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  1. Just to add to this, this exactly the reason I’m looking for one. I’ve got 2 Beddy x whippets who work rabbits. the land I work is fairly large, I have family in the agricultural business with a few thousand acres, not to mention the permissions that have been passed down in the local area to me. I’ve come into the lurcher game fairly late as I’ve always been a fan of dispatching quarry with smoke sticks. ive been ferreting now for a few years with the dogs and now I’m venturing with a few mates lamping on my ground. The lamping is exposing a huge variation of quarry, and I
  2. To be honest I was looking for an F1 for reason opposite to what you’re stating. The first generation are usually used as a cross because the dogs were in a proven state. And you usually end up with a good even amount of both genes. That goes for build, shape and coat (usually rough coated) Yeah, I even spoke to a friend that works Bedlingtons, terrierman for a local hunt. And he is lining his proven dog with a greyhound soon but they are still on the lookout for a coursing greyhound. My only issue with his working bedlingtons, like many nowa days, they are not of pure blood. Many now
  3. Hi, I’ve been directed this way as Its proving more difficult than first thought, trying to find a Bedlington x Greyhound. (F1, Bitch) I would like to add one to my kennel for working purposes and to add to the blood of my future lines. if you know of any line ups or could point me in the right direction this would be much appreciated. cheers Ben
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