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  1. blackmaggie

    Scrap men

    John it was said in jest no offence intended and it's good to see your doing so well
  2. blackmaggie

    Bad run of luck

    Alright calm down flower before you spit that barley stolk all over your bungess and turn cotton eye Joe down and listen to what I'm trying to tell you your making yourself look foolish you red neck pillock have a night of and then someone in the know might let you have the ped you crave
  3. blackmaggie

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    I'm glad it ended well for you dc I remember many moons ago losing a decent young bitch to a cave in my fault totally i should never of entered her but I shouldn't of listened to the cnut that told me it was a easy dig for her i should of known better i failed her not the other way round that day i was later told i was set up to fail by that cnut but that said I have had very good days on invites with genuine lads but it does leave a bitter taste
  4. blackmaggie

    Bad run of luck

    I have had my moments mud
  5. blackmaggie

    Bad run of luck

    I hope one day you find a new hobby ace because your a embarrassment to this sport with your childish comments and pictures and fire away with the insults what a joke you have shown yourself to be
  6. blackmaggie

    First x bull ... preban

    I would also look at a Wheaton x as good as a bull x on that job
  7. blackmaggie

    First x bull ... preban

    I preferred the 5/8 3/8 3/4 lacked wind imo and couldn't do a real hard night on teeth most not all but could catch edible as good mutt as any half crosses went always preferred 2 gen again I found the racy the better those big bucket headed 28 inch things weren't worth a carrot and couldn't turn lacked pace only any good on dispatch most of the pie stuff were natural retrievers live to hand on edible
  8. blackmaggie

    Scrap men

    Come on John d give the man is gear back
  9. blackmaggie

    Any one selling half cross pups

    Maybe a bit more info buddy may help your search on what your after
  10. blackmaggie

    Where's the northern grit I here so much about

    Won't of stopped the punjab army had they been there
  11. blackmaggie

    Lurcher stud dogs

    I think they charge you a one of fee for taking it and a small fee each year to keep it frozen i think prices vary a bit so it may a idea to shop about tc
  12. blackmaggie

    Lurcher stud dogs

    Can't you take straws tc then at least your not tied to a time limit and you will have chance to put your good dog back in to that line more than once and it's gives you a chance to work your youngster for a few seasons
  13. blackmaggie

    Lurcher stud dogs

    I agree two crows but how many bitches have you seen bred from because of there lineage produce some decent stuff but like wise I have seen some bitches work to a high standard yet produced nothing near themselves i suppose it's hit and miss or for those with a eye for a line to continue
  14. blackmaggie

    Lurcher stud dogs

    I always taught weigh up the the reasons for breeding a bitch work style etc and find a stud that could add to what she was missing but it had to be a proven producer in what you wanted to achieve but I get the line or offspring may not be around long due to the work style then its up to the handler to decide if it's worth trying at what ever age some produce some don't
  15. blackmaggie

    World Cup 2018

    Surprise surprise you raise your skirt when we lose wc semi final not bad for a young team i think you would be of sticking to wearing your skirts and putting your lips round a pipe with make up on and then once you even qualify for a tournament then have a say I bet Bruce is On steak tonight