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  1. this is the one i use and its bang on !!
  2. http://www.jaydavineterriers.co.uk/ try them
  3. If any one is interested in reading more about the Teckel try this https://internationalworkingteckel.com/
  4. get one that can see a good distance and you wont go wrong
  5. Did it have legs ? mine never seem to struggle on stubble Yes they go for good cash but so do the English ones who have never seen anything but a show ring its horses for courses no one is pointing a gun at any one looking to buy one
  6. i have them from Spain , Germany , Serbia , Ireland there kc is not the same as ours i like to get them as you can research all its blood lines passport only state dogs name chip number and vaccine its had
  7. prices have come down a lot if you no the right people its anything from 200 euro to 500 euro to get one shipped price for a pup is anything from 300 euros up , just watch out as there all tricky fu**ers and will try and up the price and if they dont have export papers done in your name you carnt register them , its all fairly simple theses days just a matter of trust as you pay upfront and there 1000s of miles away if it goes wrong
  8. as i stated its an article i did not write , i posted it as its hunting related the title was on the article, I will stick to the dog best suited to my needs
  9. i have never had to carry any dog over a log pile or fence any dog will bush but will they run the scent for miles like a hound You stick to what you like ill stick to what i like PS we have different laws regarding animals in the uk
  10. i have had better digging dogs yes but they would not run field up on field on a line , they would they retrieve from water i am in no way saying that all other terriers dont but i can take any of my teckels out and they will , i can also put a long line on and track a deer or go for a dig with the same ones , they are not a hard digging dog far from it but thats what i wanted i dont have to worry when you get a knock at the door , How many people run a pack of russels like hounds ? or use them for tracking wounded animals ? look on the deer stalking forum and see , They are not for every one
  11. mine must be something else then ( no they wont jump a 6 foot fence or 6 foot wall ) sheep netting either under or through average farm wall they get over , i did not film this video but i do own the dog and its a wild boar vid
  12. Its an article on the web but i did not write it , you would be surprised how much drive some lines have
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