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  1. Stuntman-The triple was fun...and the second time we have pulled it off in that field! Those young guns of yours are on the right track. Your persistence is paying off. Take care.
  2. Saluki246-Your not like 99% of the folks that say they like wolves...but have never seen one, or know what they really are like in the wild...are ya? Stabba-..."Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms"... Take care.
  3. Saluki246-"i personally like wolves, everyone has different opinions and experiences..." What is it you like about them? What expieriences have you had with them? Take care.
  4. The dog IS the gun in my rig. Odds are, the reason the coyote got in the hole in the first place is because the other dogs wernt tough enough to stop it. Make enough excuses for your dogs and soon you wont even have to take them... Whippet 99-I think you summed it up..."not knowing much about yotes or hunting yotes" Take care.
  5. Those fellas have never dug to a terrier. They have no idea it could hurt one, but truth is with the dog not wedged in, I wouldnt worry to much about hangin onto the tail. They arent machines, but they arent made of glass either... Take care.
  6. Lets just say this. Good luck catchin a white tail with a dog unless the situation is way in your dogs favor and catching a pronghorn aint friggin happening unless something goes drastically wrong for the goat. Thanks for the reply. I've always wondered about Pronghorn. They said that the Blackbuck of India was uncatchable but I think some pure saluki's caught them by a war of attrition. How would, say, a greyhound compare to a whitetail, speedwise? thanks JD J Darcy-The way to catch them is to wear them down. Speed alone wont do it for dogs, IMO. Take care.
  7. skycat/bird-Our blacktail jackrabbits (hares) mostly stay where the sage is thick, so not great running. The coyotes live on mice, voles, whistle pigs (gophers), badger, antelope fawns, deer fawns, sheep and calves etc... We run jacks on the lamp, and on the occasion we find one in the open. There are spots and folks here that just run hares. Take care.
  8. Skycat-We are miles apart from each other, and hunt all the ground between us. There is ALOT more ground than that though. I had an Englishman here to hunt years ago, and the thing he seemed most amazed by was the vastness... Take care.
  9. It was probably someone talking about Blue Lacy dogs. The story is they have some coyote blood in them...its just a story IMO. Take care.
  10. Dan-No...Bliss is Hoss x Tazer (T x Lazer) Rocks littermate sister is Gush. Take care.
  11. CelticWH-What do you consider Big Game? What would you be expecting the dog to do? Take care.
  12. swamphunter-Nice lookin pups. I would choose the blaze face(blk/wht) Why did you decide to go Stag x Grey vs Stag x Stag? Take care.
  13. Mother and son Bullstags. Used for different tasks, but not sure I could pick between them. Take care.
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