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I have posted this before on THL but have always loved the photograph. I find it interesting on several levels. Not least being the quality of the terriers. I have no doubt that they were the Fox Terrier of the day. How could breeders and judges of the present Fox Terrier compare the dogs in this picture with their own and think that they have improved them? To me it beggars belief.

old scanned pic 001.jpg

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The great things about old photographs is they can be used to trace a terrier line as it develops (or not).



Arguably the best known of the Coniston huntsmen, Anthony Chapman began as whipper-in to Ernie Parker in 1932

and became huntsman from 1944 to 1976 when he retired.

This photograph shows "Chappie" in later years so the date must be around the 70's.

Two things to note, the white terrier and the Slate coated "Parks style terrier" on the couples.


More white terriers smooth and wire-haired at Porters feet with the E&E 1906.


If Topsy is the base of Dobsons breed of terriers then what breed was She?

The photograph in an earlier post of Lord Lonsdale with the smooth black terrier would lead you to believe that his kennel would use that type.

But Below we see that his terriermen were using white terriers.




Hard to argue with photographs. 

A great source of old images can be found here.



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11 minutes ago, eastcoast said:

To me Topsy looks like a Sealyham type

I agree, an earlier version when they were small enough to work otter.


John Edwardes favourite Dusty, in 1880 with her coat stripped.

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7 minutes ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

P3D, this is from Jocelyn Lucas’s Hunt book. I didn’t realise the term ‘Patterdale’ had been in use in them days? 8777F27E-7966-4057-8A92-8077542B4642.jpeg.1848e334a1cbbb94baf96f9692fceead.jpeg


But check out the photograph of the "Patterdale Terrier" that he is referring to. Not a smooth black dog, the complete opposite.

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It's documented that Dobsons dogs were of Bedlington blood, as were many lines of Lakeland terrier. Sometimes we look too hard into what may be in lines of the terriers of old and try to convince ourselves to what we would 'like' to find. Just go with what we already know...

Its also well documented that Willie Porter gave up Tommy's lines and bred to the new KC Lakies that were being bred.

Edmund Porter never was happy with the E&E terriers he inherited and has always favored genuine 'unrefined' working blood.

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A very old photograph of a Bedlington, the man is Joseph Aynsley, a stonemason who is credited as the founder of the breed.

Compare the size of his stonemasons hand with the head of the dog on the right.

That is some lump of a dog,  a wide skull with a pronounced stop.


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