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English Bull Terriers

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heres a couple of pics, too many, sorry. i owned the brindle bitch. The white dog is my brothers, thunder rock bred and everything a bullie shod be. Both were 100% driven and capable. I know the breed

Posted this before in another section i know, but here's an e.b.t. x i owned close to thirty years ago now...an absolute b*****d of a dog. I've been around all of the bull and terrier types over the y

Without wishing to offend..........why would somebody called " working bull and terrier " be so bothered about " a straighter profile " and importing one " that looks like those " and be calling dogs

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9 hours ago, Bosun11 said:

I'd recon that would be about right mate.

Mine was good as gold but then he was always working.

Back when i owned mine and had a massive interest in the breed, i knew of almost every BT in about half of the city. Most of them, including my dogs half brother, had bitten someone in the household.

There was a lady that lived down our street who had one, they had it for most of my life but i never seen it. The street i grew up in, was a typical terraced street of small two up two down houses.

This lady, Mrs Crutson, always looked out of place living there. A slim, sexless shrew  always smartly dressed, with a head scarf and horn rimmed glasses. I only seen her on occasion, walking hurredly down the street to shop, she never seemed to speak to anyone and though she was married, i never ever seen her husband in 16 years!

When i got my BT pup, neighbours who came to see it started to tell me that Mrs Crutson has one of them dogs, its huge and everytime they told me, they all rolled their eyes?

I remember stopping outside her front door and hearing that snuffling sound of a dog sniffing under the door, which i'd never noticed before in the thousands of times i'd walked past. I was determined to see this dog but it took me weeks to pluck up 'courage' to knock, she was such an odd lady.

So i did and after what seemed like an age, the door opened a crack and one horned rimmed eye peered out at me. I blurted out that i had a dog the same as hers and could i possibly see it, because i loved the breed? She looked terrified, telling me no and shutting the door on me.

It was a strange encounter and i went home and asked my mum about it. She told me i should never have knocked there and a tale was told as to the reason i was told a firm 'no' at the door.

Mrs Crutson's husband brought the dog home as a puppy but, he was strange, a loner and only left and entered the house during darkness and then from the back entry (which is why i never seen him!) He doted on the dog but never took it out the door. The beast would attack both of them regular but more so her. Her direct neighbours would hear her screaming in both pain and terror when the dog attacked and it was often but her husband would never get rid of it. Her legs and hands were full of scars from the dog, which made sense as she always wore gloves.

She hated the dog and lived in constant fear of it and i can only look back and think how bad that must have been for her but times were different then and many secrets were kept behind closed doors. I always looked upon her with different eyes when she shuffled past after that.

I've no idea as to why i've took the time to write this post, other than i've never forgot that. I could have climbed up and peered at that dog over the back yard wall at any time after but once i was told the tale, i never wanted to see that dog...

Poor woman.

 I wonder what makes them do it? Having the brains bred out of them to suit the head shape?

 Its strange though as you would think being essentially a show only breed they would have all aggressive traits bred out of them.

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Only seen one do any sort of real hunting was dumb as f**k but i have to say a real gentleman of a dog with dogs and people. My pal bought him off a polish couple he had a couple wierd traits but good little thing. Seen a few cranky ones out n about thats how id describe most cranky not hard or any other word used to describe terriers.they seem to be getting popular again for some reason i wouldnt have one for a gift. 

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I know a lad who is in contact with a fella in Mexico.  He has pure blacks . Seemingly he works the arse off them . And obviously they are prevalent in the doggo gene . They must have seen traits they liked . Pitty the kennel club has ruined them and most other breeds . Just look at the German shepherds.  Look more like hyenas 

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20 minutes ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Jeep? When I was 16 and worked on one quality was shocking big bundle of wires an scotch blocks  behind rear bumper , collected the mud then pulled the wiring down 😂

Oh its a car I honestly thought he was asking if I had relations wi a Pakistan lady before 

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4 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Jeep? When I was 16 and worked on one quality was shocking big bundle of wires an scotch blocks  behind rear bumper , collected the mud then pulled the wiring down 😂

I could build something better than a Mahindra in my shed.I like the idea of a simple 4wd but it is 2020 lol.

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