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  1. dymented


    Thats just an average price bud ive seen them go for less and twice as much obviously if there kc reg they fetch around the 1k mark with out paperwork around 600 have a look about theirs some cross bred ones that go for daft £££
  2. dymented


    there a universal dog bud they will retrieve of water , people have them in the beating line and on a whistle , all mine will kill rats at earth work there not nutters nice and steady , i kennel a few all together with out any incidences unlike the average terrier , on top they work like a hound I like them there not every ones cup of tea but with the current laws they suet me
  3. dymented


    just a few of them bud
  4. dymented


    If your feeling generous why not spend 5-10 k buying your stock in then sell the off spring for £50 or give them away im sure many would love one then , most would spend 100s on beer or trainers but wouldn't spend £50 on a dog , I have gifted a few to friends that way i can always get some blood back if i ever need to That said ive gifted dogs to people before good dogs i could have sold on , only to find out a month or two later they sold it on .
  5. dymented


    Each to there own but they are far more than just a busher
  6. dymented


    Pet one go for a lot more !
  7. dymented


    most will work even the English stuff, I found it easier to chat the the breeders on FB and find out whats what and who works them
  8. dymented


    will be yes bud they go for between £600 -£1000 with or with out papers but have seen them go for nearly 2k
  9. dymented


    Try not to take photos these days just in case any one knocks if im bushing ill run up to 6 if im out doing earth work just take two on couplings and yes i do breed
  10. dymented


    Got loads of the little shits all imported stock they will bush anything only a couple will try to drop in on rabbits all the rest will walk past un less its fox then your digging and yes there single handed there more of a bayer than anything else pups go from £600-800 with out papers 800-1500 with if you want them for earth work get one from imported lines as they still work them hard on the continent They can be head strong on a scent but i have also seen them in the beating line , ferreting , picking up and on the whistle you get out what you put in to them
  11. dymented

    RSPCA boss defends shooting ?!? Surely not.......

    with out the requested paper work it will be a total wast as they will just fob it off and pass the blame This is how they keep getting away with it My case is not an isolated one either same think happened to a chap from wales around a month ago they sized all the dogs ( not one needed any veterinary treatment and were totally un marked ) day later one dog dead another clinging to life They claim a lurcher had gotten through 4" bars and did it Mine would have gone in the national papers but the charity insisted at the time i was under investigation for dog fighting and badger baiting ! i was never ever questioned regarding there false allegations or charged with them They paint you black so no one believes you and spend a fortune on advertisements with the national papers so there not going to throw there funding away but ill keep plodding on and doing what ever i can to cause them shit
  12. dymented

    RSPCA boss defends shooting ?!? Surely not.......

    There still giving the solicitor the run round refusing to give us the information needed so are the police there blaming each other but ill plod on ive come this far
  13. dymented

    RSPCA boss defends shooting ?!? Surely not.......

    The charity make a fortune off the rspca assured food scam scheme Its not about the animals its about how much they can profit these days
  14. dymented


    Got a few imported Teckels with export papers and uk reg
  15. dymented

    working dachshunds

    Loads about if you look or no the right people