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  1. dymented

    Garmin Astro 320

    sportdog mark 1 is the one then
  2. dymented


    Because i got convicted of 1 out of 9 charges 9 ( i got a conditional discharge for it ) there is little the papers will do now , Unfortunately unless there a solicitor there is nothing any one else can do i knew from the start it would be a long old haul ill stick with it hurting them as much as i can . I must be doing something to them as they insist on coming round every few months saying they have received a complaint from a member of the public and can they see my animals only to be throw off the property
  3. dymented


    Its been a massive headache and still on going the solicitor is getting fed up with them not replying to requests it has been weeks and weeks just waiting for one reply and its not the right one ect they are trying to drag it out for as long as they possibly can but with out the right paperwork we need from them they will carry on trying to tie our hands up but ive got the rest of my life to carry on harassing them till i get justice . I keep posting shit about them on FB trying to hurt them where its most effective in there pockets . Mine is not a one off case either there are a few more people its happened to who have been in contact so ive pushed them in the right direction as well sooner or later it will come to an end they can not keep doing it for ever !
  4. dymented


    until they lose the line just the same as any other hound
  5. dymented


    they would work as good as beagle if not better they have more drive only down side is they will drop in on what they find
  6. dymented

    Galaxy or Iphone?

    Had a few over the years and can not fault them ! way better than the i phones got the BV9000 pro and the BV 10000
  7. dymented


    Its hard to judge from photos ect but i have seen litter siblings that are nearly twice the size of it siblings but turned out around the same size when there adults you dont often see them bigger than there parents unless they have something else in them ect There is no difference in the breed miniature or standard anything under 5kg they class as mini over 5kg they class as standards
  8. dymented


    These are sisters at around 10 weeks old next photo at around 14 months old
  9. dymented


    Yes you do get the odd one
  10. dymented


    pup wont really get hairy to be far but if it was going to be hairy it would have it now but that wont affect the way it will work in any way these were 6 weels old and you can see the difference in coats on there face ect
  11. dymented


    Thats just an average price bud ive seen them go for less and twice as much obviously if there kc reg they fetch around the 1k mark with out paperwork around 600 have a look about theirs some cross bred ones that go for daft £££
  12. dymented


    there a universal dog bud they will retrieve of water , people have them in the beating line and on a whistle , all mine will kill rats at earth work there not nutters nice and steady , i kennel a few all together with out any incidences unlike the average terrier , on top they work like a hound I like them there not every ones cup of tea but with the current laws they suet me
  13. dymented


    just a few of them bud
  14. dymented


    If your feeling generous why not spend 5-10 k buying your stock in then sell the off spring for £50 or give them away im sure many would love one then , most would spend 100s on beer or trainers but wouldn't spend £50 on a dog , I have gifted a few to friends that way i can always get some blood back if i ever need to That said ive gifted dogs to people before good dogs i could have sold on , only to find out a month or two later they sold it on .
  15. dymented


    Each to there own but they are far more than just a busher