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  1. Mixedgrill

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Ffs that's a shame chum sorry to hear that
  2. Mixedgrill

    Various Jack Russell's

    Donny is that fella C.H involved in the line? Over the years
  3. Mixedgrill

    Advice please blokes

    Ask foxdropper hes an expert in this category and man of wisdom and knowledge he'll be along soon chum
  4. Mixedgrill

    Various Jack Russell's

    That's a pity it's a nice bitch
  5. Mixedgrill

    And finally i make my mark

    'Gaylord' would be more up his street
  6. Mixedgrill

    Various Jack Russell's

    It'll be the right age for the shows coming up
  7. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    You know I'm right
  8. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    More cock
  9. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    I fully understand what you r saying chum but that like taken 10 English speaking kids in a class room and asking one of them to speak Chinese
  10. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    I know that's true chum and fair play But Brian Plummer (FD) ON the other hand is full of shit
  11. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    Watery cuut
  12. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    You seriously telling me that you take a young terrier from your yard and it works first time ?? No schooling at all
  13. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    That's why I have a clue
  14. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    More shit
  15. Mixedgrill

    Rother Valley

    I can't bring myself to read anymore of your dribble but it's not only you, your the paranoid eejit that replies to me