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  1. Thanks for advice, will try to get an appointment ASAP, just really hope he can recover properly
  2. Just starting to get ready for my first season with the dog and it he started crying a lot for no apparent reason which then got a lot worse very quickly. He's currently on anti inflammatories and pain killers (prescribed by vet) and just waiting to see how if his condition changes this week. If not it's €500 for a CAT scan at a specialist to see what it is. Vet says it's either a muscular injury or a hernia (somewhere in his neck). The other day he and the whippet decided to running jump off a 3m wall for some reason which may or may not be related (was fine for a few days after).
  3. Bare in mind that the dogs competing are generally young dogs with little experience. The argument being that it makes the coursing longer/better to watch which also makes you score more points (point system was imported from the UK, not 100% clear on how it works). Would love to see some of the coursing lurchers compete in Spain though and vice versa. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to run in UK weather as they run in quite a few places in Spain that regularly get to 0 degrees or below in winter
  4. I know people seem to get a bit funny when talking about foreign blood and im definitely no expert. But I can tell you that here in Spain the galgos are all worker to worker and they get a fair bit of work as its all legal over here. Obviously there's the coursing events but they've always been used as pot fillers too. My galgo is male, 1y 3 months old, around 26" tts and weighs about 26kg. Compared to my whippet he already has a lot more stamina but is not as explosive. Has much better feet too (pads like leather) and as soon as the ground isn't flat/even he is much quicker than my whipp
  5. I've heard its never missed a hare. On a serious note I remember reading somewhere that they were actually used to hunt in the middle east. Obviously they were much harder to get hold of than whatever running dog they used at the time so they were never domesticated. Could be bullshit but interesting...
  6. Never seen one like this before, anyone know anything about its breeding?
  7. Similar thing has happened to mine recently...vet said that it's an infection going round over here at the moment, might be the same in the uk. He said to touch at the base of the neck where the trachea is, if a little bit of pressure it makes it cough it's tracheobronchitis. Mine had an injection and a course of antibiotics, luckily I have a good vet that doesn't charge a lot... He also said the best way to prevent it was to make sure the dogs warm before and after running.
  8. How old is she now? Looks very leggy Mine is just over 7 months old now and weighs about 24kg...going to be a big one. What's her recall like? As soon as mine sees another dog he's off and there's no way of getting him back, on his own or with my other dog he's fine though. Because of his immaturity I guess, very easily distracted... Already faster than my whippet on rough/difficult ground, very clumsy still though!
  9. Yeah, first I need to register myself to then be able to register the pup with the spanish galgo federation. They do a blood test to prove via dna that his pedigree is correct. Then it's basically finding a regional event I can go to and registering him. They control it a lot here since people starting importing greyhounds and mixing them and they were beginning to lose bloodlines. Now they have separate events for national dogs and imports (greyhounds basically). Not sure how to go about it in the sense that I've heard that they like their dogs to have seen only a few hares before starti
  10. Thought that i'd post an update on the pup. He's now almost 6 months old, much bigger and stronger and I'm beginning to socialise him a lot more as the temperature has dropped and dogs are allowed to go to the beacg again where I live (lots of dogs around). Currently he enjoys terrorising the local pigeons and I've definitely noticed a lot more prey drive than in my whippet. Maybe because the whippet is from show lines. Can also notice that he has a lot more natural endurance, just letting him run around as much as he wants but he never stops. In general lovely pup to be aroun
  11. Weighing 22kg atm...got a bit of puppy fat and have noticed that hes put on a fair bit of muscle recently
  12. My young dog is almost 6 months old and is around 24/25" to the shoulder. Obviously every dog is different but just wanted to know what kind of size he's on track for as he's my first "bigger" dog... not sure about grow rates etc. He's galgo español but I suppose he'll develop similarly to a greyhound as they're of a similar size usually as adults. Cheers
  13. Obviously a raw diet if done correctly is the best for the dog. But kibble is much more convenient and sometimes we don't have the choice. If you're going to use kibble read the ingredients on the packet (normally the ingredients are in order of quantity most to least). If one of the main ingredients is corn, corn starch and other things a dog shouldnt really be eating then avoid it. The best results i've had from a kibble has been with premium britcare salmon...it's gone up a fair bit in price where I live though. Also be careful mixing kibble and meat. Try to give them separately if yo
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