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  1. either been rightly banned or sectioned either way threads arent been fecked up like they were
  2. i think in that area running dogs were a big thing for alot of folk like most areas i would say theres less at it now than 30 years ago and less gear and more heat im sure but i dont think it was a line as such but more of a name i only know about what i have read on here and only seen one run a few times but i believe they were fit for purpose and accounted for alot of stuff shame fuji still not on
  3. why not pm northern light and ask about that red dog of his its beddy blood but it seems to get plenty of graft good coat and feet decent hight and see if he produces and what it does depends what you want theres bird buck or that gaffer that shaun of derby owns or ask andy about don or boots
  4. i think one of the westham players said the same about var last night on tv and sheff utd manager said it was harsh on you but vars done the same to them surely its going to go it hasnt worked and now refs on the pitch seem more like assistants than refs
  5. it just came up on sky dy it shows just how good they are but i do like how they play we got lucky yesterday at yours a lucky point that for us
  6. yes the highest points total in the history of the top 5 leagues in europe after 21 games
  7. i cant be arsed being round folk getting pissed and hearing the same shite they were spouting years ago might be a age thing but i prefer my own company
  8. happy birthday ken beats being stuck in a pub a lot of tracks have shut round here now
  9. seen a few like that and then say they havent sold enough tickets so they pay the winner a bit and keep most of it claiming advertising costs etc and there quids in and in some cases well in profit
  10. there was a few like him back then he reminds me of harry bassett hes certainly a character
  11. hannhan just get get shut flower you arent doing you or the dog justice its bored and you cant put the graft or simution in front of it to keep it happy maybe get a chihuahua that might suit you better love but a runnner not for you im afraid
  12. kanes movement and awareness in postioning around the box makes him one of the best strikers in europe if not the best i cant think of a team that wouldnt have him like or loath him he is best /most prolific english striker today
  13. i would put half away for the kids future and enjoy the rest holidays etc cant take it with you but you can enjoy it while its there and know the kids are getting a better start than us
  14. i was gifted a bitch of tps mate in wicklow collie grey bull grey she threw to the bull grey what a good bitch took teeth no problem 2/3s s/h on a night took bigger gear when things didnt always go her way had good wind and reterieved lived to hand same she was baron
  15. im glad everything came good trigger i know my mate who had one got hit by a taxi was in a serious way at the time hes back working now like you say its fantastic what they can do now
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