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    Just watched it. Well said, I feel you have some momentum on this and hopefully you can get some justice for yourself but also, no pressure, for every wronged person f****d over by the RSPCA.
  2. Ok ta for the advice. Ill tty and get some spinning in!
  3. Ok Thanks mate. So you like me catching one is at least achievable?
  4. Hi all of to the cancun area for a few weeks soonish and really fancy doing some fishing. Looking into it fly fishing for bone fish seems like a good crack but I've heard it's hard to say the least and I've only been fly fishing twice. Is it worth me trying? How much is a guide going to cost me? Any other advice.
  5. Xcaret is great. I prefer xel ha but they are slightly different setups and xcaret is probably a bit more cultural. I'm biased but i love the place. Have a good un!
  6. Hi pal. You will be lucky with hunting i think. All round Quintana Roo, the state your in, and further a field is dense jungle. Vast majority of the time to hot to work dogs. Most of the crocs are protected along with a lot of the wild life. The fishing is very good im lead to believe but ive not done any out there as of yet. If you go wandering off into the jungle be very careful as croc attacks are common enough for it to be a threat. Not sure on the exact laws regarding spear guns but alot of the locals use them. Probably a bit late this time of year but keep your eye out for the hotel wor
  7. I still count things in freddos. I'm sure I'm not as old school as you guys but to break 10p per freddo was kind of sac religious top me
  8. Ok point taken. I'll get on it and have a ring about.
  9. Ok Thanks all. Ill see how i get on this week.give him a few days and if it's not sorted I'll get the ball rolling. Thanks for everyone's help
  10. Ok Thanks for the advise. How does one go about finding a bone man? I'm not sure now I'd it could be a couple of broken ribs but i don't know how he would have done that.
  11. I'm at a loose end trying to find an injury on my 4 year old lurcher. I've been away from home with work and on coming back my mum said that for a week or so my dog has had an injury. We can't pin down to when it was exactly so we don't know how he's done it. In most respects hes a tough dog and he does seem to be in some distress with it when is hurting but is very hit and miss when it does hurt him. He can be having a run about and stop yelping and crying then have a pronounced limp or it doesn't seem to affect him at all. He could be scrapping with another dog one minute then the next yelli
  12. Its quite good. Nothing really lurcher related when ive been in the past but its good never the less lots to see. Some of the demos are pretty good.
  13. Spent a while in Canada and loved it. Near Calgary
  14. Worked on a pig farm for a good few years, used to see some wierd piglets. Used to get a few born with organs on the outside of there bodies, deformed heads ect. Used to hate picking up aborted piglets, especialy when ther are at the runny stage when they just disolve and slop through your fingers like mush.
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