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  1. Doing really well mate, smart dog. He cut his leg on barbed wire last year so only had a short season. Hopefully will get a full one this year ?
  2. His dads 3/8ths bull 5/8ths greyhound so he’s not got much bull
  3. Kelpie Bull Greyhound nearly 3 Years old in September, the pup from the first post.
  4. Both round ferrets as pups but not seen since
  5. Looking to get into ferreting got a lurcher that I already work that’s 18 month lamping and day time mooching and a 7/8 whippet 1/8 greyhound pup that’s 7 months that I will lamp next season and want to go ferreting. Wanting to use them both for ferreting but just want to start off with the whippet for now. Wondered if anyone has an permission near Retford that wouldn’t mind taking me along to watch thanks. Don’t mind travelling
  6. Whippet grey to collie kelpie or maybe bull if it’s quarter or less. Just looking for 3/4 sighthound. Got a 1/4 kelpie 1/4 bull 1/2 grey after something maybe smaller that turns better for rabbits
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