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  1. Some breed for field work... some for earth work. Some breed for both. Others breed solely for the tradition of testing, and some for competition. Jagds are no different than any other terrier in that they vary in type and ability. Typically a person will either love them or hate them.. and that seems to correspond with that person's need for this type of terrier.
  2. I say they are a pain in the ass.
  3. Good post.... I would be inclined to agree for the most part. But I would have to see it with my own eyes. If it were so easy to breed dogs.... none of them would fail. Here in the real world they do.... and it might be a good idea to KNOW what is expected of a good jagdterrier before expecting another terrier to be able to do the job. 100 years of breeding for difference is likely to have had some results.
  4. I would like little more than to see you able to enjoy that life again right there at home. It's almost surreal when I think about what the Anti's have done in that part of the world.
  5. I know Mosby well and in my opinion he wasn't necessarily saying that they were any "better" unless your needs call for that type of terrier. Speaking for myself better usually comes down to your needs/expectations and is best judged on a dog by dog basis. Sounded more like he was saying that they were different... that's all, and why shouldn't they be. They are bred by and for people that expect them to be.
  6. Jagds are like any terrier breed in that some are extremely good at whatever you ask of them and some are complete junk. Some have zero hunt... but will take a hold and an ass whoopin from whatever you put in front of them.... and some have all the hunt and ability in the world but are cowards. They can be as big as nearly any.... and as small. They come at either extreme from a size and performance standpoint.... and they are everywhere in between as well. I doubt you would have much trouble getting a good one to work with your mink.....I've never seen it done.... but hell... that doesn't mea
  7. I've seen some pretty impressive videos a guy in the Midwest made of a trained mink hunting river banks. A friend of mine from Florida went and bought one from him... but sadly I haven't heard how it worked out. Here I'd be just as worried about what lives in the water killing the mink as I would a dog...but I figure the guy who trained the mink to do what I saw was more than capable of breaking a dog off of him. Good luck in your search.
  8. None that I know of..... I wish there were, Temple isn't far from me. There are so many new lines here these days and some are fine dogs. I'd sure like to get in on that myself. I don't know of anyone who's crossed them with a beagle, but I had a couple I think were nearly as good.
  9. I think that is the case General Lee.... Cool screen name by the way. The jagds track real well and have the kind of drive that compensates for a nose that isn't quite as good as a hounds and I believe this allows them to line out some tracks faster. I sure would like to see one of these hunts. I told my friend to just teach them to come when they hear a horn blow.... he just laughed and said he was proud of them for getting themselves disqualified. I would love to bring a couple of dogs to one of these type hunts.
  10. I don't know much about the jagds he was using but I know the guy who bred one of them. I thought it was pretty cool.... I've never seen a hunt like this.
  11. Here an adventure a friend of mine had a couple of weeks ago. I thought is was pretty funny and thought I'd share it here. In his words..... "Moments before my jagds where PROUDLY disqualified for not responding to the huntmaster or his trumpet but out of 42 dog's my Damon and James E Mills's Voodoo where the only two that made a kill and stretched fur a nice grey fox!! And both me or the jagds have never hunted like this before I was invited as where the jagds." Freddy is a great guy that hunts his little dogs hard. He hunts them to ground and above. I wish I could have poste
  12. I think they are just happy with a successful dig. They drop in a grittier dog at the end because it works number one. Two they don't like digging to a dead dog if they can help it, and people in different parts of the world do what works for them. I saw some crazy video the other day where this tribe from who knows where was hunting pigs by hurling monkeys on their backs.... I thought to myself.... now there's some folks in DIRE need of a couple of good dogs.. but what do I know.lol
  13. Why stick a grittier terrier in once you've finished the dig?? Is that because the "first" dog is barking its head off, 6ft away from its quarry?? Lol lol lol Did you perhaps miss the part where I said.... THE ONES I KNOW OF STAY AND BAY BARKING THEIR HEADS OFF UNTIL THEY DIG DOWN TO THE DOG?
  14. Seems kind of crazy to me to base an opinion of the breed on a single video. I've never owned one. I know some folks who do. They use them in parts of the world for digging to badger.... The ones I know of stay and bay barking their heads off until they dig down to the dog. They then drop in one of their grittier terriers at the end. I have seen other guys using them on their own. Like Mosby said... there are some tough ones out there. I'm curious about them and would like to have one.... but my uses for it would be VERY limited so....guess I'll pass.
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