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  1. 6 months in the first one 14 and 15 months old in the other too
  2. this is pup now turned a year end of September really impressed with him showing good signs day and night
  3. Whippet grey to collie kelpie or maybe bull if it’s quarter or less. Just looking for 3/4 sighthound. Got a 1/4 kelpie 1/4 bull 1/2 grey after something maybe smaller that turns better for rabbits
  4. Any litters coming up? Midlands area
  5. Looking for a racy cross like a 3/4 greyhound or 1/4 whippet 1/2 grey or 1/2 whippet 1/4 grey. Crossed to either bull or collie, kelpie. Preferably looking for a pup but don’t mind anything under 6 months.
  6. Anyone work Wheaten whippets, Does anyone breed them? Preferably a 3/4 cross or a Wheaten whippet grey
  7. Not worth going bothamsal anymore just get chased off been told it is good up there same as golf course
  8. yeah that’s where we go, or up the canal to clarborough round all up Hayten and that then back down other side of Retford.
  9. As I said in the post he doesn’t hunt up in the day time he comes back first time in day after he’s seen something that’s why I thought he was ready. Great story
  10. Cheers mate will give this a go next time I go out
  11. Cheers lads hopefully he gets it soon
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