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  1. DC don’t know how to paste what you just said but are descent Lurchers whatever the type not placed instead of sold?seems to keep the descent terriers where they should be despite the obvious merry go round of dogs sold ,not a working dog breed that hasn’t been affected by money,here what your saying about the bad press knock on as well, but I like to think that no matter what working dog breed there will always be a core of dogs that will always and should be out of reach for shall we say daydreamers even the ones with right intentions still daydreaming ….you can’t outlaw a plant…and you can’
  2. They seem really square in the few photos I’ve seen of them,and one photo a dog stood out that was much taller.atb
  3. Cheers Chartpolski,working lines more robust would you say,racing line more refined,or not much difference?
  4. Read on here someone saying they would rather pick a Whippet out of racing lines(high prey drive) than working lines,words to that affect….any other opinions on that?
  5. Appreciate the feedback on the Tazy dogs,some great conditioned Whippets there,any tips on conditioning them ?atb
  6. Cheers Gilbert,pure bitches can come at just 22tts from what I’ve read,which makes a handy sized allrounder,if that’s what they are.
  7. Cheers Blackneck,just you that’s heard about them,rare…
  8. Certainly not trying to muddy the waters of an outstanding thread,just understand there trying to get the breed international recognition and sounds like a more robust Saluki type,my knowledge of lurchers consists of what I’ve read on here..help and personally I own two terriers but may add a whippet or something due to the ever increasing cost of meat
  9. Just seen a video of this one jumping out the back of a van in Essex,nice looking animal ,black and tan,next video was of it tied into another runner so I guess the lads aren’t fecking about with there investment,just recently had read this thread and the knowledge on here makes it a good read,figured a few may have seen them or worked them,it’s interesting that DNA.profile has them as separate breed from Salukis,or have I just swallowed the sales pitch atb
  10. Anybody on here know much about or seen Tazy in the UK,atb…great thread.
  11. Saw these interviews recently on YouTube part 4 if you don’t want the long haul,can’t usually deal with interviews by yanks on these dogs but we’ll worth a listen if you have sometime as I do ,driving all day everyday,and I looked at the setup of Lee Robinson/Robertson @American sentinels,they don’t do things by half’s,kennel setup ,location some fine animals indeed,space they have out there allows for what they keep I guess,worth a look.Most of those yardtour things I can’t bare but the Lee Robinson sentinals setups worth a look
  12. R I P Brian Nuttall,first one I had Old Nuttall gave me some schooling,much missed bitch,blood still going strong and worked in Holland.R I P.
  13. I’m sure Russia are still blissfully unaware of the ramifications of not taking part in this years Eurovision that’s really going to sting along with everything else that might come into effect by the end of this year possibly.
  14. No Crackdonalds,no Amazon,no Apple…..it’s going to be awful for Russians
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