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I am going to try to clear up a few things that have been weighing on me about Harambe and the Cinci Zoo since I read the news this afternoon. I have worked with Gorillas as a zookeeper while in my

Amazing THL so it is. I'd quite understand the debate on some lunatic vegan page but I do struggle to get my head around the debate on here. Most of us have no problem pulling the trigger whether it b

That gorilla could have popped the child's head off like a champagne cork at any second, shooting it was the only option. Shame that such a magnificent animal had to die.., but rather a monkey than a

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From what read 2 female gorillas where coaxed back inside an enclosure & kept contained, I guess the keepers shot as a last resort , so I assume they knew there was no way of getting the silver back to go inside like the females


I am puzzled that a small child managed to get through several barriers & be able to get inside the area that the silverback was in with no one seemingly trying to stop the child


Having just watched the footage , to shoot the gorilla was the right thing to do.... my heart went in my mouth when the Gorilla dragged the child through the water ..... its very sad & where all guilty of the old arm chair animal psychology bit '' it was only protecting the child''


Its hardly a natural setting for the Gorilla.... folks squealing & gawping at it from above... a very sad fiasco all round

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Hard decision to make under pressure but the zoos usually have dangerous animal protocols for incidents like these. In retrospect there has never been a recorded incident of a lowland gorilla injuring never mind killing a person and the child in this incident was discharged with no injuries at all.


Tranq wasn't an option - the darts hurt and the actual drug can sting under the skin, wouldn't want to risk pissing off an animal that big with a child beside it

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4 year old kid being dragged around by a gorilla, gorilla gets shot as it should.

Could've, should've, would've is by the by here, a child was in danger so it's a no brainer for me, Harambe the silverback is now headline news and I can live with that rather than hearing a child is dead because of some bodies negligence.

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All the bleeding hearts are on this now I see; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-36410841

Apparently the gorilla wasn't going to harm the boy.., it just dragged him around like a rag doll for 10 minutes to 'protect him from the screaming crowd' FFS.., more bullets please

I'm 100% of the same opinion as you pesky, I'm shocked by the lack of compassion for the poor wee baby getting thrown around by a 400lb gorilla, I hope the wee soul is ok and makes a full recovery after his terrible terrifying ordeal, sad tragic event that could have been avoided if the zoo had proper enclosures!!!


and also avoided if the bloody parents had of done there job properly, it's always someone else's fault isn't it..

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Gorillas are surprisingly placid despite their looks, it wouldn't have killed the boy or seriously hurt him in my opinion.

Not wanting an argument DF if it was your child in there, and you had the rifle what would you have done? I know what I would have done, 300 win mag straight in the head.


Then smacked the little sods arse so hard the next time he seen a gorilla he would run in the opposite direction.

That would have been right after I had just kicked the mother from one end of the zoo to the other.

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It's a pity that toddlers reins are not used more, it's very rare to see them at all nowadays yet they are still available. Had the water been a concrete bottomed pit instead of a water pit doesn't bear thinking about.

never see kids with these in anymore..I see mother's most days giving young kiddy's a good telling of most mornings for stepping out in front of cars. And what do the cost!! Next to nothing..
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If you read this link the gorilla was smashing the child off a wall and throwing him around, the keeper even said the child was in danger of his life, they show a bit of a video of it touching a child's hand and everyone gets a fairy story that it was protecting him, did no one see it dragging him off by the leg? Obviously they didn't show the video where it was being aggressive to the baby as that's when they had to shoot it, whether you think the parents were to blame or not....The zoo should have 100% secure enclosures to stop this happening.


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