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Still going slow awaiting the second report from the ipcc before we can move forward with the legal action

had an chat with the chap from field sport Britain i did ask him to put a thank you on the interview to all members on THL for the support they have given !!

Link to the video clip

Was that you In the rspca episode sitting in the van?

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Get Clive to push every charge possible all the way mate, I'd be phoning papers and everything, all over facebook you name it, take them for everything

right here is the update i was charged by the rspca with 6 charges keeping 9 dogs for animal fighting being present at an animal fight causing an animal fight cruelty to a dog causing s

Just got conformation from the solicitor ect the warrant seems to have legality issues the dogs seized seems to be illegal have to wait 14 days for a response from the chief constable then its court a

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It's great you have the fire in your belly to fight and push this forward.just think how many cases what hasent been put out there due to folk not having the same fire as yourself..best of luck...

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This is disgusting lads sure look what they are doing to American pit bulls taking healthy dogs an destroying them sickens me how can they call themselves animal welfare no wonder they are on tv looking donations rather burn my money than support the rspca a law of their own shame on yous

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The RSPCA could well lose it's Royal patronage, the Queen due to her age is looking to cut down the number of charities she is patron of, the RSPCA due to it's anti hunting and shooting stance is looking like the first on the list to lose and the other members of the Royal family want nothing to do with it!

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