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  1. Just picked these Lowa Tibet GTX boots up brand new off ebay for £117. The seller has just listed another pair in size 10.5
  2. My lads dog, 18 months old, not done anything yet, been saving him.
  3. I'm looking for a pair of waterproof boots, don't want to spend a fortune. Been looking at altberg defenders but don't think they water proof. Any recommendations?
  4. Been told not, my mate bred it and the breeding goes back generations. I agree tho it does look like there's a bit of beddy or something in there
  5. He eats loads and yeh he's a saluki whippet greyhound
  6. Milo coming upto 6 months
  7. I'm looking for a budget lamp for rabbits, won't be used too often so not looking to spend a fortune but it's got to do the job. What do people recommend?
  8. Is it OK to feed raw and kibble mixed? I've read a lot that u shouldn't mix it in same meal as digestion rates are different but have also seen a few posts on here that people do it. Im going to feed 50/50 raw/kibble so trying to fi d the best way to do it
  9. It's bred from the 2 dogs in the picture. The dads mother n grandma are on YouTube coursing on the fens, molly and bony, my pups dad is called jake. The line goes back a long way. It will work but probably not to its full potential taking local rabbits, as long as it keeps my lad interested ill be happy n it will have a good life
  10. Thanks, it's 7 weeks, just got it yestetday of my mate who bred them
  11. With my old 3/4 whippet collie in his twilight years and not done anything for a long time my 12 year old son has been plaguing me for a pup to take out so here they are. My lad with his very well bred 3/4 saluki/grey
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right section so if not could a mod please move it. On Wednesday morning around 8am my dad had my dog out walking with his young whippet around fields that he walks everyday in west Auckland, co durham. Whilst talking to a lady that he's never seen before my dog disappeared which was very strange as he's a good obedient dog that's never done this kind of thing before. My dad stayed out looking for him and my wife and myself both came home from work to help with the search which was unsuccessful. My dog knows his way around the area very well so I left the gate a
  13. 24 Earth Dog Running Dog mags for sale, dating from 2002 - 2011. £30. Not on here much so call 07854598406. Pick up only from Bishop Auckland area.
  14. Good used condition, has been used for camping but no longer needed. £100 no offers, 07854598406
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