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Found 76 results

  1. Hi All, My Whippet x Greyhound is about 18months old now. She is a great family pet and a natural at catching rabbits and even one muntjac (along with my border terrier). If I had more knowledge id love to use her for rabbits & lamping. The only downside to her is that she is very fussy about what she eats... I've tried meat, rice veg and meat/fish, biscuits, chicken skins and she still won't put any weight on. She rarely finishes a meal, and doesn't often eat in the mornings. I don't leave food down all day either. I'm a not concerned that she is unhealthy and it doesn't bother me too much, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any tips on fattening up a running dog?
  2. I’m just getting into this for my first season and doing quite well for my first season, just wanting any advice for starting out etc. These are my two bitches white and brindle is 7 and the black and white is 12 months.
  3. B Woodsford

    Lurcher litters

    Any litters coming up? Midlands area
  4. moonlighter

    Pups first outing

    Took the young dogs out ferreting today. To bloody hot and not many to ground, but it gets them used to the nets and the stinkers.
  5. callum104

    Starting out, new dog

    Have always had an interest in dogs in general (ive always had terriers but later became interested in running dogs). I've lived in Spain for 5 years and have a 4 year old whippet but hes from show lines and has never worked. Recently, encouraged by my girlfriend we decided on getting another pup. We came across a galgo from good coursing lines and went for it (if anyone is interested there are a few videos of parents/grandparents coursing on the internet that i can post). He's currently 14 weeks old and has been with me for 2 weeks. He already has a decent recall and i'm now teaching him to retrieve. Is there any advice you'd give to someone about how to go about getting started, books worth reading, training etc? I know it's important not to overdo it but is there anything specific that i should be doing? The idea would be rabbiting/mooching and maybe hare coursing if i can find something fairly closeby. He's eating a diet of meat, offal and a bit of veg and is almost as big as the whippet already so going to be pretty big. Can already tell that they mature much slower than whippets, i guess becauae of the difference in size. I've also seen there are a few users who travel to/live in spain so any insight in the laws etc over here hunting with dogs (I'm in the catalonia region) or experience with breed would be really helpful. The first pic is of him before he arrived, the black bitch is the dam and thought i'd throw in a photo of my whippet...not a bad place to live! Thanks for any help
  6. B Woodsford

    Hunting up on the lamp

    Iv got a kelpie bull greyhound he’s 11 months old done all the training with him and thought he was ready to start lamping. I took him out to watch a few times end of last season and took him to watch again more recent before letting him off. His recall is normally spot on even in the day time if he is chasing a rabbit and I call him back he comes back. But when I take him out lamping as soon as he misses the rabbit his nose goes straight to the ground and there is no getting him back. Been told it’s called hunting up. Any ideas to fix it? Iv been told it might be the kelpie in him as they can be head strong but Iv not really had any other problems with him. One person told me to just keep letting him do it till the penny drops but don’t want him to get bad habits. At the minute I turn my back on him and walk out the field when he jumps the gate I put him back on the slip. or if I stand still for 5-10 min he comes back, but then all the rabbits are gone.
  7. Newrunner


    Hi all, I'm new to Hunting life website and to the forums. I have just got a greyhound/deerhound pup (12 weeks old now) and just moved area. I am now in south Yorkshire and I'm looking for some permission or even better someone to have a mooch around with to start the pup off on some rabbits this season. Anyone can help or interested drop me a message. Thanks
  8. For those not already aware, Alison Johnstone MSP (Scottish Green Party) has tabled a Private Member’s Bill, which if approved would have a severe, negative impact on all forms of hunting with dogs. It is presently out for public consultation and that consultation period ends on 15th September 2019, which is less than a month away. It’s essential that you and as many other likeminded individuals as possible respond before that date. Before responding, it’s advisable to read the comments and notes of guidance provided by the Scottish Countryside Alliance and/or Scottish Association of Country Sports. These can be found at: https://www.countryside-alliance.org/getattachment/cd8b72ad-d577-4523-bbcb-5b19a6e89461/Alison-Johnstone-Consultation-Countryside-Alliance-Response_.pdf?lang=en-GB and https://www.sacs.org.uk/media/uploads/cat-252/banning-fox-and-hare-control-in-scotland-sacs-consultation-guidance-for-members.pdf The survey is also available online and can be completed at: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WildMammals/ It’s important to complete the survey in full (including names and addresses) and no matter how frustrating, or ridiculous you may find some of the proposals, please remember “courtesy at all times”. There's no extra points for belligerence, or for rudeness, the purpose of the exercise is to improve awareness, NOT to make any more enemies than we already have. Y.I.S. - Barrie
  9. Irish here considering a move to Scotland with some questions. What kind of breed / mix would be best for the terrain? what are more important things to know regarding the laws of rabbiting / running dogs in general in Scotland? Is it difficult to get hunting permission? Best parts of the country to find rabbits? is day hunting or lamping more popular? Thanks for any and all replies and advice is much appreciated!
  10. two crows

