortly moving on and covering a great distance. Eventually on one occasion when she popped out, nose down looking for the next way in I picked her up and sat her back in the truck as I didn’t want to be sat there for another hour trying to get a mark. 
      my question is simple, what am I doing wrong? Or is the bitch at fault for not working her quarry to a stop end and staying. She isn’t massively experienced however for what’s she’s done I’ve found she’s intelligent and very safe often comes away without a mark. Please don’t recommend PTS or moving her on, I understand many terriermen wouldn’t tolerate this however for the times I have dug to her successfully it has been a great pleasure. I’ve had a conversation with a lad local to me and his response was “she’s not hard enough to hold them” which made me think one man’s preference may not be another’s. 
      all the best & happy new year 
    • By TheGrafter
      Morning lads,
      so I’ve always had black fell terriers and work them to ground. But for a few years I’ve noticed people starting work slightly broken coated very short coupled terriers that are little savages. I never really get a clear answer to what’s in them but I really like the look of them.
      one chap told me he’d crossed his Sealyham with a Russel and it turned out a good little worker. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this breeding specifically for earth work? 
    • By Oshea
      Good evening Gents,
      Using this platform again as I find it a great way to reach out into a pool of knowledge and great experience.
      Now I don’t work my terriers to hounds here in Ireland, but more than often will find myself having a wonder about my permission and trying the terriers in some common spots. However, I have noticed I’ve drawn more blank days than good and wanted to know what those who don’t work terriers under hounds provide consistent work for their own, how do you go about your day out to guarantee an earth will be occupied and how do you feel about drawing blank days.
      I worry by doing so my terriers will go flat and maybe cause a negative impact on their careers as working terriers. 
      Go stead, 

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