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Your favourite film as kid

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Had my two nephews over to stay 6 and 9 year old a couple of weeks ago. Anyway got the Crisps and chocolate out and watched Goonies. They’d never seen it and they proper loved it . Anyway they want to come over again and watch a film with me again, and it got me to thinking what old school kids films I could show them . Anyway got Last Starfighter anyone remember that lol for us to watch . But what was your favourite film as a kid ? 

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Jason and the Argonauts. Cheers, D.

Every which way but loose every which way you can  Both brilliant films. 

I will have a rake for some pics,i dressed as a Victorian gentleman and had my hair brylcreamed flat,i looked the bollox,should have won an Oscar but oddly enough didn't,hollywood beckoned but somehow

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Any kind of film I used to be allowed to stay up past bed time with my old man.. Bond films, Clint Eastwood films, Mel Brooks films, etc. Blazing Saddles would be my ultimate favourite though! 😁

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23 minutes ago, pesky1972 said:

Goonies is fcukin chronic 😄

Rocky II

The GBU & For a Few Dollars More

Enter the Dragon


Slim pickings until video came out in the early 80’s, then there was no end of rubbish to choose from. 


Jock of the Bushveld was a cracking picture made in the 1980s . 


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Goonies is the one, I met a couple of them, the tiddlywink & Chunk at a premier. Watched the Stranger Things series on Netflix with mine recently, really good with some class music (set in the 80s E.T. x Goonies type thing).

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