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  1. Could have been far, far worse. At least the knacker didn't lose you permission in a place you've just moved to.
  2. But they do have a talent for making things taste nice
  3. My mistake, I was wrong, thank you. I always try and avoid anything to do with those animals but ignorance is no excuse for posting wrong information that assumed to be true.
  4. Regarding an earlier post on the Scots and football, I was in Aberdeen for most of the 2002 World Cup. Lots of the bars introduced an "offer" during England games being shown and a free drink for all when ever England conceded a goal. The night clubs and bars that had a strict no colours rule allowed free entry to anyone wearing a Germany or Argentina replica shirt. I got a few free drinks anyway so every cloud ....
  5. The protection has not been lifted. They are being "culled" but under strict licence and at vast cost to the tax payer.
  6. I haven't eaten 1 but if they tasted any good would we not be having 1 for tea tonight? There must be a reason why people didn't eat them even in hard times and before they became, in the UK, 1 of the most protected species of animal on the planet and why they aren't on the menu in other countries.
  7. From the point of view from someone who spent about 20 year working on sites throughout Scotland, me being an English c##t in their opinion, I don't think that Scottish fans are ready to be welcomed into English cities on match days. Admittedly a lot of it just was piss and water and not backed up with the Braveheart spirit but the hatred still exists. We may not be perfect in England but the jocks are 40 years behind in matters of race etc and ancient history.
  8. Very good comeback and always funny to see Mourinho hide his obvious rage in post match interviews.
  9. Another embarrassing and painful to watch display from Newcastle last night. I may be naive and guilty of kennel blindness but I do not believe that the void in quality between our players and the rest of the Premier League is so great as to warrant the tactics being played. Goodness knows what our midfield and forward players must make of it, can't be doing much for their confidence if the manager has so little faith in them. Wilson must feel like he's out of the frying pan and into the fire. Bruce's refusal to sub an obviously injured Darlow was shocking, reason being he had Almiron on the bench and bringing him on for the last 10 minutes constituted his plan B. And why was he on the bench? Because we must try and find a role for Joelinton given that some balloon sanctioned a £40m move for him last season rather than paying £16m for Rondon. As so endeth the sermon, rant over, may your god go with you ...as long as it's Jesus.
  10. This thing about working terriers being kept in close circles and the ownership of them being something akin to a religious cult is a load of bollocks. I do believe that some very dedicated folk do practice that religion and they have my upmost respect but they are the exception rather than the rule. Terriers have always changed hands for the right money, the right money being the something that can only be agreed upon by the seller and buyer.
  11. Yes, but they have the power now. That's why projects are trying to be done to unachievable programmes with no profit on them (for sub-contractors) and mental health has become a big issue in construction. Go through the spec with a fine tooth comb, get your clarifications correct at tender and be water tight on programme and progress. When the shit inevitably hits the fan through their greed/incompetence hit them back with acceleration costs.
  12. I also still work in construction and you sound switched on. There are many levels and with us mark - ups are now dictated by the Client's QS' . They push to the bare bones on quotes to the point where some buy work hoping to make something on variations. Busy fools. No matter what the size of a business, the quality of your lads who actually do the install is as important as it ever was.
  13. I had some work done recently. Needed a new perimeter fence and the back garden was paved. Unfortunately I don't need that kind of set up now so decided to lift the slabs and do some basic landscaping. No way would my back be up to it now so as much as it pained me I decided to pay someone else to do the hard graft. I phoned some contacts but had no joy, one of the lads has a full order book until February 2021. So ended calling/emailing random companies. Not one answered the phone or returned email and must have left voice messages with at least six businesses with no comeback. I eventually stopped the car when driving past someone doing that type of work and talked him into taking on the job. To be fair to him he was looking forward to a few days off between jobs as had been grafting solid for weeks. The people who didn't return my calls? Obviously they are enjoying the feast at present but ignoring potential client enquires is no way to prepare for the famine and I was in no great rush to get the work done. Take it when you can or fill your book as you are doing.
  14. Lots of people were spending on home/garden improvements due to not forking out on holidays this year. A feast for the one man in a van types. The famine will follow.
  15. That needs to be taken in perspective. £300 for a terrier pup would be a lot of money until very recently. 1980's the big names in Russells starting selling off the family silver, mostly to USA and Europe then Lakeland/Patterdale men followed on. It's come full circle. Any fool can buy a terrier these days that would have been be a potential Great Yorkshire show winner 40 year ago, but it would struggle because other fools also now have them. They may all look the part but will they work like the ones 40 year ago used to?
  16. I'm glad he's back. If nothing else it adds a bit of interest to otherwise boring games when he comes on. His "last hurrah" only fitting that it ends where it started. Could still get the winning goal in a cup final this season
  17. And the players from some countries are not pampered and wrapped in cotton wool from an early age. Given the best of everything. I agree your comments on Grealish, not regarding his future, hope you're wrong, but should be getting played.
  18. I think one of the biggest mistakes made by NUFC in recent years (not that I'm obsessed with NUFC, it's relevant to recent posts), was to sack Chris Houghton. He got the gig by default, did a fantastic job bringing the club back up, got off to a great start with a proper team that he had formed ...then got sacked. Typical of the modern game. Instant success is required, not possible unless Arabs or Russians take over. For everyone else long term hard work is the only way to have a fighting chance. Houghton is the type of manager that could achieve that given a decent run.
  19. You would struggle to find a person in and around the Newcastle area that does not have a story to tell about Andy Carroll. And Shearer before that. Those lads really must have got around. Having said that ...an Essex based work colleague of mine who professes to have moved in the same circles as Carroll when he was a West Ham player has told me stories that would well account for has poor games played per season stats and lack of impact on those games when he was available.
  20. Fair comment but the same is true for all countries. Unprecedented times. But how often does an English talent emerge who looks like they can go on to be a proper world class player and they just seem to give up and settle to be at their present level, earning millions in the process before their career is over?
  21. The hunger shown last summer seems to have gone. Too many believing their own press and that they are now superstars and the finished article rather than talented young men still learning their trade. Most of them looked bored last night and were boring to watch. A problem with English players for many years now.
  22. I think it's fair to say that Carroll is a player who has not fulfilled his true potential and now never will. Popular opinion seems to put that down to certain "lifestyle choices". However, even without scoring goals he was a very important player for Newcastle last season . We went into most games , at best, set up like a well drilled Championship side taking on Premier League opponents. After 60 minutes played the nerves started to show, mistakes would be made and the opposition would start to dominate. When Carroll was brought on it gave his team mates and the crowd (at home) a confidence boost and unsettled the other team. Much needed presence in our own 18 yard box defending set pieces and unsettling the opposition in theirs. He also got a few assists for very important goals and no red cards. Together with Dubravka he was instrumental in Premier League survival.
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