    rabbit plague

    found this old article
  11. Sadly Mick Douglas has passed away a few years ago ,its interesting to hear from others who knew him or met him . I had 2 lurchers from Mick and as you see later will put up some photos . I was young at the time ,but his advice on training and working was a great help,in my hunting trips. He was his own man ,living up on the marshes and had a lot of skills too. I enjoyed being in his present,never did i feel he talked bullshit and what was passed to me made a lot of sense, you be sadly missed my friend and thank you for sharing your knowledge to me ......
  12. Does anyone no of a bedlington whippet bitch for sale
  13. MJenks

    Advice needed

    I'm new to this site and the hunting game as well but I recently bought myself a rabbit cage trap of a really genuine guy who told me he had lots of rabbits in his cage trap. He gave me some good advice which I have listened to but any other advice would be appreciated. I've put my cage in the field put a trail of carrot peeling down and dangled a carrot in the real cage but I've had no luck yet in catching a rabbit. Does anyone know if they like them chopped or whole, peeled or unpeeled? I was also thinking about trying some lettuce as the little gems in lidl are cheaper than carrots any ideas on this matter would be great
  14. Lurcherman332


    Well after all the hard work and challenges training it’s finally paid off took my pup out today ferreting, nice cold morning bit of frost lack of rabbits have made it hard to get the dog around any rabbits but this morning I got her on a nice little warren 6 holes and bolted 2 in the nets dog covered the nets nicely so I thought I’d leave a net off and if one bolted she could run it and I sat her down and within a few moments could hear bumping the dogs ears were pinned up and just as that rabbit bolted the dog was there and snapped it up straight out the hole brought it back live and released it on command! First catch for her one of many I hope absolutely chuffed to bits couldn’t of asked for a better morning or better result.
  15. wanted a jagd puppy can anyone help me track down a puppy please
  16. Scottrae29

    Small lurcher,

    Hello all, bit of a strange one this BUT, my 8 year old lad wants to get into the game but obviously with him only being 8 if rather him go out with me, however, hes now decided he wants his own dog instead of just going with me. Mythering me for the last few months now and I've decided to post on here, andlooking at purchasing a small dog for him, preferably whippet, or atleastbsomething that isnt going to pull him over a field. BUT won't be spending a lot of money as it's nearly xmas and already spent too much and as this will be part xmas for him it needs to be fairly cheap,(cheeky), going to start him with ferreting first to see how he gets on. Thanks in advance
  17. Darren Treece


    Hi I've got a 14 month old lurcher who's does what he needs to do when lamping but when hes court his game hell retrieve it so far then he messes about with it and will run round me until it's dead or wont move. Has anyone else had this problem that can help thanks
  18. I am thinking about getting a beddy whippet or beddy grey from what I have seen on the other forums. Plenty of walks and woods Near by to have a mooch with it and hope to grab a few rabbits. Make my walks with my Airedale abit more fun! but would eventually like to get into abit of lamping/ferreting even ratting of a weekend! Would this be the right breeds dog or should I look at somthing else? Any advise is appreciated!
  19. Now then guys, as a quick intro, ive only ever lamped once when i was a youngen with my sisters boyfriend, I've just been getting a lurcher pup (saluki collie grey x bull grey) only 8 weeks at the moment so a long way to go I know. I was just wondering if anyone has any sound advice on raising a working pup for the lamps, nutrition advice, equipment, anything that will help me out over the next couple of years. I'm very interested in the hunting scene, always have been, and finally got round to getting myself in a position to learn, so any advice will be taken well. Thanks in advance.
  20. Need to know if anyone's got any information on a Bitch called Barney the helicopter Bitch thanks lads
  21. Just wanted to know anybody's thoughts on my Dachshundand anybody's opinions on using them in place of, or alongside terriers.
  22. Hello lads new to this just like to see what everyone's running this year that's mine
  23. Southeastcourser

    Need help lads

    I've got bitch pup that is apparently out of a bitch called the helicopter just wondering any one new of or heard of her help would be appropriate cheers lads
  24. John o rourke

    John o rourke Ireland

    Hi.I live in ireland just wondering..where's the best place to get hare nets in UK.looking for gate net thanks