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The warrant supposedly stated encouraging a dog to fight with a wild animal, they did not show me or leave a copy they took 9 dogs. On the Monday I had a call from the solicitor saying they had called him stating a dog had died the day before IE Sunday. My vet went out and examined the rest of the dogs and was informed the dog had died Monday the RSPCA has never contacted me informing me that one of my sons dog was dead.

I asked Clive to find out what had happened? I get a copy of a message he got, that 3 German Shepard's had attacked and killed the dog, the dog was 8 week pregnant at the time. They informed my vet that the body had been sent to Essex for an examination, so I got Clive to request that my vet also had chance to examine the body to make sure it was my sons dog and that there was nothing amiss. They told the vet it would be dropped off Tuesday, surprising that was a no show from them.

On Friday night 8pm they dropped it at my vets they wanted it back Monday morning he called me to and told me the report on the dead dog was very damming to the RSPCA and did I want him to proceed with an autopsy? I asked if i could come with my son to make sure it was his dog? When we saw it the skin had been removed, the head removed and she was in bits, there was no way possible to say it was his dog. We scanned the dog and contents of the bag and no micro chip that she was registered with was present, they knew before hand through Clive we were going to go and identify the dog she had only been in there care 2 days, I firmly believe that the RSPCA did this act deliberately. I have found out another dog has been attacked and bitten about the head, I have photos and there own vet report stating no marks on the dog.

They granted me access Friday 25 to see my dogs they only fetched 4 dogs. Out of the 4 dogs one was emaciated and had lost 1/3 of his weight with bites to his back legs and tail. I pointed this out to the police and the RSPCA that were present, and the answer I got was to email them with a complaint. I then asked the office why he would not do something abut them starving the dog and the injuries his reply was report the matter to the RSPCA. It’s like there a law unto themselves. I went to the police station to report the fact that they had killed one dog, had injured anther and the emaciated dog, There reply you, will have to write to the RSPCA as its nothing to do with them. I did ask them if it was there duty to stop or prevent any acts of cruelty? They would not answer. Hunting in the UK is legal under the DEFRA guidelines (rat rabbit and fox for the protection of game birds).

She went from this, to this in 2 days. Please share.




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Get Clive to push every charge possible all the way mate, I'd be phoning papers and everything, all over facebook you name it, take them for everything

right here is the update i was charged by the rspca with 6 charges keeping 9 dogs for animal fighting being present at an animal fight causing an animal fight cruelty to a dog causing s

Just got conformation from the solicitor ect the warrant seems to have legality issues the dogs seized seems to be illegal have to wait 14 days for a response from the chief constable then its court a

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F**king hell, makes me sick! The more people that hear this the better!!


The more the RSPCA get exposed to what the really are the better!!


Its not just hunting folk who oppose them either...


They are a money making machine and put on a big front like they give a sh*t about what's best for animals...


Sorry to hear about your situation, keep us posted as to what happens, as been said get this in the papers...

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How is this allowed to happen?. How can the police stand by and let this happen? How?


I hope you get some serious answers matey, and I hope whoever did that gets what they deserve. An eye for an eye......

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Fail to see how they can get away with it? I would go to the media and shame the b*****ds. After that I'd probably end up doing something silly out of anger. Disgusting and these c**ts reckon they are animal lovers? Pff

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