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  1. We use rabbit skin and hide to try and do “mock lamping”, however the shelter believes she was abandoned due to not being a good enough Hunter and other lurcher owners who we’ve met who go lamping have said she doesn’t have the right temperament for it.
  2. We’re attempting to train her but unfortunately she’s 2 and a half and has never been trained in any way before so we’re not having much luck, we’re separating them and telling her no firmly so hopefully it’ll stick after a while
  3. We try not to separate them too much but after a while our older dog will give a growl and instead of warning her off she gets more excited and in turn he then gets excited and it turns into a full play fight and both can get quite rough. Never aggressive, just over excited, he’s just quiet small compared to her and has bad hips so we worry about him getting too much action
  4. She’s only around 2 but the shelter believes she’s never really had proper socialisation as a pup so she’s quiet puppy like, play biting and chewing things so hopefully it will be something she’ll grow out of. Thanks ?
  5. I’m looking for some advice as we recently rescued a whippet lurcher mix. She’s extremely friendly and sociable with dogs and people but is constantly biting and grabbing our older dogs legs, ears and neck. He’s s cavachon and doesn’t really care for playing or interacting with other dogs so he rarely snaps or growls at her when she starts. He’ll just stand there looking at us or try to run away. She’s never been aggressive towards him and regularly try’s to protect him if other dogs get rough with him. However she’s constantly biting at him when he starts barking or when’s she too excited. We
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