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  1. Second that,credit to you CoursingMad,quality Borders.
  2. Looks ideal CM, my mate this way said he liked there style of working,being thicker boned and heavier,he had some good stuff awhile back,would use there weight to stay put on heavy gear.Atb
  3. This dog was well put together,strong lad,bred by member on here,wasn’t with me long unfortunately,not his doing though.Atb J
  4. Paul Kaye lmao,getting old only seems like few years back,Steve Coogan as Paul Calf was spot on for 80’s ...you a student lol
  5. Lovely stamp you have Starting out,is there Gould blood back in them?
  6. Bill Burr stand up stuff,his rescue pit bull ,no reason to hit a women,meeting his misses at her place-black neighbourhood feckin hilarious,his podcast ,he can drone on sometimes about NFL etc,worth a visit ,funny,honest.
  7. Stamp ain’t he Milliken ,thought a few appreciate him. Atb JMc
  8. BOSS....not mine,owners permission
  9. You lot...talkin bollox for England..lol
  10. All went abit tits up for me,but fondly remembered that little bitch,given to me by someone who knows the game this way,Eugene if you’re about this way drop us your number again,personal circumstances better of late,so can catch you up,working your way most weeks.Atb
  11. See in this thread Waterford mentioned,had a good bitch with me for a while from that way,, no reverse gear at all ,shit photo but see if I can find some more another time,good thread anyway.atb
  12. Out in the sunshine,lucky enough to have the estuary on the doorstep,my homes about the size of old schools kitchen!!beautiful,haven’t been writing any digging books have you,first name Johnny?
  13. Little lakey I’ve got,don’t know how she’ll go,but got a lot of heart in her attitude!!leggy about 12 and half at five months,sire 15 dam 13inches.atb
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