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  1. Hi lads, trying to pick up a ferret finder and collar, unfortunately from what I hear Deben have ceased making them and they are like hens teeth over here in Ireland is there anyone on here that can help me locate one in England or point me in any direction I will cover the extra cost for posting across the water and look after anyone that would pick up one for me and post naturally. Any help would be massively appreciated. ATB
  2. UPDATE: Had the pup checked over with a running dog vet that specialises in greyhounds and she is absolutely fine no soreness anywhere. she's had experience running in the dark with my springer in a park close to me and occasionally knocks into him but the vet reckons it was her first time with the wind knocked out of her and got a fright. All good ideas above and I will give them all a go before I take her out again. As above no rush with it all. Again thanks for the replies. ATB
  3. Appreciate the replies lads, was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this as I have never had it and how the pup reacted. She got a shot of meloxicam this morning and a good look over no bruising or visible signs of injuries she tore around the yard when I took her out of her kennel so seems in good form. I will leave her till after Christmas and try get her a day ferreting see how she reacts.
  4. Having recently acquired a pup of 10 months old a little saluki collie hound 22tts and gained her trust and got her recall spot over the last number of weeks I decided to try her lamping. The first night couldn't have been better condition wise, high wind heavy cloud cover and no moon. Having tried implement some of David Sleights techniques into her training and being unsuccessful I said what the hell and took her out on her own. Kicked two squatters (bare in mind she has never seen a rabbit) out of the grass for her but she just seemed to be unaware of the rabbit and was completely oblivious
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