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  1. I used to regularly get bad cramp. Not just legs and arms but even in my jaw. Talking to a friend about it one night who has some sports science learning and he asked about my salt intake. I thought here we go, it's always about diet. You eat too much of this, you should not eat that blah, blah, blah. I knew too much salt is bad for you (or so they tell us) but my salt intake was very low as it is not a taste that I particularly like. Turns out that was the problem. Increased my salt intake, mostly by adding sea salt during the cooking process, and cramp problem decreased dramatically.
  2. That silly old question Lurcher or Longdog? ... depends on what it is doing on the day.
  3. I think that I have posted these photographs before on THL, even sadder it was not even my lurcher. One of the 1st that I seen worked though. So many pictures get lost or damaged or loaned and never returned. Even taking them was a faff on. Making the conscience decision to take a camera. Getting the film developed and prints made. Only to find out most of the exposures were crap How much easier is it now? A digital camera always in the pocket on the phone. Anyway, a nice, quiet and honest bitch that earned her keep for a friend. Circa 1985.
  4. Seen him last year and some other bloke took centre stage. Pleased I went though. RIP.
  5. The new British Army recruitment advert on TV. A soldier taking a baby from a flood stricken car. Not discounting the great work that our armed forces do across the globe in humanitarian aid but more so, who are they trying to recruit? A young man with a hankering for action and adventure, getting fit and learning to fight and going to war in the service of King and country, or a gentle delicate soul wanting to save a child? Maybe better off in social services than the British Army. Not that the social services always do a great job of saving "the babies".
  6. Room for a rabbit and three stoats? How the other half must live, I could just about fit in a mouse and a weasel. Any stoat worthy of the name should be doing rabbit single handed though.
  7. I think you're right, my mistake. Finished work last Friday and not due back until Tuesday. Had a quick look on here and found myself doing a visual inspection from a photograph of some blokes installation 1000's of miles way... I really need to get some more dogs
  8. Shaver socket outlets, can be installed as long as the outlets and installation comply with regs.
  9. I was going to post this on that daft football thread we had on here originated by that daft Max bloke. Anyway, couldn't find the post. Stocking fillers from yesterday but my favourite received gifts.
  10. F1 Grand Prix 2030 after we have all become carbon neutral
  11. Would you like a Lionel Blair cut like mine? But Lionel Blair doesn't have his hair cut like that? He does if he comes here!
  12. I understand a good 5 hand but is a 6 hand something to do with modern internet practice?
  13. Jesus that was a quick comment, you must be able to type with more than 1 finger.
  14. Good quality Indian restaurants that started doing deliveries in order to survive during "lock down" and realised that they were missing a trick so continued after restrictions but pick and choose when they offer the service dependant on how busy they are. Missing the trick again. Famine and feast bonny lads, famine and feast.
  15. Just rabbit dogs? That's what they are meant to do, catch rabbits or win races. Try and tell a whippet that and they will disagree but they are just dogs and should do as they are told.
  16. A lost cause? I came to that conclusion in the 1980's. Not saying I did not see and have not seen good decent people in the working dog world but my goodness there has always been the dross.
  17. I'll be a little sad when Shane goes. Usually don't really give a shit when celebrities die. But I like Shane, a true original. Created something original. Never got the point when uncles was given lectures on ancient Irish history, or going to Mass, or sisters and cousins doing the Irish dancing, as a young Englishman it was so alien to me. But got it when the Pogues came on the scene and the Pogues were/are Shanes' words.
  18. A great win for England made in Sunderland. The short limbed lad in goal kept us in the game at 0-0 then Henderson stamped the class. Where's Max?
  19. French keeper looked a bit dodgy also, good news for England if we win tonight.
  20. The "in" phrase in football TV punditry/commentary? High press!
  21. 2 great games today, at least 2nd halves that I watched. Proper going for it stuff, the way the game should be played. Pleased for Son and his side to progress.
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