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  1. As a farrier I can tell you what I'd like to see in a worker horse wise, feet in line with the limb when viewed from the front, when viewed from the side, the patterns should not be to long to upright and defo not to sloping. I d rather see patterns upright as opposed to sloping, same goes for the feet, you want bang in the middle but if I had to choose I'd take upright as opposed to flat. If you want a productive, sustained working life the the legs should be straight when viewed from the front and shoulder, pattern angles the same when viewed from the side, no flat spread, crap feet. The joi
  2. Amazing looking animals on here, not that you need me to tell you, thanks for sharing the pictures
  3. I have one of this breeding, gentle soul but loves to hunt. I think you could do alot worse, if the parents were ggood dogs you should be on to a brilliant first dog
  4. My two beddy whippet grey and beddy grey
  5. Thanks again, ive had 2 great offers. Thinking cap is on. Thanks for all the advice
  6. Thanks Bosun, real interesting reading
  7. Bosun, and everyone else. I have to ask these questions, a dozen heads are better than one, and there's obviously a wealth of experience out there. It leaves me with some more study to do but that's a good thing, thank you very much for your help. If anyone knows of any of these present day types with beddy ancestry that are working or have a good working past I'd be really grateful for any information. Thanks again, Neil
  8. I'd love to see the pics if there available
  9. This was also said to me the other night. decisions, decisions, were quite spoilt in this country really.
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